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  1. MichelleR

    My Whole30 Results

    After observing my husband complete the W30 challenge last summer and my own meager results at losing some weight using methods that worked well in my younger years, I decided to give my own W30 challenge a go. Today is day 34. My goals were to lose at least 10 lbs, see how I do without any caffeine, kick my insomnia and other sleep issues, and hopefully lower my cholesterol. After my farewell tour through cookies and other junk the week before I began, my starting weight was 161-162 (a tad higher than usual) and my last cholesterol test 6 months ago came in at 250 total cholesterol. I’ve floated around 220-240 for more than a decade. I take no meds and have no chronic conditions other than the cholesterol battle. I just turned age 50. My Results: Won back my sleep. I started sleeping without interruption on day 6. I lost 10 lbs and my cholesterol labs on day 29 came in at 210. I am off caffeine about 98% of the time - more on that below. I am extremely pleased and motivated to continue on. My Experience during the 30 days did not track too close to the typical W30 calendar. I did think about food I was missing, but otherwise, no rage, only minor lethargy a couple days, and no tiger blood. I also experienced a lot of gut discomfort the entire time for which I finally started probiotic pills on day 27 and all is well again in that dept. Before W30, my morning caffeine choice was a Coke Zero. One per week day, sometimes 2 on the weekends. For W30 I tried to switch to unsweetened tea, but could not handle the bitter taste. So I ditched the caffeine. And it really was not that hard to do. My relationship with food improved as well. I realized that I eat out of boredom and habit/ritual, ie popcorn every night in front of the TV whether I’m actually hungry or not. Those habits are broken now and that feels great. I’m in control of the food. Reintro phase: Its 4th of July weekend so I have tried a few things nonW30. I had a small portion of rice which ended up feeling like I had swallowed a tennis ball. The next day, I had cookies and ice cream and a couple hours later, literally lost my cookies. One second I felt normal, the next I was in the bathroom on my knees. And then I felt fine again. I’ve tried drinking a couple Cokes (not diet), as well as a Sonic frozen cherry lime aid, and none of it is really good anymore. It doesn’t quench my thirst and leaves my mouth coated in a gloppy, syrupy sweet taste. I think I’m done with those. Continuing W30: I’ve had to find products that are compliant and help me stay on track. Shout outs go to Lara bars, the compliant ones, Tessie Mae salad dressings — and I’ve got their ketchup and bbq sauce to try as well, and Barney Butter bare smooth almond butter. Also, Snap Kitchen has W30 prepared meals which helped when we went to my inlaws over Father’s Day weekend. For water options, just found the Crisp flavored bottled waters and like those a lot. Good luck on your own path. It’s totally worth the effort.
  2. MichelleR

    Day 27 Gut still not happy

    Socialdebbie, very interesting about the eggs. I will have to keep an eye on that. So far the probiotic has put me back on track. Thanks for your reply.
  3. MichelleR

    Day 27 Gut still not happy

    Thanks for the reply, Rachel. I do better at avoiding hunger when my protein intake is higher. I have not been suffering from hunger, wouldn’t do that, but at same time, I have been leary of many veggies in general due to all the discomfort. The probiotic is helping so I will work on getting more on my plate.
  4. MichelleR

    Day 15 with sharp, intermittent abdominal pains

    I haven’t been drinking Kambucha, but that’s good to know. The probiotic pill is helping. Wish I would have gotten them much sooner.
  5. MichelleR

    Day 27 Gut still not happy

    Here are the past two days of meals which are typical of what I have been doing for 27 days -with more protein after day 9 or 10: Breakfast - have been eating the same for several weeks now daily: 2.5 eggs (hubby and I split 5 scrambled eggs) 1 medium red potato 1 serving meat - either 2-3 pieces of W30 compliant bacon (Applegate uncured, no sugar added) OR 1/2 Adelle chicken sausage OR homemade chicken sausage Small serving of cantelope (sometimes) Lunch -- Yesterday was 2 slices roasted pork loin, serving of potatoes, serving of sauteed yellow squash Today was 2 sauteed chicken thighs, 5 slices of cucumber with balsamic & olive oil, 4 diced pieces of pineapple Dinner -- Yesterday was half cup pulled pork, serving of potatoes, serving of green beans 2 days ago was 2 chicken drumsticks, serving of yellow squash, serving of green beans
  6. MichelleR

    Tummy turmoil

    Yes, I experienced same from day 1 and variations (trips to bathroom redcued and then became too infrequent) throughout my whole time -- currently on day 27 of first Whole30. I started a probiotic pill last night with the hope it will help.
  7. MichelleR

    Day 15 with sharp, intermittent abdominal pains

    I just posted something inquiring about this as well. Your post is the first I've noticed reflected the same general issue. I've had the cramping/bloating going on since day 1 and I'm on day 27 now. Was considering going to the doc for gastritis or other diagnosis --like you I have no history of that kind of need -- but have put it off. I started probiotic pill last night so hoping that helps. Mine is less productive than yours -- I'm kind of jealous, lol. Just the cramps/bloating and extended delays from normal on BMs altogether. Ugh. Anyway, not much helpful in this reply, but wanted you to know you're not alone.
  8. MichelleR

    Day 27 Gut still not happy

    For clarity, should also mention that I have never seen or had reason to see a doctor for gastritis or other gut health, nor do I have any chronic conditions.
  9. I'm almost finished with my Whole30 and since day 1 have experienced gut discomfort every day -- everything from painful stomach cramps, extreme bloating (w/o relief) mainly after dinner thru bedtime, irregularity, and everything generally associated with those issues, except no nausea. At one point, I was concerned I had gastritis and was ready to book a doc appointment, but the symptoms dialed down a bit so I have not done that. I finally bought probiotic pills last night and have started those 1 per day. As far as food intake, I started the early days with probably not enough protein and too heavy on salads/raw veggies. Since about day 10, I rarely eat salad greens, no broccoli, no tomatoes (acidic) and stick to meat and cooked, non-cruciferous veggies, including potatoes. On fruits, it's been apples and melon. Beverages - about 95% just water for 27 days. My concern now is how to handle the reintroduction phase (and be able to tell what affects those foods have for me) given that my gut is really not "settled" at this late date. Anybody else experience this? Suggestions on handling the reintroduction phase would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you!
  10. MichelleR

    What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    Ok, thanks. Sounds like I need to dial down the raw salad veggies and up my protein. Thanks for your reply!
  11. MichelleR

    What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    I'm on day 5 of my first Whole30. Since day 1, I am experiencing light stomach cramping when I eat (kind of like after you've had the stomach flu and your digestive system has to re-boot the factory). Sometimes it starts off during a meal and other times it is immediately afterward. As I get later in the day, the cramping basically sticks around off/on into the overnight hours, but is generally gone before I eat anything the next morning. Then the cycle starts up again with breakfast. Things seem a little better today, but it's still early. Before starting W30, I had been following Atkins pretty closely and so the meals have not been a HUGE adjustment overall. I have not yet experienced most of the common symptoms noted on the W30 calendar, but this cramping is a beat down by bedtime. Any suggestions on what might be going on?