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  1. Shinin4ever

    Tessamaes BBQ sauce

    Thanks... for some reason this thread did not show up when I searched for Tessamaes BBQ sauce
  2. Shinin4ever

    Tessamaes BBQ sauce

    Is Tessamaes bbq sauce actually ok? I know it's been mentioned as being approved but date syrup is on the ingredient list and I thought date syrup was a no no.
  3. Shinin4ever

    Ghee at aldi!

    I founnd ghee at Aldi for 3.99. It's from grass-fed pasture-raised cows and it says it is Paleo friendly. The only ingredient is cow's milk fat
  4. My husband and I started the Whole30 challenge on Monday June 4th. It has been hard because then our 1 year old git some sort of stomach bug and passed it on to us. Kinda hard to do a BRAT diet like what doctors normally say to do. I made a big pot of really mild chicken soup and we ate that for a couple days while recovering. Here's to a better 2nd week!!