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  1. Curious if I should be adding another meal or waiting for morning. I usually eat breakfast around 6:30/7am, lunch at 11:30, dinner around 4:30 and then I am hungry again around 9:30 but don’t go to sleep until about 11pm. Should I eat another meal or stick it out until the morning? Thanks for any advice!
  2. That makes sense. And 5 more days isn’t too bad anyway. Thanks for your response!
  3. I was on day 5 and went to chipotle last night with a friend and asked for carnitas (the best option even though cooked in sunflower oil!). But after eating, I looked at my reciept and it said a barbacoa salad. The barbacoa is cooked with rice bran oil. Not sure if I was given the wrong meat or they rang it up incorrectly... I don’t go often so I didn’t know looking at the meat! Should I consider a restart or should I not worry? Just wanting someone else’s thoughts on this. Thank you!