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    annael reacted to Ellenelle in Feel like I'm gaining and not losing weight   
    Michelle, I hope you'll hear from a moderator or an advanced member, but I'd like to offer some encouragement from a newbie. I can relate to your frustration and discouragement because I felt it also around Day 30. On the other hand, I also felt that I was just starting to get the hang of MY Whole30 by the end, so I hung in for another 15 days at full compliance and am still fully compliant on most days at something north of Day 60. My average weight loss over that period is about half a pound a week. Nothing dramatic, but I've reached a point where I can trust that it will continue at that rate. I'm weighing myself every 10 days or so, a big change from when it was daily.
    I'm not an expert or even an advanced member, but here are a few comments on your daily menu. My go-to breakfast is also 2 eggs. I eat mine over a heap of sauteed spinach. I find that when I add about half a sausage patty (I use the recipe that's paired with sweet potato mash in the Pork section of the cookbook), a quarter of a baked potato plus ghee, and maybe some roasted or sauteed butternut squash I'm more satisfied (sometimes kind of stuffed) and I can more easily go 4 or 5 hours until lunch.
    I've read enough troubleshooting posts to know that the problem with your snack is that it doesn't include any protein.  Maybe add a sausage patty or the other half of your tuna can, or maybe add the apple, cashew butter and a bit of sausage to your breakfast and skip the snack. I've learned from personal experience that snacks (mine are usually in the afternoon if I need one) are useless without the protein. For some reason I was resistant to that reality for a really long time. Maybe you are too.
    My impression of your lunch is that it's not nearly big enough. Eat the whole can! Or add a hard-boiled egg. I like the recipe for no-fuss salmon cakes; one or two of those make a really satisfying protein dish. I make the batch of 8 and reheat them in a microwave as needed. I would also add half a baked potato, white or sweet, to the meal. I discovered that potatoes are really my friends after being very wary of them initially. They're very satisfying, and the ghee ensures you're getting enough fat.
    Dinner sounds good to me. Maybe add another half turkey burger or another veggie if it doesn't feel satisfying.
    Ever since Weight Watchers about 30 years ago I've been religious about 64 oz of water a day. 
    At some point when I was feeling very down about Whole30 I read a post in which the writer remarked something to the effect that the more she ate, the more weight she lost. I was very bitter about that at the time, sure that it didn't apply to me, but it stayed in my head and I've come to think it's true. As I've added more foods and sometimes larger portions I feel more satisfied after my meals, I have more energy, and I obsess less about weight loss.
    You don't say how many total hours of sleep you're getting. If it's sufficient, I guess you could go to bed later if you want to wake up later. For me, sleep has been the last frontier of the program. I've had various forms of insomnia for close to 20 years. Only around Day 60 did my sleep start to normalize. For a while it was worse on Whole30 than before I started the program. Now it's better. I still wake up during the night but usually am able to fall back to sleep quickly.
    I hope some of this is helpful to you. I spent lots of time trolling around the Troubleshooting section when I was feeling confused and discouraged. I picked up some good tips and sometimes I felt better just knowing that others were struggling too. Oh, and I also recently bought myself a copy of It Starts with Food. I find it helps my motivation to read about what I'm doing and remind myself of why. I do think Whole30 is the best program out there, and I hope you find a way to make it work for you.