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  1. D e b r a

    Starting our 3rd Round Monday, August 13th

    Hi geekima im starting tomorrow for the first time. I’m hoping to find the right combo to help me with focus and energy and reduce headaches. I completely understand getting off track. I’ve done fruit and veg smoothies that helped me feel better but it’s hard to keep up with esp with kids. If you’d like to cheer each other on along the way please feel free to drop me a line. Deb
  2. D e b r a

    August 13 - Let's do this!

    Hello Betty I’m starting tomorrow as well. It’s my first time doing this. Hoping to improve my energy focus, get rid of headaches, improve my skin and lose weight. If you would like to cheer each other on along the way please feel free to drop be a line. Deb
  3. D e b r a

    Newbie on Day 5 - Hiya!

    Hi Cassandra, Wow only on day 5 and seeing results! That's awesome. I struggle with not eating sweet things too. If it's there it's such a temptation. I am a mother of twin girls age 5. I'm starting this Aug 1. I really want to get a healthy eating balance not just to lose weight but also to be around for a long time for them and teach them how to eat healthy too. I remember my mom always using food as a reward or having time with her always surrounding food. Its hard to break that pattern. I am ADD and I can be impulsive in my eating habits. I am starting the Whole30 for the first time in August. I hope it starts off as well as yours. Keep going strong you can do it Good luck with getting your son to eat well. If you find a certain approach works let me know maybe I can use it with my girls too. Oh and I'm in Massachusetts now but I grew up in Cortland, Ohio. Deb
  4. D e b r a

    Over-50 Whole 30

    I am concerned about eating so much meat on the whole 30? Does it increase your cholesterol? My cholesterol is a little high already. I am hoping that it does increase my concentration and energy. I am going through menopause and I can't believe how many things I forget or can't pull a word or name up when I need it. It is so frustrating.
  5. D e b r a

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    Hi, my name is Deb. I am starting Whole30 for the first time in August after I get back from visiting family in Ohio. I'm a little nervous about cutting out so many things but I'm hoping to make some good connections on here to help keep strong. It would be nice to have someone to chat with when I'm tempted, tired and don't feel like cooking etc. I'm hoping to get that energy that everyone mentions. I have a busy schedule with work and kids and by the end of the day I have little energy/time left to think about working out. Anyhow if anyone would like to start the journey with me on August 1st the more the merrier.
  6. D e b r a

    Start date Monday July 9th

    oops I meant me a line forgot to erase the a oh well its online chatting typos don't count right
  7. D e b r a

    Start date Monday July 9th

    Hi Mara I'm not starting the Whole30 until I get back from vacation in August but I did have to lose weight before I got pregnant with my twins. They are five now. I had to go through years of fertility treatments to make it happen. If you need a friendly ear while on your path to becoming a mom feel free to drop a me a line.
  8. Hi My name is Debra. I'm a 51 yr old mom of twin 5 year old girls. I started my family late in life. I have always battled with my weight since I was 12. The book really spoke to me about emotional eating and balance. I'm most susceptible when I'm stressed, tired or don't drink enough water. I am only 5' 2" but carrying a lot of weight. I lost 20 lbs by doing green smoothies but now I'm ready to eat real food again. I'm hoping since the green smoothies were mainly just fruits and veggies that this won't be too hard plus the meals would be something I can share with my kids. I would like to start this the beginning of August so I can be well into it before I start work again. I'm a high school special ed. teacher. It would be nice to have some people online to talk to as I go through this. I am going to prep the week before starting by trying to make the bone broth and gathering the supplies. The herbs won't be hard as I have many herbs growing on my patio. Anyhow, if anyone else is starting around the same time I'd really welcome a healthy eating bud along the way. I'm looking forward to starting and hopefully having that energy everyone is talking about.