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    Starting on Monday 7/9 - So Pumped!

    Thank you all for getting back to me! Yes, @breezyleaf and @Marajade12 - we will definitely have to keep each other on track throughout! Today is Day 1 and I've hit the ground running. Hope it's going well for both of you so far. Lots of meal prep! And @evethegreat - that's amazing!! So glad to hear your allergies are already starting to clear up. Coincidence or not, let's just get rid of them, right?? Ha! Thank you all for the support! Feel free to reach out if you need anything - inspiration, updates, etc. Let's kick some booty!
  2. Hey there! My name is Maura Beaver and I am starting on Monday, July 9th! This will be my first round of Whole30, and this type of program is so new to me. Recently, I have gained a decent bit of weight and I have been having some major allergy issues. I wake up with puffy eyes and lips and I'm breaking out in hives and eczema. We have tried patch testing at the allergist and concluded I'm at least allergic to nickel and gold. I feel like that's not the only issue because I haven't seen much of a change for the better. Now I'm considering the idea it might be food related. Also, let it be known I'm getting married at the end of October and would really like to get this taken care of! If you have any thoughts relating to the allergy topic or just some words of advice about the program, I would love to hear them. I LOVE to cook, so I don't think that will be hard to get used to. I do love cheese and bread - that will be hard to get used to... Thanks in advance, and I hope the program is going well for all of you! Maura