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  1. Mom2A&M

    Turned off from food

    I have Well Fed and Practical Paleo but many recipes are heavy on nightshades. I also check out paleOMG and nom nom paleo,online. Looks like I should try some game meats for more variety. I can eat canned tuna every now and then. I tried to steam salmon (feeling adventurous) and I couldn't even take one bite, the SMELL, awful! Lol! (Worse than a child I am) I'm still hanging in...going to browse my cookbooks agin and see whst I can try. Thanks
  2. Mom2A&M

    Turned off from food

    I am hungry when I sit down to eat but a few bites in and I'm FEELING done. I'm sure it's mental! I don't have much variety, trying reduce FODMAPS, nightshades, raw veggies and eggs. I don't like seafood or fish and not a fan of pork so mostly chicken and beef for me. I am trying new recipes but I'm not a very good cook so when it doesn't turn out well it's also discouraging.
  3. Mom2A&M

    Turned off from food

    I too am experiencing this. I am missing "lighter" meals. I am cooking all my veggies (IBS) and miss just having a quick piece of fruit or bowl of cereal. This morning I dumped unsweetened applesauce on my turkey sausage and turnip fritter so I could eat it. I also am not feeling "mentally satisfied" ith my meals, they are nutritionally satisfying but leave me feeling unsettled I guess. Been feeling antsy after dinner instead of fulfilled. On day 17 today, thought I'd be farther along in my head than this by now...thinking I will need more than 30 days.....
  4. Mom2A&M

    Help! Digestion problems...

    It must be the fat intake. Avoiding nuts and nut butters, IBS protocol. I am going to find this kombucha stuff and try it. These symptoms are my motivation to begin with so to see them worsen (although ISWF says they will) is difficult. Thanks.
  5. Mom2A&M

    Help! Digestion problems...

    I'vebeen hearing about Kombucha...would this help speed up the healing process in the gut? I'm felling like I can't even hold my bowels right now.