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  1. ThisAgrarianSoul

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    @MamaPajama 30 lbs is awesome! And - YES- to not slipping back into the old regardless of moving forward with W30 or not. Love, love!! @Crimsann I flipping love your instagram photo- to feel so free and embrace your inner warrior/ goddess/ spirit...and see it embodied in the physical body you have been blessed with...just inspiring! Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration! @AmandaRG Yesterday was the WORST. I had no self-control after sticking to Whole30 all of June, I ate. It. ALL. Back to Whole30 compliant foods today because I also felt so bloated and sick to my stomach. I think, for me, it was a necessary step to realizing that I prefer the structure of 'yes' or 'no' foods, not just size portion limits. Hope you are able to learn from it, too.
  2. ThisAgrarianSoul

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Congrats everyone who made it to the finish line! What an accomplishment!! Many non-scale victories, but so excited that I lost 10 lbs too. NSV today- it's my bday so work got a PB Fudge cake and I had a little sliver...but did not even eat it all...and don't really want it! Previously, I would have eaten a huge piece at 10am then had another at 3pm! Gack... So proud of myself for knowing when enough was enough!! Looking forward to seeing others post!
  3. ThisAgrarianSoul

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    @magsrose I love the idea of an exercise night! @AmandaRG I completely agree about re-introductions! I am almost hesitant to add anything back in. We do have raw goat's milk, so I thought about using that in my morning green machine smoothie instead of coconuts milk to start. Nom Nom ice cream sounds wonderful, though! Weekend went well- I feel like I have gotten through the feelings of neglect when sitting at a cookout where everyone is eating sugar and carbs! That is huge for me- I never thought I would have that willpower. Same for random snacking- I never thought I could pass through the kitchen and not grab a handful of 'something' processed or sweet. My clothes are looser, and I am dying to step on the scale. Why does that number mean so much to me, though? Shouldn't it be enough to know that inflammation is down, and I can see definition where it wasn't before? Have a good day all- I am so glad I found this thread and can be a part of your journey and you mine!
  4. ThisAgrarianSoul

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    For sure you can get a fall planting on lettuces, at least! And they do well in container gardens. This year was truly trying for spring planters...we lost a bunch of carrots, and then when I did get my seeds in the peas and beans wouldn't germinate. Gardeners are always optimists, and our favorite saying is 'maybe next year', lol.
  5. ThisAgrarianSoul

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    @Plantas Your sausage burger on a lettuce bun looks like it would hit the spot! Thanks for the welcome. Can't wait for the garden to take off and enjoy all those yummy veggies you listed. I have only grown sweet potatoes for two years, and did not hear about using the leaves until end of last season. If you try them, let me know!
  6. ThisAgrarianSoul

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    @Brocha I totally sniff the non-compliant food, and am so glad you disclosed that so I don't have to feel crazy over here by myself! My husband brought a homemade sourdough loaf home from market last Wednesday, and it smelled divine! @Crimsann That burger looks amazing! I love to top things with microgreens...Yum. It has been years since I had a pineapple sage plant, but I remember it being wonderful as an accent in floral arrangements for the house. I'll have to think about some other food uses. Might need to add that to my wish list for the herb garden again...we have moved twice since I had it.
  7. ThisAgrarianSoul

    Let Me Introduce Myself

    Hi Sheri! I found your post by using the search feature and the keyword 'garden'! Hoping to find some other homesteaders ditching the processed sugar for self-raised goods! How's your journey so far?
  8. ThisAgrarianSoul

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Hello Juner's! I started June 1st, but this is my first forum post/ forum reading. Love the idea of a group to check in with, so not sure why I didn't think to look for forums previously, lol. First two weeks have gone well, with planning meals and grocery shopping being key. I bought two watermelons from different places this past week, and both were bad...that really put a kink in my plans! I moved forward with my go to lunch, anyway, though...Pan seared chicken breast, avocado, and diced cucumber. Yum! Any gardeners out there trying to use fresh and seasonal produce? I'm in 6A, and we have had a lot of rain and high lettuce is bolting, and don't have yellow squash yet (hopefully this weekend). Would love to try and be completely Whole30 on a local scale, but not sure if that is a feasible goal! Looking forward to going back and reading about all of your journeys to get to this point, Day 20!