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    AussieChick reacted to wholemom3 in Starting whole30 6/1/18   
    I'm not sure if someone else already suggested this or not but....I love the frittata recipe in the book.  I made it over the weekend and took a sliver for a morning snack the other day, tastes great at room temperature and easy to make ahead of time.  You can also switch it up other ways.
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    AussieChick reacted to RosyMV in Starting whole30 6/1/18   
    Hi are there any other foods that may have caused the upset stomach that you have not eaten before? I'm thinking there was another ingredient besides that may have caused this. I would hate for you to not eat nuts, maybe your body needs to just adjust especially if youre not used to it.
    Something I like to do for on the go is make egg muffins (take what you would put in scrambled eggs but bake it in cupcake pans), maybe making something like a hash, or a zoodle bowl that you can heat up in the morning and just fry a quick egg in the morning, also try oatless oatmeal with zucchini this is a great recipe! Hope I helped! Stay positive you got this!
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    AussieChick reacted to LIEvans in Starting whole30 6/1/18   
    OK, I’m doing better. For now. But man o man this morning I was ANGRY about things that were, granted, annoying, but nowhere near worth the level of energy I was cooking up about them. 
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    AussieChick got a reaction from Mama Pajama in Starting whole30 6/1/18   
    Hi Everyone, Aussie girl here trying to find my way back to health and started on the 1st of June. Not very organised and rather hungry...(Carbs and chocolate are my BIG comfort foods when I am tired). I know we are only a few days in but would love to hear your best tips for success? BTW, i don't know anyone else doing this and only just found the forum so pretty happy to find you all here, hopefully we can cheer each other on. 
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    AussieChick reacted to ErikaA in Starting whole30 6/1/18   
    Hi Everyone,
    I will be starting my third W30 tomorrow, June 1, as well.  I started my first round in May of last year, but only made it about 17 days - I used non-compliant lime juice in a recipe and didn't have the heart to start over.  I completed my second round in January/February/March when I ended up extending it for about 75 days.  From there, I had been doing pretty good at eating healthy and enjoying my "food freedom" until my husband and I took a vacation at the beginning of May.  Since then I've felt a bit out of control and know that it's time to do another round to get me back on track.
    Good luck everyone!
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    AussieChick reacted to katedid322 in Starting whole30 6/1/18   
    I have decided to start the whole 30 as well on June 1st! My name is Kathy and I am 51, both my sister and her daughter have done it and I am in such bad shape I have decided to commit! It’s going to be tough but in 2015 my husband died and turned my world upside down.  I have 2 adult kids, I now live in my own and it’s time to work on myself!