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    I think I figured it out - my energy reversed itself the afternoon of day 27 (that part I did not figure out), then i started having stomach pain all day on day 29 - as soon as I woke up I felt it - like my colon was inflamed.  the pain lasted all day.  I was mainly concerned with getting my energy back up at that time and checked the forum about that on day 29 and thought i needed to be eating a little sweet potato at each meal and it did get my energy back up.  then after day 30 but before i reintroduced anything, stomach pain came back worse.  so i checked forum on stomach pain and found a lot of posts of people having stomach pain.  I spent most of the rest of yesterday figuring out what I needed to do - my pharmacist did not know what a digestive enzyme was except for dairy intolerance (he did NOT understand that I didnt need that becuase i had not had dairy in over 30 days!) and did not have any digestive enzymes so that is not readily available for me to take, but i did start a probiotic yesterday and studied the fodmap.  Seems that since I cut out the sugar, grain, dairy, gluten I was depending on some high fodmap foods that I usually eat sparingly - sweet potatoes, cherries, bananas and it has caused me to have bad stomach pain if I eat anything high fodmap (or too much low fodmap which is the sweet potato).
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    cathycavin got a reaction from Emily808 in Help! Digestion problems...   
    As far as the others who have also had this problem, I googled whole30 stomach pain, and it gives you a list of people who have had this problem and most each one starts with > thewhole3program >troubleshooting your whole30.  they vary on topic names of like stomach pain, upper stomach pain, ongoing stomach pain.  There are a few that posted about it on their own blogs.  most everyone is glad to know that it is not just them this is happening to.  I guess we just dont think that it will be us that will have ibs symptoms from high fodmap, or from eating the same low fodmap too much or too many days in a row - but I am certain that that is what my problem is.