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  1. Hi there!  I am also starting again September 1st. (today)!!  I also work in a school, I am the Deans assistant so its a year round job.  2 summers ago I did my second round of Whole30, and I was so happy with the way I felt, lighter, no bloating, no heartburn, and a lot more but surely no one wants to hear that.  Anyway, I decided to really make this a life choice but in moderation.  I definitely know what foods do not do well with my gut health and stay away from those, but around March this year some things crept back into my eating habits. 

    This past summer had been extremely rough emotionally for me.  One of my dogs passed on, my step dad passed on and a friend/coworker for 18 years passed on.  My emotions seems to not surface too easily but my comfort foods came back full force.  I started having an alcoholic beverage or glass of wine, after work at least 2 times a week.  I also started buying Milky Way Bars and maybe even loving them too much (dairy is horrible for me).  But I thought both of these would sooth my need to feel something anything.  But mostly, that never did the job.  I know when my behaviors start becoming habit forming so I also know I needed to put the brakes on BIG time.  And before anyone asks, yes I am in therapy.(lol)

    So here I am, regimenting myself again (Whole30 round 3), and I'm looking forward to liking the person I see in the mirror again.  Hopefully, this year will be better and I can stick to the healthy eating.

    Looking forward to keeping up with everyone this month.  Good Luck