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    RX Bars

    The brand RXBar has some compliant flavors and some that are not compliant. It depends on the flavor. Some of them have chocolate, so those are out. Read the label and make sure there are no noncompliant ingredients. I always read the label on anything I buy even if the brand is whole30 approved for this very reason!
  2. Tarrantrl

    Reintroduction: Alcohol question...

    @Laurenacc, I don't think anyone answered this directly. Yes, that is the fast track from the book. However, you can change the reintro schedule if you want to. The changes @GoJo09 suggested are good examples or why you might reorder or expand the reintro. Some people give soy it's own day, peanuts it's own day, etc. Some people separate dairy by varying lactose vs casein content! It just depends on how fine-tuned you want your reintro data to be. I gave butter it's own day because that was the only dairy I wanted really, but unfortunately I think it's giving me a headache that isn't really worth it when clarified butter tastes fine (just more effort!). If you're concerned about sugar, you could give it it's own day or do the non-sugar versions or categories before the sugar versions. For example, do dairy without sugar, a few days whole30, then dairy with sugar (ice cream!!). Gluten without sugar, reset, gluten with sugar. If there are differences in your reactions, you'll know what's from the sugar separately from the base category.