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    Tarrantrl reacted to SugarcubeOD in Smoothie bowl success?   
    Soups also don't have the sugar load that a smoothie usually has.
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    Tarrantrl got a reaction from ladyshanny in Advice on best option for shortening re-introduction   
    While this may not be the same for you @Laura Thornock, I personally find Thanksgiving to be very Whole30-friendly! My favorite parts are the turkey (easy to make compliant), steamed green beans with butter (sub clarified butter), mashed potatoes (sub clarified butter and perhaps coconut milk), and cranberry sauce (which you could easily find with just regular sugar added instead of corn syrup, which is OK for reintroduction). I think the main things that are missing from a Whole30 Thanksgiving would be the stuffing, sweet potato marshmallow casserole, maybe green bean casserole, gravy (although there are Whole30 compliant recipes), and of course desserts like pumpkin pie. I never liked any of these things, so it's really easy for me to skip them! I'll be done with my extended reintroduction before Thanksgiving, but I intend to stay Whole30 for it because the dairy for sure isn't really worth feeling bad for the rest of the day when the substitutions are just as good. I'd rather enjoy the food but still feel on the ball to spend the rest of the day engaged with my family. My best advice would be to not choose ahead of time the things you think will be worth it to eat because you might not actually want those things by the time you get there. Maybe look up some Whole30 compliant Thanksgiving recipes to see how great the meal can still be while not sacrificing your reset or reintroduction period. It may turn out to be a lot of fun for you!
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    Tarrantrl reacted to ladyshanny in Loss of appetite after reintroducing legumes   
    So from an outside perspective, it looks like the legumes (heavy on carbs) on the heels of increased dried fruit consumption (carbs/sugar) during your period, a time during which women tend to need more carbs anyway - has caused increased carb cravings.
    The fact that you are only really interested in eating carbs (apple and AB, chocolate, potato chips, smoothie etc) is very likely a symptom of having had too much sugar from the dried fruits added to the legumes which are high in natural sugars.
    I would push through as much as you can with eating those template meals. Eat the protein and fat (non-sweet fat choices - ie, not almond butter) first and then the veggies etc. I suspect it's just a bit of latent sugar dragonning. I think you'll get back on track fairly quickly if you can start to prioritize the protein and fats.
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    Tarrantrl reacted to cathycavin in Labels during Reintroduction Period   
    I looked at too many things online about fast food; i don't want any part of it now, compliant or not - will search for whole30 on the go food and bring it with me.
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    Tarrantrl reacted to ladyshanny in Can I reintroduce in this way?   
    You have such a clean slate at the end of your whole30, it's the perfect time to test anything you might one day want to eat so that when that day comes, you know how it'll affect you. I would not do as you suggest above because even if dairy seems fine, if you have some reaction to oats and dairy day, how will you k ow if it's the oats, the dairy or the combination. Some people do ok if they have an item like dairy alone but as soon as they combine it, its overload on their system. You wont know that without testing each thing individually. 
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    Tarrantrl got a reaction from ladyshanny in Pretzels ok for grains with gluten reintro?   
    Sorry you got no reply to this, but just in case someone does see it I wanted to post. This technically wouldn't work for a gluten reintro because it also contains corn oil and corn syrup, which are in the non-gluten grains category.
    I don't know how much it matters since they're both grains, but I personally would separate them.
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    Tarrantrl reacted to SugarcubeOD in Day 19 Questions   
    The fact that it varies from person to person is exactly why we recommend using this body metric... so a 6'4 200 pound person is going to need more than a 5'1 90 pound person... 
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    Tarrantrl got a reaction from SugarcubeOD in Slip Up   
    @Mikkim1231, don't worry! Every additional whole30 you do, you learn something. It seems like you're intending to wait a year for the next one, but maybe you could do the January whole30 too. I did one in July-August and I'm already doing another! And even if you missed some non-compliant ingredient, there are still lots of gains, like practicing cooking this way and changing how you think about food. You still have that even if you might have some soy complicating your results, and it will definitely help you on your next whole30 and your life in general when it comes to good food habits. Since you emotionally don't want to do a whole 56 (which I understand!), I'd say do the reintroduction as normal and just be aware that some of your results may be confounded by the soy. Think of it this way: if you learn a lot about what doesn't agree with you from this reintro, you'll learn even more from your next reintro after a totally clean whole30!
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    Tarrantrl reacted to Gracie W in Reintorduction Prior to a Fitness Event   
    Thanks for that advice @Tarrantrl . That makes sense. I will likely play it safe and do that.
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    Tarrantrl reacted to SugarcubeOD in Reintroduction Mix-up/Advice Sought   
    In this case, I would eat Whole30 compliant until you feel as good as you did before you tried this reintro and then go again for legumes or rice bran oil separately and see how you do... you don't want to start reintroducing other stuff if you're still suffering the ill effects today... give yourself a few days and then start again
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    Tarrantrl reacted to dawndblue in Day 20...Found my Tiger Blood!!!!...finally   
    This is my 4th (or maybe 5th) Whole 30 in 2 years.  While the others have been during times when I've had a mostly healthy lifestyle (sticking to a mostly paleo diet (at least at home) and exercising regularly) before starting.  This one, however, follows about 4 months of food and (lack of) exercise debauchery...just because #life.  I knew it was exactly what I needed to reset my body (and my mind).
    Because my previous Whole 30's were so successful, I had high expectations.   I've been very frustrated that I haven't been feeling the extreme positive results and NSV's this time that I have in the past.  I started questioning whether I was "doing it wrong" and considered giving up...because, you know, my newfound love of good, craft IPA's was much more satisfying (see debauchery above)   I've been reading the Whole 30 day-by-day and trying to stick with it.
    At any rate, the point of my post is to offer encouragement to others who are as frustrated as I was.  Whether this is your first or your 5th+ Whole 30.  Everything that the program says about everyone experiencing Tiger Blood differently and at different times as well as where you are coming from before starting your Whole 30 making a big difference is 100% true!!!   Stick with it!!!   2 days ago I was considering giving up.   Today, I'm considering extending for another 15 days (though I'm not gonna lie...I'd still kill for a good IPA LOL!).
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    Tarrantrl reacted to Ellenelle in Feel like I'm gaining and not losing weight   
    Michelle, I hope you'll hear from a moderator or an advanced member, but I'd like to offer some encouragement from a newbie. I can relate to your frustration and discouragement because I felt it also around Day 30. On the other hand, I also felt that I was just starting to get the hang of MY Whole30 by the end, so I hung in for another 15 days at full compliance and am still fully compliant on most days at something north of Day 60. My average weight loss over that period is about half a pound a week. Nothing dramatic, but I've reached a point where I can trust that it will continue at that rate. I'm weighing myself every 10 days or so, a big change from when it was daily.
    I'm not an expert or even an advanced member, but here are a few comments on your daily menu. My go-to breakfast is also 2 eggs. I eat mine over a heap of sauteed spinach. I find that when I add about half a sausage patty (I use the recipe that's paired with sweet potato mash in the Pork section of the cookbook), a quarter of a baked potato plus ghee, and maybe some roasted or sauteed butternut squash I'm more satisfied (sometimes kind of stuffed) and I can more easily go 4 or 5 hours until lunch.
    I've read enough troubleshooting posts to know that the problem with your snack is that it doesn't include any protein.  Maybe add a sausage patty or the other half of your tuna can, or maybe add the apple, cashew butter and a bit of sausage to your breakfast and skip the snack. I've learned from personal experience that snacks (mine are usually in the afternoon if I need one) are useless without the protein. For some reason I was resistant to that reality for a really long time. Maybe you are too.
    My impression of your lunch is that it's not nearly big enough. Eat the whole can! Or add a hard-boiled egg. I like the recipe for no-fuss salmon cakes; one or two of those make a really satisfying protein dish. I make the batch of 8 and reheat them in a microwave as needed. I would also add half a baked potato, white or sweet, to the meal. I discovered that potatoes are really my friends after being very wary of them initially. They're very satisfying, and the ghee ensures you're getting enough fat.
    Dinner sounds good to me. Maybe add another half turkey burger or another veggie if it doesn't feel satisfying.
    Ever since Weight Watchers about 30 years ago I've been religious about 64 oz of water a day. 
    At some point when I was feeling very down about Whole30 I read a post in which the writer remarked something to the effect that the more she ate, the more weight she lost. I was very bitter about that at the time, sure that it didn't apply to me, but it stayed in my head and I've come to think it's true. As I've added more foods and sometimes larger portions I feel more satisfied after my meals, I have more energy, and I obsess less about weight loss.
    You don't say how many total hours of sleep you're getting. If it's sufficient, I guess you could go to bed later if you want to wake up later. For me, sleep has been the last frontier of the program. I've had various forms of insomnia for close to 20 years. Only around Day 60 did my sleep start to normalize. For a while it was worse on Whole30 than before I started the program. Now it's better. I still wake up during the night but usually am able to fall back to sleep quickly.
    I hope some of this is helpful to you. I spent lots of time trolling around the Troubleshooting section when I was feeling confused and discouraged. I picked up some good tips and sometimes I felt better just knowing that others were struggling too. Oh, and I also recently bought myself a copy of It Starts with Food. I find it helps my motivation to read about what I'm doing and remind myself of why. I do think Whole30 is the best program out there, and I hope you find a way to make it work for you.
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    Tarrantrl reacted to ladyshanny in Impact of eating starchy veggies?   
    There's a difference between fat adaptation and being in ketosis where your body ONLY burns fat. It's a common misconception. The fist sized serving of starchy veggie or one-two servings of fruit will keep you out of ketosis (which is fine) but if you balance your meals according to the template and use the 4-5 hour meal timing along w/ eating that first meal within an hour of waking, you'll become fat adapted. This means your body can easily switch between fuel sources (carbs and fat) as needed w/ no impact to you.
    We recommend not propping up sugar cravings with fruits, not eating fruit alone and limiting things like the carbier nuts (cashews etc) and dried fruits. These items will slow down that transition to fat adaptation. The sweet potato is fine and kudos to you that you figured out that you feel best with that included.
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    Tarrantrl got a reaction from kjo1193 in Smoothie bowl success?   
    The strange thing to me is that in a lot of the forum posts I have read, I sometimes get a sense of hostility even from the moderators when people talk about things that are not exactly the same as the whole30 recommendations. That's sort of what I'm getting from that reply, which implies that I DON'T like the whole30 enough, I'm NOT committed to it's rules, and I'm NOT following through with it.
    Quite the contrary! The whole30 is the only nutritional plan that I have come back to over and over again. I can tell than Melissa and Dallas have done a lot of great research and have a lot of experience, which saves me from having to do all of that research and experimenting myself!
    However, that doesn't mean that I turn my brain off during a whole30. The rules of the whole30 have been developed over time, but they're not perfect. If there are issues, then how will they find out to change them unless someone says something? I definitely think that the smoothie rule doesn't need to be changed, but that doesn't mean I won't continue to think about the intentions and science of the whole30 and use my knowledge as well as theirs as I make my decisions for my health.
    I also like to solve problems! In this particular thread, I was exploring whether smoothies were inherently a problem or whether I could address the main problems I see them presenting. The answer for me was yes, but that doesn't make me really want to eat smoothies any more than I wanted to before this experiment. And I didn't really want them to begin with. Silly as it sounds, I only explored this "for science"! And I have suffered no ill effects from this little foray.
    I don't by any means think that I should or could contribute anything to this forum that will significantly change anyone's understanding of how the whole30 program should be set up. But someone else might, and I'll always be open to giving their ideas serious and respectful consideration before shooting them down. The whole30 is an excellent but not perfect program, and I don't think it is necessary or productive for someone to call into question my committment to the program just because I'm playing devil's advocate on a particular topic. Such conversations are worth having even when we arrive at the same conclusion we started with because there is still so much to learn about human health, and considering the opposite of what we think is correct can sometimes lead us to that new knowledge.