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  1. shandrananette

    Minimizing explanations

    True, not their business. It would be easier if they were new coworkers I work in an industry where, sadly, being pregnant might not be greeted with enthusiasm so I may be overly sensitive to people making assumptions...
  2. shandrananette

    Minimizing explanations

    We did our first Whole 30 May 15-June 15 and finally finished reintroduction in early July . I've been really working on food freedom (probably 85% of my issues with food are mental) and was fascinated to discover how horrible gluten makes me feel. The food freedom is a work in progress - but I know that's the point - but I've been way more successful than I dreamed possible and I'm pleased with my new eating plan and the flexibility of making "worth it" decisions. That said, I learned quickly people have a pretty extreme reaction when you say "Whole 30" and I am not really interested in explaining it to colleagues at a bar (and by explaining, I mean defending). I was wondering what you all say when you don't want to explain your whole new eating plan but you don't drink anymore - I went out with colleagues last night and I'm sure they're all convinced I'm pregnant (I am not). I discovered that I don't miss alcohol at all - I drink out of social obligation, pretty much entirely, so I've not bothered to reintroduce alcohol. So I knew that no only did I not want to drink, but after almost 4 months without alcohol ( I actually cut out alcohol in March because it wasn't making me feel good), my tolerance would be nothing. Just wondered if anyone had some good, easy one liners without outright lying (e.g., I'm on antibiotics, which backfires if people think you're sick all the time).
  3. I tried to find this elsewhere but don't see it addressed - once you have completed a Whole 30 and reintroduction, do you continue to eat the pre- and post-WO meals? Or is that part of becoming fat adapted and once you're there you don't need to include those on a daily basis? I'm certainly planning to keep them after long runs (7+) miles because I see an appreciable difference there but am wondering whether they are intended to be a regular part of life or are part of the transition during a reset? For reference, I run daily - most days approximately 45 mins to an hour, some days I run shorter but also do 1 hour barre or yoga (back to back - so I take the class and then run immediately or vice versa).
  4. shandrananette

    1st Round--Starting 05/15/18

    I'm on day 31 today - it was more convenient to start reintroduction tomorrow (and I forgot May has 31 days). So I will weigh myself tomorrow, but I just discovered over the 30 days my resting heart rate came down from 46-48 to 41-43 over the last two weeks. That is fun! It's not something that I was concerned about (I've always had a weirdly low resting heart rate) but that is a dramatic change! I've had a bunch of other nonscale victories, but my favorite might be not needing a 3 pm snack, It is a huge relief to just be full after lunch and not have to worry about whether I was going to stuck in meetings without access to a snack. Oh, actually maybe it's the fact that my right ankle is no longer twice the size of my left, but that happened really fast (like, by day 4) so I'm enjoying some novel changes that only kicked in the last two weeks. We're doing the 10 day reintro because there are some things we really want to know about - especially legumes (we use black beans in a lot of our foods, we have discovered). But I'm so pleased with the results and am committed to finding food freedom that works. I think I likely have a few more pounds to lose, but if I can do it without being starving all the time I'm so excited.
  5. shandrananette

    Not enough energy for workouts

    I'll add my anecdotal experience. I run daily (600 days and counting of at least a mile), usually 5 miles, some days more, some days less. I lost what felt like all my speed for the first 23 days. Struggled to complete runs that should have been easy. I'm talking 2+ minutes per mile extra. Then the 23rd day I headed out the door and felt normal (with no other indication that anything had changed). Ran at the old pace, actually a little faster. Since then I've had up and down days and felt like some things were a little harder, but my speed is 90% back all the time. I think it took that long to get fat adapted for me. At day 16, I was pretty down as well and I didn't have a race coming up, but sticking it out a bit longer worked for me.
  6. shandrananette

    1st Round--Starting 05/15/18

    Have you read Food Freedom Forever? I was daunted by the travel issue (I travel a fair bit for work to places where I don't speak the language and have no clue what I'm eating half the time) but I'm finding it extremely helpful understanding where to go from here, and how this isn't how you eat forever. I have a week to go (we're doing 31 days, because May 15 to June 15 just makes more sense and I apparently can't count days) and I finally am feeling like I can workout close to where I was before - I was still really sluggish in running up until 2 days ago. But I went out yesterday and today and felt more normal. And I'm definitely seeing some NSV - my skin is actually clearer, my ankle swelling is still gone and I feel like my wrists and fingers are thinner (?) That's a weird one, but I'll take it I guess. It's gone a lot faster than I thought and has been no where near as challenging as I was afraid. I recognize areas I still need to work on - I still want something after dinner some days and I need to not give in (even if I'm just giving into carrot sticks, I think it's still an emotional habit, not true hunger), but I've entirely eliminated the need for a 3 pm snack, which is awesome. We've had some tricky days - a meeting that ran three hours long so I didn't eat lunch until 3 pm yesterday, resulting in a headache and being starving the rest of the day and getting stuck out of the house without sufficient food, but I find that while I'm hungry it's not as debilitating as it used to me. I can still function. Hope you're doing well - consider the Food Freedom Forever read.
  7. shandrananette

    1st Round--Starting 05/15/18

    How is everyone doing? I'm at day 14 today. I definitely have hit the mental challenge. This weekend was very hard as everyone around me was eating stuff I would normally partake in for a holiday, but I stayed strong and I think it wiped out my mental reserves. I'm seriously craving ice cream, although I'm also seeing some benefits and my running strength seems to be starting to return (I lost pretty much all my speed the last two weeks). How is everyone else today?
  8. shandrananette

    Whole30 and Five Guys

    I'm surprised - they're very into peanut oil, so I assumed everything would be cooked in it. That's good to know.
  9. shandrananette

    I feel good on Day 4?

    I’m also on day 4 and feeling suspiciously good. Like, in passing I’d like some sugar but I can ride it out. I do notice extreme weakness in running, but during the day I feel fine. It had me a little worried I was doing something wrong.
  10. shandrananette

    AM Workouts

    Thank you, that is so helpful! I will try that tomorrow. Re: the snack, maybe nuts and a boiled egg, or pick another fat?
  11. shandrananette

    AM Workouts

    I have a similar question that I'm having a hard time finding the answer to. I'm only on day two, so I am aware that I may be able to solve some of this for myself as I work through things. I run every morning (for the past 578 days) - two days a week I also do barre and yoga after a shorter mileage run and once a week I do Pilates later in the day (that day isn't an issue, I can fit the model on those days). I get up at 4:45 to do this. I have always run fasted and this morning felt a bit off but the past year and a half have taught me some days are like that so I'm not concerned. I'll add a pre-WO something if I feel like I need to after a few days and recognize it's optional. I'm stuck on the Post-WO meal. I run/yoga/barre/whatever, get home about 6:50, eat breakfast while monitoring my son's departure for the bus (within 15 minutes of getting home) and then shower and go to work. I'm not hungry until lunch around 12 or 1, depending on what I ate for breakfast (I must have done better today, because I didn't notice it was time for lunch until 1 pm). I finish the day, drive home, etc. and eat dinner around 6:30 ideally and 7 in reality. I have always snacked. I realize it's one of my issues. But if I eat at noon I am famished by 3:30 or 4. Even eating at 1 pm I'm pretty hungry before I make it to dinner. Today I very willingly would have eaten fish and broccoli. I drink water. I walk around the block. I know it's partly habit, but I'm feeling stuck because if I don't snack, I'm eating three meals and no WO meals. Breakfast is happening where I would put a post-WO meal. Again...recognizing this is day 2 and I'm still figuring out how to fit enough into my meals to stay full after 15+ years of caloric restriction more often than not. This is totally mental. But I've been obsessing over whether I should be eating 4 times given my workout schedule and if so, can I pretend "breakfast" is my post-workout meal, lunch is M1, snack at 4 is M2 and dinner is M3? Screw conventional meal names? Or do I just move on the post-WO meal because I'm getting the recovery stuff from breakfast? I'm trying not to build in excuses to have a snack while simultaneously recognizing that there is probably a reason for the workout snacks.
  12. shandrananette

    1st Round--Starting 05/15/18

    Me too! First time, started 5/15. I'm already finding things that confuse me and am just looking around the forums. I started because I have struggled my whole life to find and maintain a healthy weight. I recently (over the course of a year) lost about 15 pounds and got down to a weight I was happy at, but it crept back up over another year. Not all back, but a lot. I could do it again (I sure have before) but I realize I rely on snacking and mostly on sugar or carb oriented foods and they really have a lot of control over me. I run every day (I have a running streak of 578 days of at least one mile a day, but I typically run (starting with a Monday) 5, 4, 3, 5, 2, 10, 3 miles for around 30ish miles a week) and I use that as an excuse to not have an ideal diet. It's not terrible, but I'm relying on fruit and processed foods to get me through my day. I am seeing a lot of swelling in my ankles I didn't see for the first year and a half of daily running and it would be awesome if that improved. I've kind of topped out at my current running speed and I know I could be faster if I lost and kept off the weight. But if I'm 100% honest, it's mostly the mental issue. I don't have a healthy relationship with food and I don't want to pass that down to my kids. That's what spoke to me most about the program.