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  1. Schwich

    Over it. Day 20.

    I TOTALLY hear you! Today is day 18 for me. Yesterday I had a MAJOR freak out. I’ve been kicking the food boredom w social media. Are you on instagram? There are so many resources there for food options. I’ve loved everyone of them. Same thing w Pinterest. Although u have to really watch the ingredients on Pinterest bc some say they r whole 30 and the ingredients tell you otherwise. And LOOK according to the book you are right where you should be!!! (See pics) EDITED BY ADMINISTRATOR: We do not permit the posting of copyrighted materials. I have deleted the pictures posted. Please do not do this again.
  2. Schwich

    triathlon training nutrition

    What are your “other real food” recommendations? Thanks.
  3. Schwich

    triathlon training nutrition

    What do whole 30 triathletes eat the morning of their triathlons? I have a tri next Sunday and am trying to stay as whole 30 as possible. I would really like to not use gu. But I am afraid if I don’t I’ll bonk. I have been practicing during long routes using dates. And they are working well. Thanks for your help in advance.
  4. Schwich

    Meal times pre and post workout

    Sounds like I need to pack my “lunch bag” before my workouts so I’m prepared. I, unfortunately, have gotten so used to the convenience of protein bars and shakes. But, being that I’m only on day 3 (and feeling good) I still have plenty of time to break that habit. Thank you @ladyshanny
  5. Schwich

    Meal times pre and post workout

    I’m used to having a protein shake right after my workout. What are some acceptable options that I can throw in my workout bag? I’ve been relying on RxBars but I know those are suppose to be used as “last resort”
  6. Schwich

    Started yesterday (Jul 1st) what a ride!

    What are you using for post pre workout. I’m always starving afterwards.