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    HI Rachel97 and welcome to the Whole30.  I can relate to your nervousness.  I too am slave to my cravings.  Mainly for sugar and sugary things, especially chocolate, and the quick energy it gives me.  What I have found with the Whole30 is that it takes those cravings away.  Yes, the first couple of days are probably the toughest as it relates to cravings but I suggest being as prepared as you possibly can be, especially in those first days, for cravings by having alternatives on hand--cut up fruits and vegetables, make a soup, have some sparking waters on hand.  When a craving came up in the beginning, I would go get a bowl of pineapple.  Pineapple is a pretty sugary fruit and while it isn't the best fruit option when I am trying to do without sugar, it wholly satisfies my sweet tooth and it is Whole30 approved.  That is really helpful in the beginning--to just stick to the Whole30 approved foods, even if I do overeat on them a few times in the beginning.  One day a few days into my first Whole30, I woke up and the cravings weren't following me around anymore like a monkey on my back.  And that is such an awesome feeling!  Wishing you much success!
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    NoreenM62 reacted to slc_melissa in Help! Akward topic...diarrhea   
    If you're eating nuts as your primary protein source, I think you'll be lacking a lot of protein. Nuts can be very hard on the digestive system, are recommended as a handful every other day at most, and don't have great omega 3/ omega 6 ratios. Anecdotally, nuts have been a factor in a lot of people's skin problems on the forum.
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    NoreenM62 reacted to eldandning in Help! Akward topic...diarrhea   
    I´m no expert at this, but I can also have fast bowel sometimes, (especially in the morning and that´s the time that body "clean" itself) and maybe the diarrhea is a sign of the diet changing and completely normal but when you say the color I´ve read and learned that yellowish can be a sign of problem with breaking down fat. Maybe you didn't eat that much fat before? And I know for sure from a lot of people that fat can be used for getting the bowel going - if it´s too fast =diarrhea. (especially coconut-oil can be laxative)
    So maybe take less fat and let your bowel get used to it! Just take very little coconut-oil to start with. Maybe you can find good-bacteria supplement, I have ones that slows down the bowel, and you can also find enzymes and HCL supplements that can help break down fat.
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    NoreenM62 reacted to Tanya K in Help! Akward topic...diarrhea   
    I am paleo for the past 10 weeks. Although I must mention that I am only on day 2 of the whole 30, but pretty much no difference with the exception now I am not allowing treats say like coconut cream and strawberries. Anyway, for 6 weeks out the first 10 my bowel movements were a disgrace! It is only now that everything is normal! I didn't stop eating anything at all I just waited until it passed. Although if it had gone on any longer than 8 weeks I would have had to address it I think. But my feeling is don't worry! Drink loads of water perhaps there are s backlog of toxins there or something?