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    lulucandoit! reacted to ScoutFinch in Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue   
    Thank you for the warm welcome! "Others I can't think of right now"--that's a great fibro joke. I would really encourage you to start strength training. The deconditioning that comes from fibro is as I'm sure you've read a great part of cumulative pain. Getting into conditon, even a little, I think is so important. The having to start over again so frequently has been hard for me, but I know that not trying to keep it up makes things much, much worse, and results in even walking causing a flare I can't afford. I started working with a trainer this year, but I don't believe I'll be able to continue to afford it, yet I've learned a great deal about form and that kind of thing. You are quite right to keep it simple. A great starter book that you can do the exercises at home if you invest in the weights is the Strong Women Series. Strong Women Stay Young has a great routine of about 8 exercises that are very doable at home if needed. Also, the Oregon Fibromyalgia Assocn. has a wonderful stretching DVD, and I have followed that routine for something like 7 years now. I think just starting that stretching has helped me progress a lot. And I did finish that half marathon (crying, but I did it!). I wish you great luck!
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    lulucandoit! reacted to Daphne Church in Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue   
    I have seen a signifigant decrease in my fibromyalgia since I started Paleo 3-months ago (scale of 9 down to a 4). I am now doing the Whole30 to see if I can impact the inflamation I have developed in my body over the last year that is causing some new skin issues and further reduce if not rid my body of the fibromyalgia once and for all after 15 long years!
    I also found that Boot Camp (Cross Fit) really helps as does working with a foam roller. While sometimes it is really hard to do because it hurts, it has been really fantastic and a huge help! Most gyms have them in the stretch area. There are some great how-to stretching/rolling videos on YouTube. You can also get one online to have at home. They are pretty cheap:
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    lulucandoit! reacted to wheresanita in Don't over think this.   
    Thank you for this! I worked a rogue night shift this week (between day 2 and day 3 of my W30) and was having some guilt twinges regarding my every 2 hour egg/meat/coconut milk/veggie 'muffin' - but it allowed me to get through the night without having graham crackers and peanut butter (an ICU staff nutritional staple!). It's not what I do on a normal day, but I survived my shift with my W30 intact so it was a victory. I think we are very hard on ourselves sometimes. I was actually feeling GUILTY about the 'egg muffings' because I felt I was 'snacking'. Then I remembered that we hear a lot about context here. And in that moment (or those 12 hours) I was doing what I had to do to maintain my W30. And I felt better. Yay me!!