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  1. DebraR

    Teen daughter new to Whole30

    She started the Keto a few years ago when she was just starting to go through puberty. My husband is big into it and she just decided to follow along. She lost the little bit of puffiness that she started to see and just kept with it. Our family has a lot of health issues related to weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease. She was such a happy, free spirit before puberty and has been very uncomfortable in her own skin since about 13. I hate seeing her so hard on herself and I am proud of her for deciding to try to reset her system with Whole30. I just wish this wasn't such a big deal in her life right now.
  2. DebraR

    Teen daughter new to Whole30

    Thank you all for your insight. She gained 40 pounds seemingly overnight. The only thyroid test we didn't do was the Free 3? I can't remember. I am going to redo her bloodwork as it was done in November, before the weight gain. She is now weaned off the anti depresents so we will see how it goes. She is doing Keto, and grain free on top of it. We probably are going to have her allergy tested too as certain things cause her stomach aches. Also, she gets daily headaches. I know something is going on but just havent been able to find someone who can narrow it down.
  3. DebraR

    Teen daughter new to Whole30

    Its approximately 40 pounds over the past 4-5 months or so. We've had all her labs done. There are slight issues but nothing that can explain a sudden excessive weight gain. She has been on an anti depressent for about 2 years and the psychiatrist feels its possible it could be that though its confusing as the weight just came on recently. We're weaning her off the medication now and she is doing a 6 week bootcamp. Exercise 30 minutes a day for 6 days a week, 6 weeks. She started Whole30 about a week ago and the toughest parts I am finding is breakfast and snacks. Lunch is leftover protein and spinich usually, dinner is protein and veggies. The hard thing for her is to be off dairy, though she doesn't have it often, she does like a little in her coffee and sometimes a little cheese in her salad. She wont eat eggs unfortunately, so that makes it even harder.
  4. I wonder if there are other teen girls (mine is 17) who are trying Whole30 that may like to connect with my daughter. She is having a hard time but determined to complete the 30 days. The hardest part is that she has been grain free, carb free, paleo for a while but suddenly (over 4 months) gained a significant amount of weight with no explanation. She feels deprived as it is so taking dairy away too is hard for her. I wonder if anyone has suggestions to make it through a 4th of July get together, any special things we can make and have for her so she doesn't feel as if she is being punished. Also, any recipes for lunches we can try. I have looked through books and online and am overwhelmed. Any specific things that your kids/teens like while on Whole30? Thank you! Debra