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  1. Natalie Suzanne

    White film on stool (TMI warning)

    @SugarcubeOD If it was posted more than once it was an accident. Thanks
  2. Natalie Suzanne

    White film on stool (TMI warning)

    Quick detail I forgot to mention.. I’m on my cycle
  3. Hello! I am on day 23 of Whole30 and I have a quick question. I have never really gone to the bathroom very often and Whole30 actually hasn’t helped in that department. If I am nervous for some reason that will make me go to the bathroom but otherwise it’s not everyday. I’ve been taking a log and in the 23 days, I’ve gone 16 times. One or two days i went 2 or 3 times during the day but other times it will be 3 or 4 days before I go. Anways, today I really had to go so I went and the shape and color of the poop were good. It was really large.. but at the end it was covered in a white kind of film... maybe a mucus? It also was not clean (sorry tmi) but it wasn’t one of those bowel movements that is super clean after when wiping. I’ve seen this white stuff before, but I’m wondering if I should worry? I’m not having any pains or anything, but it kind of seemed like a lot. Like I’ve said, it’s happened but it’s not a regular occurrence. Please let me know if you have any thoughts please. Thank you!!!
  4. Natalie Suzanne


    @ladyshanny Hi anyone know any mayo for purchase that’s made with olive oil? I’m allergic to avacados. Ive searched and even some that look really great sneak in sugar or are avacado based. I’ve been making my own mayo but it’s not as creamy as I’d like.
  5. Natalie Suzanne

    Conola cooking spray

    My dad said it was put on the grill so the meat wouldn’t stick but it was marinated or anything with that.
  6. Natalie Suzanne

    Conola cooking spray

    Hi my parents made me dinner tonight “Whole30” and before my dad put the pork chops on the grill he sprayed a canola oil cooking spray. He said as soon as it hits the grill it basically dissolves off but here are the ingredients: canola oil, grain alcohol, soy Lecithin. In view of the fact that it went on the hot grill and probably dissolved off before the pork chop touched the grill, can I eat the pork chop? My mom is really upset with me for not eating since she went through the effort to make it for me. Thanks
  7. Natalie Suzanne

    Hormonal acne.. or any acne, really

    Hi ladies! I wanted to see if any of you have had any success with your skin from the Whole30. My skin is my largest motivation of anything I’ve done.. Whole30, master cleanse, parasite cleanses, etc. Here’s a little background: Growing up, I had pretty clear skin. Maybe I would get a zit here or there, but nothing too crazy. I never really understood what it meant to have bad skin. Fast forward to my early 20’s, 6 months after I got married and my skin broke out disgustingly. All over my cheeks and not pretty. 3.5 years later it has improved but it’s not something I can seem to fully get rid of and my skin is starting to scar which makes me sad. I’ve been to so many estethicians, dermatologists and a natural doctor. The dermatologist told be I could either get on birth control (no guarantee of it helping) or try a blood pressure medicine that id pretty much be on forever that produces good skin. No thank you. I try to keep things natural but I’ve done Whole30 (didn’t help the first time), other cleanses, and all different products and nothing has helped. Right now the acne is mostly on my lower cheeks/jawline. I do think my thyroid may be low but the location seems hormonal.. and normally I don’t eliminate everyday (a few days can go by sometimes) so maybe that affects it. So anyways, just wanted to hear your success stories with acne if possible! I know the first time didn’t work for me, but I’m hopeful this time because I’m excercising and taking a couple of skin supplements from HUM nutrition. Thanks for your replies girls!! Happy whole30’ing! Natalie
  8. Natalie Suzanne

    How much do you spend?

    Hi everyone! Im on day 3 of my Whole30 and just curious, what’s your typical budget for a week of groceries during Whole30? I definitely feel like I’m going spending more than normal, but just curious on how much you all spend and if you have any tips for doing it on a budget? I don’t want to break the bank, but I know that this will be (and has been) more expensive. Typically I wouldn’t buy Lara bars, or some more expensive ingredients that I have been getting. Let me know your thoughts!! I made ratatouille tonight with turkey sausage, and meatballs over spaghetti squash (delish!) it was under 20 dollars I would say for everything, and I made a large pot which will last me. Natalie
  9. Natalie Suzanne

    Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Awesome!!! Yeah just wanted to confirm because I know you can’t have “whole 30 sweets” so I didn’t know if you could have something like that. I know there are like coconut wraps.. can you have something like that or would that mimick too much a sandwich wrap? I know the rules but it just gets a little hazy for me when it comes to things that I would think the whole 30 rules might consider indulgent. I did make the buffalo chicken dip and it was a huge hit! Even non health eaters said it was amazing and we’re shocked to find out it was only 3 ingredients with no dairy!
  10. Natalie Suzanne

    Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Hey guys! Going to a bridal shower tonight and need to bring an appetizer. I would love to bring something I can eat so I’m not starving! I see a lot of great Whole30 approved recipes for buffalo chicken dip.. is that ok to make??? I know you can’t make sweets that have Whole30 ingredients but can you make something like this? I want to follow the rules.. I guess in my mind I’m thinking not can be too enjoyable on the Whole30 lol but maybe I’m wrong. Please let me know, thanks!!!
  11. Natalie Suzanne

    Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered

    Great @ShannonM816 thank you for the info!! I didn’t know if just plain old white sugar was ok to use so I’m glad to know it is!
  12. Natalie Suzanne

    Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered

    Hi guys! What kind of sugar do you use during whole 30 when making kombucha? And any reccomednations on tea? I’m starting whole30 today and a friend is giving me a scoby on Sunday. (Yay!) I want to make sure I do it right. Any tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks everyone!!
  13. Natalie Suzanne

    Question on first day of whole 30 about kombucha and seeds?

    Yes that was the statement I had in mind. Thanks for your replies!
  14. Hello! Im starting whole 30 today for the month of June with a couple of friends. I did it last year as well, but I’m excited to try it again to feel great especially as the summer is starting. I was so frustrated this morning because on auto pilot this morning I had probably less than half a teaspoon of a sip of coffee with cream. So annoying. I will make sure to do the Whole30 through the morning of July 1st though so It is a complete 30 days. Anyways, on to my questions: Kombucha: a friend of mine is giving me a scoby this weekend so I want to start making my own kombucha. I read the Whole30 article and also a Facebook post with instructions, but just need a clarification: it says to use real sugar. What sugar would you recommend? Just the typical sugar you use to bake with from the grocery store? Also, a question about tea. Is Dunkin Donuts unsweetened black iced tea compliant? How about black Lipton tea? Seeds: I saw under the post of chia and flax seeds it said they were allowed unlike botanical family seeds which are not allowed like legumes. I couldn’t find anything about what those botanical family seeds are online. I thought all seeds were allowed? Thanks for your help!