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  1. adarnell326

    Day 12: stinky gas since I started

    This has been so helpful to know that I am not alone! I have been eating Whole30 for 5 years now, and I just developed these symptoms and I am at my wits end. Stinky gas, constipation, bloating, irregular bowel movements, changes in bowel movement consistency and urgency, and stomach aches. I am going to eliminate all of the high FODMAP foods, however, I'm having trouble comparing the Whole30 low FODMAP shopping list and the list from The Paleo Mom as they slightly contradict each other. I know that the blue items on the Whole30 low FODMAP shopping list are the best choice while the greyed out items should be avoided, but should those items in black be limited or just cut out until you get a handle on what is upsetting your system? I'm guessing I should just go with the items in green on Paleo Mom and the blue items on the Whole30 list? Thank you!
  2. adarnell326

    Marsala Cooking Wine Substitute

    Thank you for the suggestion, I will try the white grape juice!
  3. adarnell326

    Marsala Cooking Wine Substitute

    I would love to make a chicken marsala recipe to eat over mashed cauliflower, but it calls for marsala cooking wine. Is there anything that I can use in it's place that is compliant yet doesn't skimp on flavor? The recipe also calls for chicken broth, but if I use double the broth, I may not get that rich flavor. Thank you!