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    Night sweats

    I am only on my third day of whole30. I knew I’d have troubld because I’m horribly addicted to sugar and sure enough I’ve had a headache since starting. But last night I woke up to care for my baby and my heart started pounding and I started sweating buckets, a cold clammy sweat. I felt awful. Eventually I got up and ate an apple then went back to bed and could sleep. I’m wondering if I’m not eating enough, I’m nursing a baby and training for a half marathon. This is what I ate yesterday: breakfast: two 5oz tilapia filets pan fried in olive oil and ghee, one large sweet potato and one large onion sautéed in ghee Lunch: chicken breast on a salad with cucumbers tomatoes spinach and green leaf lettuce, homemade balsamic vinegarette Dinner: meat balls and cauliflower rice Should I start adding snacks? If so what kinds of things do you snack on? Can I feasibly do a whole 30 with my physical demands? I am a stay at home mom to four kids so I only have so much time to eat.