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    HELP! Day 18 - Emotional Mess

    Shannon, Thank you so much! I really appreciate the thoughtful reply. That's a great article. I can't believe I haven't come across that one! I have definitely been feeling guilty about how much I want weight loss and that article helps alleviate the guilt. I also really like your comment about just feeling the feelings; crying, journaling, etc. I'm effusive but I do also hold things in. So thank you for that. And, finally, I didn't know there was a correlation between starchy vegetables and depression/anxiety. I'll do as you suggested and see what happens. We're telling our daughter tonight about the neighbor. And I agree with you that the anticipation of her pain is weighing on me. And that it might subside once we're in it and facing it. She might even handle it better than I think. And it's definitely an important part of parenting, teaching a kid about death, right? I've been noting the non-scale victories but I think in a more casual way. Per your advice, I'm going to pick something specific to focus on and work towards. I can see how having something solid to attach my attention to will help release me from the weight obsession. An obsession that has been an albatross for a long time. One of the main reasons I started Whole30 was to create a better relationship with food, especially around stressful times, even GOOD stressful times. So I do have an appreciation for this struggle and the lessons I'll learn. But it is a struggle nonetheless, amiright? Thanks again. So so appreciate it. xo
  2. Hi, everyone. I'm on Day 18. The first half of my W30 was great. I experienced mostly positive things. I haven't slipped once and believe I've found my new way of life. I love the eating style and rules, I'm working out almost every day, sleep is somewhat ok. I've always had sleep problems and that has only slightly changed since doing W30. Steadily over the past few days, however, I've been on an emotional dive. Impatiently wanting the satisfaction of completing this cycle but at the same time terrified of the end of W30, absolutely unable to shake an obsession over weight loss, and now it just straight up feels like depression. There are a few outside circumstances that could be the cause: PMS and now my period, a couple rough nights of little sleep because my kid was restless, and then yesterday my neighbor suddenly died. We weren't close but my kid loved him and he loved my kid. She doesn't know yet. We haven't told her because she has also been emotional so we decided to wait until she got a good night's sleep and a little steadier to tell her. Work is also intensifying a little and I'm heading into a major phase on a big project. I'm an emotional eater and drinker. So I've wondered if the absence of those things has a direct correlation to how intensely I've been feeling this sadness. I've read similar posts to this, looking for commiseration, so I know I'm not alone. But I could really use a boost. I could really use encouragement. I could also REALLY use some help on how to shake the weight loss obsession. Intellectually I know it will take a year to truly achieve the changes in my body I want. It's a long game. I also know that I want to live my life like this forever. So what does Day 18 even mean when it's part of the rest of my life? Ugh. Help.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm on day 5 of W30 and loving it. The one thing that's bothering me is I'm having a really hard time getting and staying asleep. I'm having my last meal several hours before bed and I'm going about my routine the way I always have which includes reading my Kindle with the nightshade screen dim on which has always helped me fall asleep. But now I'm restless for a long time and it takes an even longer time to STAY asleep. That being said, insomnia and restless sleep are two issues I've grappled with for most of life. Runs in the family But I've never had THIS much trouble. Is this, perhaps, that thing where issues get worse on W30 before they get better? I also wonder if it's because I can no longer drink Yogi Bedtime Tea (another mainstay of my bedtime routine) because it has stevia in it. Anyway, would love to know if anyone else had sleep issues in the early days. Thanks!