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  1. cathycavin

    Anyone starting 9/17?

    starting my second whole30 today. Looking forward to the awesome sleep I will be having, and the debloating that will happen! I do have some issues to resolve from my first whole30. One problem I had continually was the not eating a few hours before sleep. I don't get home until 6pm and I like to cook (for that night and the next day's lunch) then which means I don't eat until 7 or 7::30. My bedtime is generally 8:30, sometimes 8.
  2. cathycavin

    Health issues post whole30

    forthelove - i had the stomach pain. I've been searching for others who had this happen while on whole30. The pain above the belly button is the exact same - I was so frustrated when it happened because I was on like day 27! I thought since I had been eating the right things for 27 days, why should I all of a sudden get stomach pain?! I was going to do the slow roll reintro but the stomach pain got so unbearable I had my comfort food of chips, cheese and salsa and messed up my reintro. I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure it out this past week. I started probiotics and am still studying the high and low fodmaps. It really does appear that this pain is IBS related, which I;ve never had before. I plan to go back to whole30, but right now it's more important to make sure I dont eat high fodmap foods to avoid the stomach pain.
  3. cathycavin

    Help! Digestion problems...

    As far as the others who have also had this problem, I googled whole30 stomach pain, and it gives you a list of people who have had this problem and most each one starts with > thewhole3program >troubleshooting your whole30. they vary on topic names of like stomach pain, upper stomach pain, ongoing stomach pain. There are a few that posted about it on their own blogs. most everyone is glad to know that it is not just them this is happening to. I guess we just dont think that it will be us that will have ibs symptoms from high fodmap, or from eating the same low fodmap too much or too many days in a row - but I am certain that that is what my problem is.
  4. cathycavin

    Help! Digestion problems...

    I think I figured it out - my energy reversed itself the afternoon of day 27 (that part I did not figure out), then i started having stomach pain all day on day 29 - as soon as I woke up I felt it - like my colon was inflamed. the pain lasted all day. I was mainly concerned with getting my energy back up at that time and checked the forum about that on day 29 and thought i needed to be eating a little sweet potato at each meal and it did get my energy back up. then after day 30 but before i reintroduced anything, stomach pain came back worse. so i checked forum on stomach pain and found a lot of posts of people having stomach pain. I spent most of the rest of yesterday figuring out what I needed to do - my pharmacist did not know what a digestive enzyme was except for dairy intolerance (he did NOT understand that I didnt need that becuase i had not had dairy in over 30 days!) and did not have any digestive enzymes so that is not readily available for me to take, but i did start a probiotic yesterday and studied the fodmap. Seems that since I cut out the sugar, grain, dairy, gluten I was depending on some high fodmap foods that I usually eat sparingly - sweet potatoes, cherries, bananas and it has caused me to have bad stomach pain if I eat anything high fodmap (or too much low fodmap which is the sweet potato).
  5. I started having bad stomach pains and low energy day 27-28 and onward (6 days post whole30 right now). I wanted to see if it was just me and found a huge amount of people that this is happening to. Just search "whole30 stomach pains" and you'll see what I mean. I see the whole30 moderators offering suggestions to people, but I don't see where anybody came back and said oh yes, that worked it out for me! Why would your stomach start hurting after you have been on the same program for almost 30 days? Also, I went to my pharmacy to get the digestive enzyme that whole30 says my body needs to digest foods and my pharmacist has never heard of this except for lactose intolerance. I explained that I have not had any dairy for 36 days so i do not need an enzyme for that - I told him the whole30 program said I may need a digestive enzyme. He could not figure out what that might be and could only offer me probiotics and gas relief pills. I had to drive back to my office and google exactly what a digestive enzyme was so I could tell the pharmacist. Bottom line they did not carry digesitve enzymes so I bought gas relief pills and probiotics and started them immediately. So has anyone healed their gut problem that they got when they were almost done with the whole30 30 days? It has been a week of stomach pain - looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.
  6. cathycavin

    Help! Digestion problems...

    Why do so many people have this same problem? I also started having problems on day 28.
  7. cathycavin

    Day 28: Stabbing Stomach Pains

    I know these posts are years old, but I am frantically searching the whole30 forum becuase i started having this same problem a week ago and it is very painful. My energy went down after noon saturday and sunday, when i woke up monday (day 29 of whole30) i was tired and had stomach pain that is really bad. i do not believe it is just me, due to the number of others who have gotten this at the end of their whole30's. I had to take pepto bismal for the stomach pain the night of day 29. I looked to see what others were doing for the low energy at the end of the whole30, and started eating sweet potatoes at each meal. This made my energy start coming back on day 29, fully on day 30 and on day 30 no stomach pain. Stomach pain came back two days later and has pretty much continued.
  8. cathycavin

    Labels during Reintroduction Period

    I looked at too many things online about fast food; i don't want any part of it now, compliant or not - will search for whole30 on the go food and bring it with me.
  9. cathycavin

    Labels during Reintroduction Period

    ok - so for the reintro when you say that added sugar in condiments, deli meats and bacon is ok to have after day 30, i still have to test deli meats for nitrates?
  10. cathycavin

    Labels during Reintroduction Period

    My reintro day is tomorrow - I'm doing the slow roll. I will be on the road with my mother the very next day and I know she will want to eat at Mcdonalds or subway (she treats herself when we take a day trip). I looked at subway menu and all the meats have more than just the added sugar that I am supposed to be "relaxed" about after day 30. the black forest ham has modified food starch (which I guess could be corn or wheat) plus nitrates. I am already planning on drinking a glass of wine day 31, so that will be my test on nitrates. Why is deli meat ok'd after day 30 when it has more than just added sugar in it? I think I will go with mcdonalds - plain beef patty, side salad, apple slices and unsweet tea - and bring a sabra guac pack. But i am curious about the deli meat thing.