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    lulucandoit! reacted to ScoutFinch in Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue   
    Thank you for the warm welcome! "Others I can't think of right now"--that's a great fibro joke. I would really encourage you to start strength training. The deconditioning that comes from fibro is as I'm sure you've read a great part of cumulative pain. Getting into conditon, even a little, I think is so important. The having to start over again so frequently has been hard for me, but I know that not trying to keep it up makes things much, much worse, and results in even walking causing a flare I can't afford. I started working with a trainer this year, but I don't believe I'll be able to continue to afford it, yet I've learned a great deal about form and that kind of thing. You are quite right to keep it simple. A great starter book that you can do the exercises at home if you invest in the weights is the Strong Women Series. Strong Women Stay Young has a great routine of about 8 exercises that are very doable at home if needed. Also, the Oregon Fibromyalgia Assocn. has a wonderful stretching DVD, and I have followed that routine for something like 7 years now. I think just starting that stretching has helped me progress a lot. And I did finish that half marathon (crying, but I did it!). I wish you great luck!
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    lulucandoit! reacted to Daphne Church in Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue   
    I have seen a signifigant decrease in my fibromyalgia since I started Paleo 3-months ago (scale of 9 down to a 4). I am now doing the Whole30 to see if I can impact the inflamation I have developed in my body over the last year that is causing some new skin issues and further reduce if not rid my body of the fibromyalgia once and for all after 15 long years!
    I also found that Boot Camp (Cross Fit) really helps as does working with a foam roller. While sometimes it is really hard to do because it hurts, it has been really fantastic and a huge help! Most gyms have them in the stretch area. There are some great how-to stretching/rolling videos on YouTube. You can also get one online to have at home. They are pretty cheap:
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    lulucandoit! reacted to Kirsteen in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    Sorry, I should have realised. I'm sorry. It's not something I have any experience of directly but googling it brought up a whole plethora of articles, most of which seemed to recomend giving it up. One doctor did suggest having a cup of coffee, when you had time to simply sit and note your heart rate and monitor any sypmtoms you had to see if coffee was causing them or making them worse. Whatever you do, I do wish all your family the very best.
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    Thanks, Kirsteen. I realize in the general Whole30 scheme of things, it's an individual choice. In this case I'm more interested in caffeine as it relates to anxiety disorder in particular. Most of the feedback I've received on this post topic warns against caffeine as an anxiety trigger. @xacerb8 seems to think otherwise. Could just be one person's experience but I'm curious as to why.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to jpketz in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    @Kirsteen. Thank you! You guys (moderators) are so incredibly helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do some looking. It's all a work in progress so any and all information is appreciated.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to jpketz in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    Okay so maybe not a reality series but a business idea...
    When I started my Whole30 I had this fantasy that I had the wherewithal to hire a live-in Paleo chef to do all the shopping, cooking, etc. because I was truly stunned by how little support there is out there for anyone who wants to eat real food. And I live on the Left Coast where we supposedly embrace these "radical, hippie" food movements. When I shop I literally go to three or four different places in the brick-and-mortar world and a few online just to get non-processed, healthy, fresh, food and ingredients. Even at farmer's markets the non-organic vendors outnumber the organic ones about 6 to 1.
    So because I'm not Lord Grantham having a personal Paleo chef will likely remain a fantasy for a while longer (besides I do like to cook). And, it probably defeats the whole idea of "changing one's relationship with food" anyway.
    As for my nephew...we're still in negotiations about the whole moving in plan. Mostly because while my wife and I did Whole30 together, she's decided to continue but make it an autoimmune protocol (AIP). She has thyroid issues and gets nasty migraines. Whole30 helped, but didn't eradicate the migraines so she's thinking of upping the ante and going AIP. But that's a whole other story...or possible YouTube series.
    So I'm not sure adding a third party in the mix will be a wise move right now. Plus, since I do all the cooking, shopping and menu planning, it'll require enough major adjustments between me doing my "bicycle" version of Whole30 and her more restrictive AIP. Either way, we'll be offering whatever support we can while my nephew navigates his way through a new eating regimen, if he chooses. Maybe getting together to cook, or having him over for dinner for the first few weeks.
    I'm curious though why you say he "doesn't have to quit caffeine." I'm hearing the opposite from most commenters so far.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to xacerb8 in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    @jpketz I am beginning to see the glimmer of a very awesome YouTube original reality series "Whole30 House." Participants come and live together in a house as they progress through the Whole 30.
    <not to make light, of course>
    I love that your nephew would even consider moving in for a month. And, tell him he doesn't have to quit the caffeine.
    Also, I wonder if he could supplement the maintenance meds if his anxiety spikes. Someone else mentioned Klonopin, and I take an Ativan when/if I have breakthrough symptoms. Knowing that he has that in his back pocket (like when you quit smoking but keep a pack of cigarettes in the freezer) might be helpful.
    My plan is to do this Whole30 and gradually try the reintroduction. I'll most likely end up being pseudo-compliant after that (glass of red wine at night, cupcake at a birthday party once in a while, but otherwise on plan). Then, I'll wean off the Citalopram starting in May. My PCP recommended the summer months. She says it just works better for people because they're more likely to get out and get sunlight and exercise. I will take the summer to slowly come off.
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    lulucandoit! got a reaction from Rojo in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    I echo everything Kirsteen said. What a wonderful uncle you are! My very best wishes for you all.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to Tom Denham in Communion   
    Participating in communion services is okay during a Whole30. It is kind of like taking prescribed medication. The Whole30 does not want to stand between you and your doctor or you and your God.
    I took communion myself this morning. I thought about calling over the minister who was serving gluten free bread, but didn't want to make the effort. My church started offering a gluten free choice when we hired a minister with celiac disease.
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    lulucandoit! got a reaction from Rojo in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    I echo everything Kirsteen said. What a wonderful uncle you are! My very best wishes for you all.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to jpketz in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    @xacerb8. Thanks for sharing your story and being willing to keep me posted. I'm starting to see so many common threads in these posts. I'm also seeing that as with your 11 year-old, the anxiety around "deprivation", is a common issue, or what my nephew calls "anxiety about anxiety."
    The latest is my wife and I have asked him if he'd like to move in with us for 30 days to give him a leg up while he does a Whole30. He currently lives with his dad and neither of them really cook. He really wants to take us up on the idea but confesses he's scared to death that a radical change in his sugar/caffeine laden "comfort food" routine will set off his anxiety. So the challenge is getting through those first few weeks (which was hard enough for me during my Whole30) but may be a whole different animal with an anxious person. He is doing CBT and one-on-one therapy so maybe the "village" can get him through the rough patches to some sort of tangible, positive effect on his anxiety. From everything I've gleaned from the responses to this topic, I'm optimistic.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to KelKel in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    I don't know if this is something you can talk about with your nephew, but I found trusting myself and taking advice (medical, but also often anecdotal!) all with a grain of salt, to be super helpful in getting better.
    There's actually still so much science doesn't know about treating anxiety and drepression....even exactly how antidepressants work! I went on them for a little while for GAD, and while I think they got me through a rough patch, they weren't the solution forever, except doctors weren't giving me the solution forever, I had to find that out for myself.
    I think doing something like whole30 can be really empowering because you physically feel the effects of treating your body with respect...its a pretty powerful feeling to wake up and go 'holy shit, I haven't feel anxious all week...maybe this is awesome?!' Especially if he's got some one there to help him like you (and you let him lead how much help is given/taken.)
    One personal point is, as some one who also used to suffer an eating disorder (I guess this could be relevant to anyone who gets obssessive behaviours)...I'd tried googling the negatives of whole 30 and the ONLY thing I could come up with is that it makes some people obsessive about food. So at the start I told myself I was going to eat whole30 style, but not beat myself up about finishing things off in my cupboard, or obsess over restaurant menus....but I planned lots of meals well, and then found myself being compliant really easily! So it turned into proper whole30 without any obsessing at all! And now I feel so good sugar cravings (the only real craving I still get) are easy to beat, because I don't want to feel shit, it's as simple as that.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to Noelle in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    Yes to everything above. The most important things for me personally are:
    Supplement with Vitamin D like crazy — I take 8000 IU daily. This alone made a world of difference.
    No gluten, no sugar — I was gluten-free before my Whole30 and that really helped even out my mood, but being sugar-free has just multiplied that positive effect.
    Get out of the house — This one is tough, because when I'm depressed I just want to curl into a ball and watch bad movies all day. But being out in the world—especially if it's to do something moderately active like going for a walk or playing with my son at the park—reminds me that I can function pretty normally and get sh*t done, even though I have depression.

    I'm on Day 26 of my first Whole30, and really the only major change I've noticed so far is with my mood.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to AmyS in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    I'm with everyone on the sugar and caffeine (and for me, dairy and grains) having a major impact on my anxiety. Without those things in my diet, I still take my anxiety medication, but I have to say that I feel that it works for me. Before, it just kind of knocked me out and left me feeling hung over. Now, I get the anti-anxiety effects, but without the knocked-out/hungover feelings. It's been pretty impressive. I may go off of the medication at some point, but for now I'm happy that the Whole30 eating plan just makes it work. Ya know? It's a very positive feeling.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to CAK911 in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    And, I'll totally echo the Vitamin D recommendation. I have a therapy light I use a few days a week; when I first got it, I used it daily for about 30 minutes. It made a marked difference in how I felt -- and, there's research backing that up. Therapy lights work for about 80% of people who use them.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to Rojo in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    I find yoga and meditation to be very helpful as well. Before starting to practice, it was hard to find my breath and focus. Now, it is easier to remember to breathe through things.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to Rojo in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    YES! I am low on this (have been tested.) I take a more therapeutic dose in the winter, 5,000 a day. In the spring and summer I bump it down to 1,000 - 2,000. I also find if I don't have my fish oil, I get a bit blue.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to Suzy in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    And let's all of us remember the all-important supplementation of vitamin D this time of year. Unless you live in a sunny area and are exposing all of your limbs in the sunshine for a couple of hours a day. Please get some D. It will turn things around within weeks.
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    lulucandoit! reacted to CAK911 in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    I have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), and it's definitely less of an issue on Whole30. In general, any time I'm eating less sugar, my anxiety is lower -- it's a total vicious cycle, otherwise, because I (like many people) find food treats comforting, but they also cause anxiety spikes, so then I crave them more.
    I'm rarely soap boxy about things, but if he gets nothing else from this: please tell him to cut out caffeine. I can occasionally have A cup of coffee, but I usually stick to decaf, because caffeine causes me to have anxiety attacks if I'm not really careful.
    My general regime for dealing with my anxiety is this:

    Work out 3-4 times a week. (I just do Zumba for 20 or 45 minutes, I really think anything helps, including walking).
    No caffeine.
    Sleep 8 hours a night at regular times (I try to do 11-7). If I don't sleep at times that "normal" people sleep, I feel more removed and weird, so I try to stay on a schedule as if I have a regular 9-5 job, even though I don't.
    Klonopin for anxiety attacks. I don't have as much constant anxiety as some people, I tend to have kind of spiked attacks that last a day or so. Klonopin knocks these out. I know it's often not the first thing doctors prescribe, because it has a high risk for abuse. For me, the daily pills (all SSRIs) did not really work as intended. It's better for me to treat things occasionally. Several of my friends with anxiety swear by various mood stabilizers; I think those are great for a lot of people, and a lot of people for whom SSRIs alone don't work alone find a mood stabilizer is great. Basically, it's worth it to spend time sorting out your meds, even though the process totally sucks.
    Eat at regular intervals. Do not skip meals. Eat adequate meals. Avoid any foods that cause blood sugar spikes or crashes or anything else like that. I can go out for ice cream once a month, or have dessert on an important anniversary if I want to, but I can't/shouldn't stop at the pie shop on the way home just because it smells good -- it always smells good.
    Interact with other people, even if it's just walking to the corner store for a coffee. If I spend too much time alone in my head, I get weird -- and this is even though I live with a spouse. I need to interact with strangers or people I don't know well. It's often really scary for me, but doing it more often makes it less scary, and it keeps me from obsessing over terrifying social scenarios, because I get a lot of regular feedback that I'm actually fine, I can talk to people.

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    lulucandoit! reacted to fergie in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    I too and on my first W30. I have been able to stop (for a week now) my anti-anxiety medication that has helped me sleep since 2009. That is HUGE for me! My sleep continues to improve and I feel more rested. I am on Day 21 and am feeling much more stable, although I am still on my zoloft.
    I have to say that I know some of my stability and improvement in my mood is due to stopping alcohol, sugar and grains. I haven't felt this in-control of my emotions in quite awhile. I am doing a W100 but will continue to update you on my progress (if you like). I think it is so admirable of you to try and help your nephew.
    Have a great week!
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    lulucandoit! reacted to dragonfly7 in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    I am doing this primarily for mental illness (bipolar, depression, and/or anxiety depending on which physician you ask), but I'm only on Day 13. I'll come back and share how I'm feeling when I get to the end, though!
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    lulucandoit! reacted to Rojo in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    I am only about 13 days in, and my anxiety/focus issues are starting to stabilize. I suffer off and on from crippling agoraphobia. I get claustrophobic in places and have been medicated for panic attacks and severe depression in the past. Over the past year I have been on and off Paleo. When I am not actively eating whole foods (Paleo centered), and let especially wheat and sugar in, I get severe mood swings, focus issues, terrible insomnia, and intense periods of anxiety. I have soothed myself with alcohol and food. It is a hard road to recovery, but I'd definitely give this a go in addition to other therapies and support that he may need. I wish you the best of luck. My heart is full of ache hearing this young man's story. Life is so hard already, without the addition of these kinds of complications. There is hope though! I think it is great that you are bringing this to his attention and that you live this lifestyle as well. Being a positive example of change is sometimes more powerful than any words we can express. And sometimes it just has to hurt bad enough to want to change. That was the case for me. I am thankful for all who reached out to me and helped me along in this journey with information. Best of luck to you and your nephew!
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    Thank you for this! I worked a rogue night shift this week (between day 2 and day 3 of my W30) and was having some guilt twinges regarding my every 2 hour egg/meat/coconut milk/veggie 'muffin' - but it allowed me to get through the night without having graham crackers and peanut butter (an ICU staff nutritional staple!). It's not what I do on a normal day, but I survived my shift with my W30 intact so it was a victory. I think we are very hard on ourselves sometimes. I was actually feeling GUILTY about the 'egg muffings' because I felt I was 'snacking'. Then I remembered that we hear a lot about context here. And in that moment (or those 12 hours) I was doing what I had to do to maintain my W30. And I felt better. Yay me!!
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    lulucandoit! reacted to jpketz in Depression/Anxiety? Any Whole30 successes?   
    I've searched the forum for "anxiety/depression" discussions but am hoping there are some additional ,compelling stories out there that credit Whole30 directly as a key source of healing. I have a young nephew with diagnosed and severe sleep apnea combined with anxiety disorder. He turned to alcohol (and food) to stabilize his anxiety until drinking became THE issue and he stopped 4 months ago, which immediately made his anxiety worse. In lieu of alcohol, food's now his go-to mechanism for calming himself down, (no prescribed meds have worked). Quite the full plate for 26 year-old.
    I'd like to point him to some food-related success stories to bolster the case that maybe Whole30 would be a good way to identify any sensitivities that are compounding his anxiety issues, and maybe other conditions as well. It's been a tough sell so far—food, sugar mainly, seems like the last bastian of comfort for him, so he's reluctant to consider doing without it. I get it, I'm a fellow sugar/carb addict, on Day 10 of my own first Whole30, but a long time "foodie" and Paleo cheerleader.
    This is a brilliant, gentle, funny, talented kid whose life is being stolen by daily struggles with what could be his own biochemistry. If that is the case, I'm sure Whole30 could have a dramatic impact. I've evangelized all I can, hoping some of you have some personal and/or relevant anecdotal experience I can share with him.