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  1. evethegreat

    Newbie, starting Sept 3!

    I'd love to join you guys! This will be my second attempt; tried one back in June but I wasn't organized enough to make sure I could actually cook more than four different things in a week. This time I'm planning on spending more time meal planning and grocery shopping
  2. evethegreat

    Starting my Whole30 on July 1.

    How's everyone doing? I'm fully into the stage where I just want to sleep forever...I feel like I got hit by a truck.
  3. evethegreat

    Starting on Monday 7/9 - So Pumped!

    @maurabeaver I'm on day 10 and my eczema has totally disappeared in a way it hasn't in months. My eyes are still a bit puffy when I wake up, but much less so...still could be coincidence but it's exciting to be sure! On the minus side, I'm fully into the hibernation stage of the timeline. Slept about 9 hours for the last two nights and I feel like I could nap all day.
  4. evethegreat

    Starting on Monday 7/9 - So Pumped!

    Hi Maura, I started on the 1st but I've been having the same allergy issues too! The last year has been just puffy allergy eyes and eczema that is worse than anything I've experienced. I live in Kathmandu so I have just assumed that it's the water/dust/air pollution/unfamiliar plants but maybe it's diet related as well. Anyway, to echo Bre, congrats on your upcoming wedding and I hope Whole30 clears this up for you. I will say: I'm currently on Day 5 and my eczema has decreased from last week for sure, but it's possible that's a coincidence. But maybe not.... Anyway, I'm with you and Bre! Lets do this
  5. evethegreat

    Starting my Whole30 on July 1.

    Last night I had a dream I had a gin and tonic while out with friends...it's like my subconscious is getting it in when it can. Also if anyone has any recipes to share that *don't* require any store bought, compliant versions of things, I would love them. I basically can't make the homemade mayo here (don't trust the raw eggs) and there's basically no sauces at the store that are Whole30 friendly. Right now I'm basically just at eggs + some vegetable for breakfast, fruit and whatever is leftover from dinner the previous night, and then for dinner I kinda just throw together something. It's fine for now but I see food boredom in my near future.
  6. evethegreat

    Starting my Whole30 on July 1.

    How is everybody doing so far? I'm already having dreams about eating bbq, so that's....awesome.
  7. evethegreat

    Starting my Whole30 on July 1.

    I'm struggling a bit: I live in Kathmandu (Nepal) so it's a little bit tricky not being able to go to the store for compliant items, and you have to be really careful with produce. I'm planning on mostly going for chicken and eggs, with fresh veggies and fruit when available. Unfortunately, lots of the recipes on the website aren't possible here, so I'm trying to create or recreate them with local ingredients.
  8. evethegreat

    Starting my Whole30 on July 1.

    I'm starting on Jul 1 as well! Trying to kick my sugar and popcorn habit