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  1. Mom2A&M

    Serious Discussion about Stopping

    Can you make something just for lunch or breakfast but make a bunch for a few days? I mean, not having leftover dinner everyday but still have another option. Like chicken, tuna or egg salad with greens, quiche or egg muffins, soup (maybe not with the weather). Just mixing things up could help. Also, this could be just another phase and may only last a few more days. So, you might find that in a few more days things will look better. It's a tough call, you can only take it day by day and see how he is feeling. Don't beat yourself up about it. If you decide to stop, you'll know it was a well thought out desicion and W30 will still be here when he is ready again.
  2. Mom2A&M

    Advice for Crossfit beginner

    Your coaches should be setting you up with modified movements. For example, you proably can't do a pull-up but you can substitute with ring rows. Don't be discouraged by these modifications, they are the building blocks for gaining strength to perform more advanced movements. Be patient and allow yourself a learning curve. Do skip post w/o protein and lots of water. I am also a cf beginner. Started a few months ago and I still need modifications but, I can see my strength improving. Best of luck to you!
  3. Mom2A&M

    Tessemae Mayo

    It's $7 a jar! Yikes!!
  4. Kids also need sane, less stressed moms. So giving a snack or treat to keep kids happy is ok in my book!
  5. Mom2A&M

    Well Beyond Kill all Things

    Eat more veggies, especially carb dense veggies. I would add a whole sweet potato daily (or other squash), especially during your period. That would be a good addition to your M1 that is currently lacking in veggies. Hope you feel better soon.
  6. Meal template is 1-2 palm sizes of protein, 1-2thumbs of fat and FILL your plate with veggies. Eat until you feel full. If you are truly hungry between meals (hungry enough to eat steamed fish with broccoli) then eat a mini meal of protein and fat, not snack foods. This hunger also means that your previous meal(s) were probably too small. It may take some time to figure how much you need to eat at each meal and that's okay. This 30 days is your time to tweak where needed.
  7. Mom2A&M

    Honest Concerns about Calcium

    I think it depends on how you feel after reintro....if you tolerate dairy well then full fat, organic, cultured dairy can be a healthy option.
  8. Mom2A&M

    Getting disappointed

    Read this again to yourself to really see how good you feel. You said it all here. Breastfeeding makes your body hold onto fat also. Stay on track, feel good and keep on truckin'!
  9. Mom2A&M

    Day 1...overwhelmed and sad

    I'd have to disagree that you need to start over. I think there is a learning curve in the first week or so and as long as you didn't eat non compliant food then you can continue. Learn from your experiences these past few days and try to make improvements along the way. Cutting out offensive foods has merit too and you are still riding your body of these things. Work towards three proper meals and when you get there, re-assess how your feeling. Maybe you will decide to have 30 solid days of 3 meals each day or maybe you won't but still work at it one day at a time.
  10. Mom2A&M

    Best portable snacks, please!

    I found Nik's sticks at my healthfood store (Fruitful Yeild). They are $2.69 each. Not cheap but compliant, potable and tasty.
  11. Mom2A&M

    Day 1...overwhelmed and sad

    I would not worry so much about recipes. Maybe have a special recipe once or twice a week to keep things interesting. You can have simple meals too. Grilled meat cooked in a large batch reheats well for quick lunches, you can pair it with salads or raw cut veggies and avocado for a complete meal. Good intentions go a long way also. What I mean is that you are better off Not stressing over non compliance than an acidental slip. Lowering stress is important. I wonder if it would help to meal plan for the week and write out your intended meals? (That's what I do). But be flexible and always have something you can make in a moments notice. Compliant hotdogs and sausage are always around as well as steamer bags of frozen veggies. You can do it! Hang in there.
  12. Mom2A&M

    Morning protein for 14-year-old

    Not even a small egg muffin? Nom nom paleo has a great prosciutto wrapped mini frittata recipe. Or a homemade breakfast sausage crumble? I make one with ground turkey breast, cinnamon, ginger, poultry seasoning S&P and unsweetened applesauce. I cook in coconut oil until very browned. It is very mild for M1 and paired with cinnamon sweet potatoes makes a lovely M1.
  13. Mom2A&M

    The anti-Whole30

    Not to mention, we are all different and needs different things. How can they provide for any variation for individual needs. Whole 30 is limited but there is still room for variations like AIP, low FODMAPS, vegetarian, etc.
  14. Mom2A&M

    My relationship with food is worse now

    This post put me to tears. I couldn't pinpoint what my problem was but now I am understanding. I've been struggling since the completion of my first W30 about a year ago. Cycling through major binge eating and W30's (attempted and a few completed). I feel so out of control and so depressed about it. I've gained a good amount of weight but I refuse to look at that number right now. I live in yoga pants because that's all that fits me. It feels like instead of quieting my cravings, they slowly build over the 30 sugar dragon fuels on starvation and gains power while it sleeps. I'm putting W30 aside for awhile and going to focus on sleep, exercise, and counseling. You are definately not alone, thank you.