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    Oils in seeds

    Noted. but on the official rules by Melissa, it still says those types of oils are allowed- just in moderation.
  2. _kiragreer

    Oils in seeds

    I came across a thread where a moderator had said that oils such as canola oil or sunflower oil are banned unless outside of home when there's no other option (ie dining out) ?? I am having a hard time understanding this. I just purchased pumpkin seeds roasted in canola oil and ate these during my entire round of w30 last time and thought that was fine? I am allergic to tree nuts which is why I've always turned to pumpkin seeds as a go to snack since other nuts are off limits for me. I lost 7 lbs when I did whole 30 in the summer and at 5'5, 124 lbs I really do not want to lose any more weight this round! So I need denser snacks with high calories. I am a little confused why something silly like this oil is only "allowed" out of the home in emergencies. little things like this question this program and the intention of it - as some people are just doing it to reset their gut and not necessarily fix a relationship with food/ lose weight or anything of the sorts. Which brings me to the point of the no snacking rule - my digestive system truly cannot handle 3 big meals throughout the day. I cannot force myself to eat that or I will get sick;, 4-6 small meals is what works for me (and many other people) and I thus never understood that rule of the program. Any insight is appreciated thank you!
  3. Finishing up day 3 of whole 30 + in the midst of packing tomorrow's snacks I (to my surprise) looked at the back of the pumpkin seed ingredients and saw pumpkin seeds, and/OR canola/soybean oil. SOS! I can't believe I didn't notice this- I guess I just assumed the only ingredient was pumpkin seeds? It says and OR canola / soybean so Idk the odds there was soybean ?? I've only had them once or twice since I've started. Reallllly don't want to start over- and last round I discovered that soy wasn't an issue so im hoping the minuscule amount I may have consumed will be just fine if I avoid these seeds for the rest of the time being ? -or just find compliant ones. Thanks!!!!
  4. _kiragreer

    Second w30! Starting 1/7

    Hey there! Starting my 2nd round of whole30 on Jan 7th. I'm in NJ for the holidays- and will be returning back to CO on the 2nd. Giving myself the weekend to prep and meal plan. Anyone else not starting on that traditional Jan 1st date? I previously did whole30 in the summer. My only problems were that I 100% did not eat enough- especially for how active I am. I even did a half marathon during it. No halves during this one- but I do have one mid Feb and then a full in May. Goals this time around: 1. MORE FOOD. I was constantly sooooo hungry last round. I never deprived myself but just felt I was constantly eating/snacking bc I was never satisfied. 2. Avoid major binge post w30!! I had a whole reintro plan that went down the tube the next day. I had one 'bad' thing (I think it was popcorn at my bf's if I can remember lol) and then it all went downhill. Not sure if I need the strict reintro- I pretty much know what bothers me at this point ( dairy, artificial sweeteners, basically anything with a whole bunch of fake ingredients, oatmeal..) but definitely don't want to overdo it completely after a good 30 days. Good luck to everyone!! We can do this OH and feel free to follow along on my fitness account to see my journey- would love to connect + follow y'all! @_kirafit9 ^^^ PS. for anyone needing recipe ideas/meals/grocery hauls etc- Check out my "whole 30" highlight on my account for Inspo! -Kira
  5. _kiragreer

    First Whole30 January 2nd.. determined to succeed!

    Hey there! I am starting my second w30 Jan 7th. I fly back to CO (where I'm in grad school) on the 2nd, so figure I'd use the weekend I get back to grocery shop/prep. Good luck everyone!!! Follow along my fitness account @_kirafit9 so see my journey (:
  6. _kiragreer

    Post whole30 binge );

    I'm on summer break- so I do sleep in relatively late which is why my day starts late. But yes i do eat within 1 hour of waking. I eat lots of avocados for fat and for salads my dressings are made of olive oil, with olives for extra fat. My salads were probably not big as they should be -honestly i wouldnt be surprised if i was under-eating the whole time.. I mean I lost 7 lbs which is a huge weight loss being my size. I worked out a ton too- 3-4x cardio/lifting..I ran a half marathon. I didnt have much appetite, so it was hard to get food down. I was not supplementing with fruit between meals, as I was trying to tame my "sugar dragon" as they say. I started to crave sugar the last week, and I'd say only really gave in 1-2 days where I ate more fruit than I suppose I should have. Interesting enough when I binged last night, I was with my bf. I have a a history of eating more than I should (not to that extreme though) whenever i'm with my bf for 2 reasons. #1 he has food that I don't keep in my house- popcorn, candy, etc and #2. I find myself generally more relaxed/happy/comfortable when I'm with my bf, so i tend to "let loose" if that makes sense? In terms of reflecting on last night, I remember eating and just thinking that it didnt matter for overeating bc i "Restricted for 30 days" and " i deserve this." I did def. get my cravings out of the way though and feels good to eat a good healthy dinner tonight. Any other suggestions? Thank you for being so nice and reassuring! I am hoping that as i start to slowly reintroduce "normal" foods and eat sweets in moderation, WHEN i want them and deem "worth it" - that this will stop the binges. I also will try to make a plan for next time i visit my bf - as to how i will stop my usual habit of splurging too much when i'm with him. Maybe let myself have a little of what he's having - popcorn for example, but limit myself. Or just not at all so I'm not tempted. I do want to get this figured out as i am headed on a fam vacay with my bf and want to get my eating under control! - Esp when i know there will be a lot of drinking and going out to eat for meals (that of which i rarely do!!!) Thoughts?
  7. _kiragreer

    Post whole30 binge );

    Ok thank you. Did i erase all my hard work from the past 30 days ): Typical day: Break around 9/10am: 2 eggs w/ mixed veggies, some type of meat (chx sausage /prosciutto), fruit, coffee w/ coconut cream Lunch 2/3pm: : Huge spinach salad w/ mixed veggies + some protein (shrimp usually) , fruit Din 7pm ish: Salmon or chicken w/ mixed veg + sweet potato Never usually ate pre-workout, post = Chomp stick or Epic. "Carb-alarm" as in thats why i ate all that candy last night?? Thanks ):
  8. _kiragreer

    Post whole30 binge );

    Hi there. I finished whole30 a couple days ago.. had a strict re-intro phase I was planning on sticking to.. started w/ gluten and all seemed fine / no sensitivities. UNTIL I FREAKING BINGED SO HARD YESTERDAY. On sugar. I don't even have a big sweet tooth but whole30 had me craving sugar every damn day and it got so hard. I've never had a history of disordered eating.. binging ... or any type of unhealthy relationship with food. This came out of NOWHERE and i legit couldn't stop! I ate so many cookies..sweets..candy... etc. Yesterday. Like at least went over calories by 2,000 yesterday. UGH! I'm feeling miserable.. so disgusted with myself and gross. stomach kills.. feel hungover.... Did i ruin my entire whole30 ? How do i recover?!?!?? I lost 7 lbs off of whole30 (i really didnt need to.. I'm trying not to lose anymore) I'm 5'6, 118 lbs and 13 % Bf. I'm relieved that i was finished w/ the gluten reintro bc if i was going to have some type of sensitivity i figured it'd be gluten ? How do i go about reintro-ing the rest- legumes, soy, and non gluten grains. I already don't eat dairy (although there was def some milk in some things i binged on and my stomach is feeling it..) I'm almost positive the bloating /digestion issues were caused from the loads of sugar alcohols i had been consuming prior to whole30. But just to be sure i guess ill re-intro the final few groups. Should i go back to w30 for the next 3 days and then start reintroing ? Did i blow my whole 30 days? To be honest. i don't want to blame whole30 for being so restrictive... but I am lol. I've never binged or had any wild cravings but 30 days of restriction made me want all the sweets... and tbh as shitty as I feel today, I had the best workout i've had in a while this morning.. doesn't make sense? I found binging post whole30 very common.. is this diet really healthy? Ok rant over please HELP -Struggling in NJ
  9. _kiragreer

    Gluten/wheat question

    I start my re-intro tomorrow. I was planning on having a piece of toast w/ breakfast until I just realized that the bread contains both wheat AND soy? Do I need to go find a brand of bread/bagels that is soy free but contains gluten?? Do they even makes these?? Confused!
  10. _kiragreer

    SUPER overwhelmed w/ reintro

    Thank you so much! That was all super helpful (: Attached are the ingredients of the soy yogurt, would it be okay to use to re-introduce?
  11. _kiragreer

    SUPER overwhelmed w/ reintro

    Hi there.. I have a few more re-intro questions (can you tell I'm dressing about it lol) Thanks! How do I reintroduce things that have more than 1 “problem” group?? Examples.. Luna bars (have soy and wouldn’t it also be consider a non gluten grain?) Lenny and Larry protein cookies (gluten? fake sugars and other ingredients i cant pronounce?) And what about foods with ingredients I don’t even know what they are lol.. Halo top ice cream? I ate this in moderation anyways.. I suppose I really shouldn't be eating foods I can't pronounce ingredients, but I need a sweet once in a while! What about Hemp/chia seeds? is it even worth re-introducing those, or do they just cause more harm for digestive health/ bloating than good?
  12. Hi! Can't believe I made it this far... last week of Whole30! I'm stressing a bit about reintro's. I've come this far and I want to figure out what's bothering my stomach (extreme bloating/gas prior to this diet). The problem is, Day 25 here and I am still experiencing some bloat/gas. I mean not NEARLY as bad as before, but it's a bit frustrating. I think I can attribute it to the veggies I'm eating, which I guess is inevitable? (I eat a salad everyday.. same with sweet potatoes..other high fiber foods) I also notice lots of gas after I eat tuna? I think I may cut it out after Whole30. It makes me feel very full & I'm not a fan of the Primal Kitchen mayo, tbh. Anyways.. I'm going on vacay 1.5 weeks after I'm done. (Two in a row actually, so I won't be home /eating normal until July 16!) Thus, I won't have time to re-intro all the groups in that period, which is fine.. I think I can hold off on a few. This is my rough plan/outline.. suggestions..? Am I eating enough of each group that would allow me to feel a difference? - Assuming I go back to being Whole 30 compliant the next 1-2 days. Note* I will not be re-introducing dairy, as I haven't eaten in over 2 years. I think reintroducing alcohol will be tough.. as again it's vacation. Finally, what about sugar alcohols? Is there a way to even reintroduce ? That’s what I think is causing my issues.. b/c I think it's what I ate most of. I ate very very similar to Whole30, prior to starting this. Really the only difference this is that I haven't consumed sugar alcohols or the soy yogurt I ate each day. The fake sugars in the Luna bars I ate.. the occasional Lenny and Larry protein cookies...the Halo Top.. the fake stuff in my "low fat mayo" or other 'diet' condiments. I plan on cutting out fake coffee sweetener + crystal light for good though. Okay so here's my rough draft: Sorry this was a bit all over the place- I really appreciate any input/suggestions.. thank you! Group 1: Gluten grains, 6/23 Whole wheat bread in morn w/ breakfast Beer at night? I mean technically gluten right? (And I only wrote this b/c I'll be celebrating an anniversary w/ my bf that day, and since I've gone 30 days with no alcohol, we were planning on celebrating lol) Group 2: Soy, 6/26 *I am most confident that soy is upsetting my stomach, considering I ate a soy yogurt just about everyday before Whole30, and I remember how bloated I would feel. Would just reintroducing 1 of these allow me to figure out if soy is the culprit? That and maybe a splash of soy milk in my coffee? Soy yogurt for break Soy milk in coffee? What else??? Group 3: Legumes 6/29, or maybe wait til after vacay? Could probably last without legumes for 2 more weeks. Peanut butter was the only thing I ate on a reg. basis before this and I'd be surprised if it was causing issues? Peanut butter w/ banana at break Peanut butter cookie Lara bar, for snack Ssoy sauce w/ salmon at din Group 4: Non gluten grains; wait til after vacay.. I think these can easily be avoided. Quaker instant oatmeal at break Popcorn for snack Rice w/ my dinner??
  13. Let me start off by saying that before Whole30, I ate extremely clean and am super active. Day 18 of my first round and I am MISERABLE. I have zero energy, no "tiger blood," and zero appetite. I'm struggling to even eat 3 meals a day bc I have no appetite. Today I almost passed out shopping with my mom so we rushed to Chipotle for food. I wasn't even hungry but attributed it to my eating b/c it had been 4 hours since breakfast. I ate compliant carnitas, salsa, guac, and lettuce at 3:30 and am still not hungry (it's 8:30 pm). Although, I just made myself eat some shrimp with a sweet potato and a handful of dates, because without that meal I'm probably well under 1,000 calories for today. (Yes I know calorie counting is not advised blah blah but we all know less than 1,200 cals a day is just not healthy.) I do think my lack of energy and overall blah feeling is because of undereating, but I find it difficult to eat a lot in one sitting. And because whole30 doesn't advise snacking, there lies the problem. I work out 3-4x a week, heavy lifting and lots of cardio. I sleep 10 hours a night and drink at least 100 oz of water. Here's my average meal template: Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled w/ peppers and onions, tomato slices, half avocado, coffee w/ coconut cream (Yes i know blah blah eggs supposed to be how many u can fit in your palm but 3 eggs leaves me overly full and uncomfortable) Lunch: 1/2 canned chicken breast w/ complaint mayo, w/ dates, cherries, cucumber slices + carrots No pre workout snack b/c cant stomach. Post workout snack = Epic stick. Dinner: Salmon w/ old bay, or usually a chicken thigh, w/ sweet potato + another veg, usually broccoli Please help ): I'm going to finish it out b/c I'm not a quitter. But that isn't to say that maybe Whole 30 really isn't for everyone? Maybe I do need my carbs- like whole wheat toast, oatmeal, quinoa, rice. To be frank, most research (before I discovered Whole30) says that these ARE good for you. At this point, I just want a damn cookie. I feel like I'm losing more weight and i don't need to be. I'm 22, 5'5 and 125 lbs and bf is 13%. I can't really afford to lose any more weight at this point.
  14. _kiragreer

    Starting 5/24: 1st time!!

    I agree with you on the re-intro's - it's been stressing me out a bit as well. But still a decent amount of time away as you said Glad to hear the bloating and blah feelings are gone!!! My digestive issues have significantly increased, which I'm super pumped about. As for the energy, I'm not nearly as tired as I was but I still have yet to feel that "tiger blood." To be honest, I ate very similar before I started w30 (minus the grains/legumes + added sugar) , so I wouldn't be too surprised if I don't go through this tiger blood I read about. I'd assume it's more for those who went from extremes in changing their diet? I may be wrong but that's what I've read. i didn't go that extreme, thus I won't really experience tiger blood? Less than 2 weeks til we're done! Trying to decide what I want first (after the re-intro's of course ) I'm thinking chinese food, a lenny and larry's protein cookie, or pancakes. Lol. I also have a half marathon next Sat, which I'm a little nervous carb/energy wise but I've always been a decent runner so I'm sure it'll go okay.
  15. I’m on day 12 and for the last couple days I have ZERO appetite. It’s like eating has become a chore. I’m still eating my 3 meals following the template.. my energy has been a little low which is why I’m still trying to eat. Background info.. before w30 I ate very healthy and not toooo much changed. I sleep 9ish hours a night and have always been very active. (Cardio/lift 4x a week) I drink almost a gallon of water a day. I haven’t been eating a pre workout snack bc i don’t feel like I need it, and as far as post workout, timing wise, it’s usually lunch or dinner time so I just count that. Anyway, here’s a sample diet from today: Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with peppers and onions, 1/4 avocado, prosciutto wrapped mango Lunch: Tuna+ mayo avocado boat in 1/2 avo. Clementine, olives, and carrots + celery Dinner: salmon marinated in coconut aminos, broccoli, sweet potato