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  1. Mahoganylit

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    @MamaPajama Wow 30 pounds that’s awesome!! Congrats.
  2. Mahoganylit

    Starting my Whole30 on July 1.

    Oh my goodness Me Too!! My dads hamburgers are calling me and his famous sauce, which I KNOW isn’t compliant.
  3. Mahoganylit

    Starting my Whole30 on July 1.

    Hello All. Well, I am just starting the Whole30. I wasn’t prepared to start on July 1st, but I did ensure to watch what I ate. So now that life has calmed down, I have started planning meals and will shop today. I think I was suffering from mental block. I didn’t want to go grocery shopping because I was scared I would pick up things I just did not need or shouldn’t be eating. Plus I had to get my 17 year old son on board so I would not have to cook two meals. Also so he wouldn’t be in shock. He needed to understand what our pantry would look like. LOL!!! So we've made a point to hold each other accountable. Let the Whole30 begin. Whew, this will be (hard) interesting but for the better of our health. Mahogany
  4. Mahoganylit

    Starting my Whole30 on July 1.

    Hello my name is Mahogany and I will be starting my Whole30 on July 1. I’m looking forward to kicking some bad habits. My cravings for salt and sugar. I would also like to improve my digestive health.