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    Excess gas & Farting on Whole30

    I did whole30 over a year ago. I’m not a “dieter” and in fact I’m appalled with myself that I even tried this out. I think it’s beyond ridiculous that whole30 is marketed to people to make them feel like they’re living with some chronic condition they don’t even realize they have and whole30 will magically unearth a sense of health they’ve never experienced. It’s assanine. But anyway. Whole30 did nothing for me outside of losing a few pounds. The negative effects largely outweighed the “quick weight loss.” Since completing the whole30 my digestion has never been the same. I’ve had chronic rancid smelling gas since completing it and it’s been over a year already. The only thing that remotely helps is a digestive enzyme and even that provides inconsistent relief. How ironic, I had no health problems UNTIL i tried this ridiculous way of eating and now I have to live with taking a supplement with every meal for my body to do what it should be able to do on its own. I eat and have always eaten a mostly plant based diet, very minimal to no dairy, a variety of fruits and vegetables that most typical American households haven’t even heard of, and fiber-rich whole, unrefined grains. I make every meal from scratch and my whole grain sprouted bread is the only thing I eat from a package. I’m not remotely overweight or unhealthy. So I’m just not sure what this “diet” is supposed to do for a human body.