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  1. Thank you! @Lorna from Canada
  2. Thank you for your response! I saw it was on a list of the sneaky sugars and listed as a sugar alcohol. I'm not sure how old that list was though. All the conversations I saw on it on the forum were from 2014 so that could have changed since those conversations as well. I'll still look for something else but I think for the sake of my hair your right I need to keep taking it lol!
  3. This is not my first whole30 but it is my first whole30 that I'm looking to take supplements on. Long story short I had twins four months ago which are my third and fourth child. For the first time after a pregnancy I am actually dealing with post partum hair loss. (UHG!) My doctor suggested taking fish oil pill supplements. She didn't suggest a brand. I started using my husbands because he always takes them so we had some. They immediately did thee trick! I stopped loosing hair. I looked at the label for the first time two days ago and to my surprise there is only three ingredients but one of