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  1. _kiragreer

    Round 3!!!!

    Starting my third round tomorrow (September 1st) and boy am I excited! I completed my first round last summer which was okay ~ although I admittedly lost too much weight bc I was working out an insane amount and just not eating enough. I completed my second round this past Feburary, which was MUCH easier, as I exercised like a normal person and wasn't hangry 247. This go around - I am looking to lose a little summer weight I gained after a summer of lots of drinking and good eats. I'm settling back into my last year of grad school and am excited to get back to routine! I'm a 23 y/o female who loves to workout which is usually my problem when I do whole 30 (not eating enough!) I am allergic to treenuts, which eliminates a lot of protein sources. Any ideas? Would love to connect with some of y'all!
  2. _kiragreer

    Oils in seeds

    Noted. but on the official rules by Melissa, it still says those types of oils are allowed- just in moderation.
  3. _kiragreer

    Oils in seeds

    I came across a thread where a moderator had said that oils such as canola oil or sunflower oil are banned unless outside of home when there's no other option (ie dining out) ?? I am having a hard time understanding this. I just purchased pumpkin seeds roasted in canola oil and ate these during my entire round of w30 last time and thought that was fine? I am allergic to tree nuts which is why I've always turned to pumpkin seeds as a go to snack since other nuts are off limits for me. I lost 7 lbs when I did whole 30 in the summer and at 5'5, 124 lbs I really do not want to lose any more weight this round! So I need denser snacks with high calories. I am a little confused why something silly like this oil is only "allowed" out of the home in emergencies. little things like this question this program and the intention of it - as some people are just doing it to reset their gut and not necessarily fix a relationship with food/ lose weight or anything of the sorts. Which brings me to the point of the no snacking rule - my digestive system truly cannot handle 3 big meals throughout the day. I cannot force myself to eat that or I will get sick;, 4-6 small meals is what works for me (and many other people) and I thus never understood that rule of the program. Any insight is appreciated thank you!
  4. Finishing up day 3 of whole 30 + in the midst of packing tomorrow's snacks I (to my surprise) looked at the back of the pumpkin seed ingredients and saw pumpkin seeds, and/OR canola/soybean oil. SOS! I can't believe I didn't notice this- I guess I just assumed the only ingredient was pumpkin seeds? It says and OR canola / soybean so Idk the odds there was soybean ?? I've only had them once or twice since I've started. Reallllly don't want to start over- and last round I discovered that soy wasn't an issue so im hoping the minuscule amount I may have consumed will be just fine if I avoid these seeds for the rest of the time being ? -or just find compliant ones. Thanks!!!!
  5. _kiragreer

    Second w30! Starting 1/7

    Hey there! Starting my 2nd round of whole30 on Jan 7th. I'm in NJ for the holidays- and will be returning back to CO on the 2nd. Giving myself the weekend to prep and meal plan. Anyone else not starting on that traditional Jan 1st date? I previously did whole30 in the summer. My only problems were that I 100% did not eat enough- especially for how active I am. I even did a half marathon during it. No halves during this one- but I do have one mid Feb and then a full in May. Goals this time around: 1. MORE FOOD. I was constantly sooooo hungry last round. I never deprived myself but just felt I was constantly eating/snacking bc I was never satisfied. 2. Avoid major binge post w30!! I had a whole reintro plan that went down the tube the next day. I had one 'bad' thing (I think it was popcorn at my bf's if I can remember lol) and then it all went downhill. Not sure if I need the strict reintro- I pretty much know what bothers me at this point ( dairy, artificial sweeteners, basically anything with a whole bunch of fake ingredients, oatmeal..) but definitely don't want to overdo it completely after a good 30 days. Good luck to everyone!! We can do this OH and feel free to follow along on my fitness account to see my journey- would love to connect + follow y'all! @_kirafit9 ^^^ PS. for anyone needing recipe ideas/meals/grocery hauls etc- Check out my "whole 30" highlight on my account for Inspo! -Kira
  6. _kiragreer

    First Whole30 January 2nd.. determined to succeed!

    Hey there! I am starting my second w30 Jan 7th. I fly back to CO (where I'm in grad school) on the 2nd, so figure I'd use the weekend I get back to grocery shop/prep. Good luck everyone!!! Follow along my fitness account @_kirafit9 so see my journey (: