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  1. claidheamdanns

    Teen with Stomach Pain

    Hmmmm .... just wandering back to this forum after a LONG time (5 years!). Thanks for the replies and sorry I haven't responded sooner. The first time I did Whole30 back in 2013, I didn’t stick with it, because I just skimmed the book to get what I thought I needed to do it, and we saw no results in my sons stomach problems, which he still has to this day (though he says they have subsided somewhat). I lasted 45 days, and have done 30-day stints several times since. In January of this year, though, since It Starts With Food was still sitting on my Goodreads list, I listened to the whole book on audible on a trip to Texas and back for another half marathon. It made a huge difference. Although I was very annoyed with the authors’ writing and reading style, it was important to get the whole of the information into my head/heart. I’ve stuck with it ever since. Although I don't feel different, I have seen incredible results: I have lost 50+ this since starting back on Whole30 (for the first time since I started tracking my weight 8 years ago, I am down in the healthy range!) In April, I did my first half marathon on Whole30 (number 18 total), and was prepared for the "normal" feeling like a crippled old man after the race, and several days of recuperation. Instead, I went ahead and did another 1.5 miles on the treadmill at Planet Fitness before getting in my car, ate lunch with fellow half marathoners, and then went and hiked 3.5 miles on Mt Nebo, before driving home. The next day, my body felt like I had done nothing out of the ordinary the day before. I now do a Whole30-ish lifestyle, and for me that's more doable. At home, I mostly do strict Whole30, but sometimes allow myself some dairy (I come from a dairy family, milking 100 head of cattle, so it's hard to get completely away from dairy, both culturally, and in my cravings). I will occasionally have OJ with my breakfast. When I am at a friend's party, I eat the cake. When I'm out with friends, I don't go all crazy, making the cook pull this or that out of the dish. Those were some of the things that made this diet torture for me before. I don't really miss sugar at all. I recently had a soda, and could only drink half of it. Even fruits are too sweet for me now, and I rarely eat even a whole apple.
  2. claidheamdanns

    Teen with Stomach Pain

    We started this diet because my youngest son (14) has had stomach pains for about a year and a half now, and the doctors and allergists have not been able to track down a cause or provide a solution. We have been doing the Whole30 (as a family) for 33 days now, and are seeing no results in reduced stomach pains. I understand that some people have to go 45-60 days before they see results. But, I am wondering, at what point do we say, okay, no results are coming from this — time to go back to a normal diet. I mean, if we never see results, why keep torturing ourselves? Any suggestions?