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    Higher energy, self-esteem, motivation, and focus; better sleep; better relationship with food; lose weight; get healthier in general.

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  1. Tainá Alencar

    Starting tomorrow 06/25

    Hi Martha! How was your first week?
  2. Tainá Alencar

    Starting tomorrow 06/25

    Hi Dana! That's great! Let's do it!
  3. Tainá Alencar

    Starting tomorrow 06/25

    Hi Martha! I'm sure I'll get it done this time! Count on me!
  4. Tainá Alencar

    Starting tomorrow 06/25

    Thank you, Heather! Welcome too (: As I don't have much practice with cooking, I'm struggling a little, but I'm certain that it'll get easier! How's your first week?
  5. Tainá Alencar

    Starting tomorrow 06/25

    Thank you for your support! My problem was exactly McDonalds and sugar... Oh dear! We can do this!! Congrats on your path!! You must be on the finish line right now!
  6. Tainá Alencar

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    Starting 06/25/18
  7. Tainá Alencar

    Starting tomorrow 06/25

    Yaaaay! After hundreds of attempts to get healthier, I've found a program that I really identify myself with. I'm a little nervous, because of all the failed trials, BUT I know I CAN! I'm so grateful for this platform to share and get support. I never really liked forums, but I'll need this one. So count on me too! My biggest problem right now is that I can't control myself around food, mainly SUGAR. It's so sad for me, since food never controlled me before. Until my life changed quick fast and repeatedly. In less than 1yr I've gained 10kg (22 pounds). I'm kinda workaholic and I've got sick several times in a short amount of time, low energy, self-esteem, etc. I respect y'all that are here taking care of health and happiness! Let's go! Ps. I'm Brazilian, so my English may not be the best