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    breezyleaf got a reaction from Mdgreen in Here is me and why I need Whole 30   
    Thanks for sharing! It was cathartic to read and I was happy to see at the end that it was for you too! I appreciate learning the hardships peopel have faced, those "it's not hard" words grabbed me too, especially in comparison to the things they listed they were actually hard! So you got this, glad you tried a new round of meal prep and that worked better!!! Good luck as you continue to journey!!! 
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    breezyleaf got a reaction from ild228 in Searching for the answer to food addiction, obesity, depression and anxiety - planning to start July 10th.   
    I'm right there with all three of you, I am starting on Monday July 9th! Let's do this together and rock it out!!! We can and will conquer the demons!
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    breezyleaf got a reaction from maurabeaver in Starting on Monday 7/9 - So Pumped!   
    Congrats on your wedding! Boo on allergies, hope this helps!! 
    I am starting Monday 9 July too and also love cheese & bread! I eat it more than anything else! I am not so good with the cooking, love to watch others cook, so I am hoping to develop a personal love for cooking! 
    Let's try to keep each other on track!!
    Bre :)