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  1. gethealthyjoan

    I’m on Day 7 - introduction overdue

    Hi Moderator! I cut & pasted my Intro not realizing my font size was way too large. Please reformat it so that the format is an appropriate size as is all the other statements. Thanks, joan
  2. gethealthyjoan

    New Whole30 Day by Day handbook

    Hi! Thanks for the clarifications and the info. If I get any replies, I’ll mention the process I used, rather than send them my “template.” I can be a little obsessive - your observation about journals or notebooks is rite-on. I’m used to using my iPad for everything, especially journaling.
  3. gethealthyjoan

    New Whole30 Day by Day handbook

    Hi Moderator! I pasted my text for the above & thought it would automatically post in a smaller font. Please tell me how I can edit my post to change the font size. Also, when I look at the Topics menu, my post has 20 replies. How can I read the replies? Is there user documentation where I can find out about how to post in this forum - I don’t mean the rules of posting, but the technical issues of posting, like edit your post & how to see the replies associated with a post? I don’t think my “template” infringes on copy write, but if it does, I’ll remove the reference to giving to anyone. Instead, I’ll just explain the process so that the Whole30ers can create their own “template” but again, I would need to edit my post. What are the specific directions to view all of my posts? Thanks, joan
  4. gethealthyjoan

    New Whole30 Day by Day handbook

    Day By Day Kindle eBook Version Day By Day has a daily inspirational and motivational message from Melissa, so you feel as if she is speaking and coaching you personally each morning. It’s an awesome way to begin your mindfulness daily practice. Additionally, the book is designed to be used daily to write your reflections about your Day By Day Whole30 progress and sadly, in the Kindle version, you can’t do this. At first I was disappointed. Since the idea was so good, and Melissa’s writing great, I decided to keep the eBook and figure out how I can use it. I developed a “template” that contains all the paragraph headings which are part of the daily exercise. Each day has the same reflection questions to help you reflect on that day. During the day & at the end of the day, I complete that day’s exercise. I find journaling very helpful to my process when committing to a new eating lifestyle change. If anyone would like a copy of my template, reply to this review. Remember to put the format (Word, PDF, Pages, Mobi) so I can send you the appropriate template. I use Pages on my iPad, but i can export it in any of the formats listed above. The template is a one page document that you can put into your word processing software, then modify it to suit your needs. Once you are satisfied that the template is as you want it, copy & paste it into a new document, leaving your created template untouched. This was my process: After copying the template, I opened a new document. Then I pasted the first page. I then went to the end of that page to create a page break, then pasted the template again. I repeated this process until I had an initial document for the first seven days. As I completed the first 7 days, I repeated this process for the next week and continue to repeat it weekly. However, you can do this for all 30 days at one time. Once pasted, I then changed the “X” on each page to reflect the appropriate date and day. I have both the Kindle eBook and my word processor on my iPad. Each morning I read Melissa’s inspiring messages in my Kindle app and during the day and at the end of the day, I fill in my reflections in Pages. As I am learning in Mellisa’s Food Freedom Forever book, I am on a journey, hence I’ll be cycling thru the Whole30 process additional times - as I travel toward and live in food freedom always. The above process will allow me to journal over and over as I Whole30 again - can we use Whole30 as a verb? I am on Day 21 of my first Whole30 process and feeling fantastically healthy!
  5. gethealthyjoan

    I’m on Day 7 - introduction overdue

    Thanks, so far Had a dream last night that someone left a small bag of chips on the table, which I ate! Couldn’t decide if I should continue or begin again - woke up before I made the decision I suppose that dream was an unconscious fear I have. Being mindful of what I am eating by not doing something else, is challenging for all those years of eating while watching TV, texting or otherwise distracting myself. Also had a habit of grazing that I am breaking. Reading Melissa’s book, “It All Starts With Food” has been a huge help for rational support & the “Day To Day” book, for the emotional support…
  6. Hi Folks, Next month I’ll turn 77 - it feels like I’ve been on & off a “diet” my whole life. All throughout, I’ve never really felt good, but that didn’t stop me from full bore working until a retired at 62. When I retired, I was over 330 lbs. After slipping from pre-diabetic to diabetic, I realized that I needed to “do something”. I was extremely depressed & actually bought a gun. I am admitting this to give you some idea of the depths of my despair almost 14 years ago. I have two beautiful daughters & a gorgeous grand daughter and the thought of hurting them helped me from carrying out any drastic action. I realized that I didn’t have the willpower to diet until I was a normal weight & felt better. My Gynecologic suggested that I consider bariatric surgery. Once I researched that method, that’s what I did. This procedure helped save and/or extend my life. With my type “A” personality, I was determined do whatever it took to change my lifestyle. I began eating better and exercising daily, slowly at first. In about a year, I lost 1/2 of my weight, felt better & liked the way I looked. Over the years, I very slowly put on about 50 pounds. Beginning about 20 months ago, I began “dieting” - was successful loosing that weight. However, I was cycling on & off, gaining & loosing about 10 pounds. Again, I felt that I needed to do something because I didn’t want to regain my lost weight. I have been looking into anti inflammatory diets as well as the Paleo diet - sort of following an anti inflammatory diet. Neither of those approaches were satisfying for me - I still didn’t feel good & knew there I had no physical issue. One night one of my daughters told me about a program that both she & my grand daughter had started - Whole30. Even though she encouraged me to get the book, I didn’t. Instead, I went online to learn about it. Although the online site is wonderful, I didn’t really “get it”. About a week of eating/not eating foods suggested, I fixed two cups of hot chocolate sweetened w/stevia (forgot stevia was a no-no & didn’t read label on Almond Milk) and I ate some ice cream (because I was trying to get rid of it!). On that day, I down loaded The Whole30 book to Kindle on my iPad. Once I began reading it, something clicked and I realized that I needed to begin again on Day 1 - this time understanding what foods to ear or not eat to be compliant and the reasons for the Rules. I have since down loaded “It Starts With Food” and “Day By Day” books. Today, I am on Day 7 and now realize the many reasons for “fighting my weight” all my life AND why, even tho I was “eating healthy”, I wasn’t feeling good. I love the idea of a reset to help me discern the foods that cause me problems. I believe following Whole30 will change my relationship with food - FOREVER!!! I finally have a plan that will keep me healthy AND feeling great