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  1. As far as the others who have also had this problem, I googled whole30 stomach pain, and it gives you a list of people who have had this problem and most each one starts with > thewhole3program >troubleshooting your whole30. they vary on topic names of like stomach pain, upper stomach pain, ongoing stomach pain. There are a few that posted about it on their own blogs. most everyone is glad to know that it is not just them this is happening to. I guess we just dont think that it will be us that will have ibs symptoms from high fodmap, or from eating the same
  2. I think I figured it out - my energy reversed itself the afternoon of day 27 (that part I did not figure out), then i started having stomach pain all day on day 29 - as soon as I woke up I felt it - like my colon was inflamed. the pain lasted all day. I was mainly concerned with getting my energy back up at that time and checked the forum about that on day 29 and thought i needed to be eating a little sweet potato at each meal and it did get my energy back up. then after day 30 but before i reintroduced anything, stomach pain came back worse. so i checked forum on stomach pain and found a
  3. Why do so many people have this same problem? I also started having problems on day 28.