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    How to have coconut milk

    It's really good to cook into cauliflower rice with a bit of lime and, if you like it, cilantro.
  2. pags98

    I am excited and hope to make it to 30.

    Hope is a dangerous thing! Plan to make it to 30, don't hope to make it and you will!!! If I've learned anything about Whole30 it's that planning trumps all. The only times I've messed up or come close to messing up was when I didn't have a plan for XYZ event, outing, late night etc. Plan ahead and have backup sources of emergency food and you'll do great!!
  3. I'm a bit late to my reintroduction conversation but here goes. The first thing I reintroduced was Gluten on Friday. It was a bit of a mixed bag. The first gluten I had (a biscuit with breakfast) sat on my stomach HARD and I was in some pain. I decided to skip gluten at lunch for two reasons. I was going to a concert that night and knew I'd likely have gluten again and I was still feeling so bloated from breakfast I just wanted a straight whole30 meal. I had barbecue with a roll for dinner at the concert which was good and didn't cause me any issues. Then I did have a cookie later and also had no issues. So the jury is still out on gluten for me. The biscuit may have been just an issue with me having delayed breakfast so long (usually at around 6:30 but this was about 8:30 due to a company meeting). This weekend was not the greatest pure Whole30 because I was traveling and options were limited. So I did whole30 but allowed myself to have sugars if they were there (BBQ without a bun for example - I didn't ask what sugar was in the BBQ etc but it was dry BBQ not sauced). My Super Bowl foods were all whole30 compliant but I felt I was lacking nutrients yesterday. Today is Legumes and I had some black beans with my breakfast and will have hummus with lunch. So far so good on legumes (as I anticpated). I'll do non-gluten grains Thursday and Dairy Sunday (Greek Yogurt and Full Fat Sour Cream) and a second Dairy Wednesday (Soft Cheese and Ice Cream).
  4. pags98

    January 2nd Group Reintroduction

    Clearly I haven't been keeping up enough on my reintroduction process. Legumes day went without a hitch Non-Gluten Grains also were fine I did my first Dairy yesterday. Started the day with some cheddar cheese in my otherwise typical eggs with spinach. I then had some Greek Yogurt with my lunch and made an amazing taco salad over spinach with sour cream and cheddar cheese. No issues. Crazy! Wednesday will be the soft cheeses and ice cream. I'm now thinking those must be the culprit from my last whole30 that gave me such stomach distress because I had ice cream on my dairy day and my stomach felt like an elevator that couldn't stop dropping! This will be very interesting!
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    How to Incorporate Mayo

  6. So cool! Congrats and well done!
  7. pags98

    How to Incorporate Mayo

    I think chipotle powder is pretty easy to find too. Not sure what the lime would do to it though...possibly separate it? I do tend to stock up on it when it's on sale though because we put it on just about everything!
  8. For me it comes down to planning. E.g. Cooking ahead of time. I want to buy enough meat to last me but not so much that I won't use it. So it comes down to knowing how much to buy on Sunday without waste. Hopefully that helps clarify. I'm not good at freezing and reheating so I have to plan for my meals and I hate wasting. So if I know that 6 oz is my palm sized and I want to make 4 meals out of that meat I get a pound and a half and can then portion accordingly, making sure that I have room for all the veggies I want to eat which I never have weighed, just slap it on the plate!
  9. Chicken breasts can be HUGE or they can be small. So a chicken breast is hard to say. Visually yours looks like it's on the small end given your picture so unless you have huge palms looks like it fits the template. I'd also say that if you're not sure, you could always weigh your foods as part of your journal. That way you can start visually understanding what 4, 6, 8 oz of any given meat looks like. I know measuring isn't required in Whole30 but it can definitely help early on. For me, a 6 foot tall male, I found that 6-8 oz is a palm sized portion. I find I don't really need more than 4-6 oz as long as I get the thumb sized fat and I just pile up my plate with tons of veggies. For example today I had probably 3 cups of spinach mixed with 3 eggs and some compliant mayo on top plus some cherries. I won't start getting hungry until noon (ate at 6:15 am). I can typically drop the eggs to 2 as long as I have enough veggies, just depends on what I'm feeling like each morning. Another "hack" for me is to eat my veggies first. That way if I get full I don't miss out on those amazing micronutrients, I just stop eating the protein at that point. The big thing is to listen to your body each day and work future meals to what your body is telling you. That's one of my biggest takeaways from this program!
  10. pags98

    How to Incorporate Mayo

    Pesto with spaghetti squash is amazing. I also put Primal's Chipotle Mayo on top of my eggs for added fat when I don't have/want avocado. There's also a really good salmon recipe from Publix that you put stoneground mustard with mayo and bake the salmon. SO. FREAKING. GOOD.
  11. pags98

    Soy Lecithin

    It would be really helpful if you posted what you're eating and as importantly, when you're eating. This Whole30 I made a conscious effort to stop eating by 9pm even though I typically stay up until midnight. What I found was that I'd be sleepy by 10 or 10:30 and my natural reflexes took over and I just went to bed. I also made sure I ate within 30 minutes of waking up and was sure to get enough fat in my meals. Finally, pretty much every meal had a few cups of either kale, spinach or mixed greens. I see a lot of folks posting what they're eating and it sure seems they're light on the veggies (and thus important nutrients). I'm with you on the soda but you can kick it if you're willing to tough it out. It would be hard to be more of a soda abuser than I was prior to my first whole30. Stay strong!
  12. pags98

    Whole 30 Victories

    Rather than creating a new thread I decided to build off my July thread. Since July I had a failed September/October Whole30 and then just completed January. January was so much easier than either July or September/October and my plan is to be much more stringent with my reintroductions this time. I was "decent" in July but I think I mixed too many things. Also, a complete disclaimer about my SCALE victory. I WAS attempting to lose a significant amount of weight while remaining 100% compliant with all meal plans. No calorie restrictions, just a TON of long workouts (1 hour a night on the bike or 5-10 miles of hiking on weekend days). I worked out 6 days a week even early on when my energy wasn't great. So please DO NOT take my weight loss as what you "should" have. I gained a lot of stupid weight over the holidays. Also for full disclosure I'm a 6' tall male and started at 252 pounds on the dot. So I'd gained about 25 pounds from September until December. All. Bad. Weight. So I was starting from an inflated number. I ended my Whole30 at 228.8 pounds so 23.2 pounds lost - but really a net 1.8 from my lowest of 2018. Most importantly Non Scale Victories: I totally eliminated snacking after week 2. This was still a struggle for me on previous Whole30s but this time 3 meals when done according to the template really did carry me through (and then some in some cases). My meals started getting smaller and keeping me full longer. That being said, towards the end I had to force myself to eat more vegetables than I wanted (e.g. I was full) to make sure I got as many nutrients as I felt my body wanted. My workouts were so much stronger and easier from start to finish of the program. I really tracked my sleep this time. Before the whole30 I was averaging 16-17% of REM Sleep a night. Once I was about a week in that shot up to 21% with my best night a full 30% REM Sleep! Dreams were there. Like July I had consistent energy throughout the day. Caffeine and Fake Sugars are still at bay (never returned after July frankly) I really didn't have much in the way of "bad" cravings this time. I did have some significant sushi cravings though. I will be returning sometime in March for an AIP Whole30 because one of my biggest issues is with Hashimoto's and a raspy voice. Whole30 hasn't resolved that so I'm going to try AIP before sucking it up and going on medicine. I look forward to seeing other January "graduates" results! My reintroduction order is Gluten - Legumes - Non Glulten - Dairy (which I'll be doing in phases itself). Day 1 with gluten and I do not feel good. I had a biscuit and it felt like a lead balloon hitting my stomach and I feel very sluggish right now although that could also be due to a rough night of sleep (dog issues).
  13. pags98

    Whole 30 Victories

    My wife and I completed our First Whole30 (I have a feeling we'll be doing more). We were both ecstatic with our weight loss (19 pounds for me and 16 for her), but the NSV's were so much more amazing! Bowel Movements are normal now (previously a big issue for me) Kicked the Caffeine Dragon (I don't like coffee so I was Mr. Coke Zero) Kicked the artificial Sugar Dragon (see above) Clothes fit better Sleep is Amazing Energy is consistent throughout the day Mental Clarity (I was finding myself not being able to summon the right word - now that's gone) Found that there are some amazing healthy whole30 recipes that we want in our "daily" life Found great support and ideas on Instagram I didn't find "Tiger Blood" but I'd say I found "Tiger Cub Blood" This is going to be a big part of our life going forward. Both for weight loss/maintenance and for feeling amazing.
  14. pags98

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Congrats everyone! Finished last night with an awesome dinner of Boneless Pork Rib, Salad and Beets. It was so good. It's so interesting how different my 3 whole30s have been. The first one was hard due to lack of experience with recipes and meal prep. The second was hard because I'd "been there done that" and ultimately failed at day 25 (somewhat planned) and this one was by far the easiest and seemed the fastest! I'll post my various "victories" in the other forum. Wishing everyone well. I'll be back in March for my AIP Whole30!
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    I'm doing an AIP Whole30 sometime in March after I get back from a trip I'm taking in Late February (Day 30 of a regular Whole30 right now). I found a recipe for Turkey and Zucchini Meatballs that I made a triple batch of and vacuum sealed and froze. They are amazing and will be my breakfast "go to." I am definitely going to be meal prepping and freezing a ton in anticipation of my AIP version because I have relied on a lot of eating out (Zoe's Kitchen, Chipotle and Whole Foods) on this one but I'll pretty much have to exclusively eat homemade items to ensure AIP. Eggs obviously are not. So there's tons of recipes out there if you look and broaden your concept from "Breakfast" to "Meal 1." That has definitely helped me prepare for AIP. I've had a number of meals during this Whole30 that definitely don't scream breakfast - including chicken livers one morning!
  16. pags98

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Final Day! Breakfast was a Kale, Sundried Tomato and Artichoke Frittata that I topped with half an avocado and EBB Seasoning with a side of Blueberries and Sauerkraut (weird pairing I know but I've been craving sauerkraut so much!). Lunch is going to be tough today but I have Chicken Tikka Masala I can heat up whenever I get a free moment. Dinner will be boneless pork spare ribs and some salad! Excited for reintroduction tomorrow. I'm starting with gluten > legumes > non-gluten > dairy (mild) > dairy (heavy)
  17. pags98

    Did you start over??

    I would have probably bought a pizza and eaten the whole thing and said "forget about it". HAHAHA. Glad you caught it!
  18. That's awesome @Keira Clark kudos to you for moving forward with this! Not sure I'd have had the same ability so much respect to you!
  19. It would be allowed per everything I've seen. As long as the concentrate doesn't contain sugar itself.
  20. pags98

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Just a few days left how is everyone doing? I almost had an issue yesterday. I went to Whole Foods after an event I was judging and they had some butternut squash with cranberries as one of the sides. Fortunately before I took the first bite of it I realized, Cranberries - often noncompliant due to sugar, I didn't bother to check if they were or weren't (almost certainly they weren't) so I just avoided that and ate the other food I'd gotten. Darn sneaky sugar. My sleep is absolutely nuts. I've gone from 16-18% REM Sleep to a high of 30% last night and generally staying around 22-24%. So many dreams and such deep sleep! Since I'm past lunch now we only have 3 and a 1/3rd day left! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
  21. I agree on Aidell's Chicken and Apple. I also found this great recipe that is Whole30 and AIP compliant meatballs that are great!! Leave out the Peppers for AIP or if you're not going for AIP keep them in. I did them for AIP and they were still amazing!!
  22. pags98

    What do you drink?

    I've said this on the forum a few times now, but he honestly just needs to suck it up (man to man here/tough love). I drank a minimum of 60 oz of soda per day. It went down something like this: 44oz soda from the corner store in the morning to get me to lunch. Water or a 20oz soda at lunch. One or two 12 oz sodas at home in the evening. I took to Spindrift my first Whole30 and also found a compliant Spearmint Hot Tea to give me a bit of caffeine help. I had horrible headaches for a few days but then the SpinDrift and Water alone were fine. By the end of my first Whole30 I could no longer stand the tasted of diet soda. Now when I absolutely feel like I want one I'll oblige myself with one regular sugar soda but otherwise it's water, sparkling water or SpinDrift. During my current Whole30 I have had tea once or twice a week and drink at least 80 oz of regular water and (2) 12oz Sparkling Waters of various types a day. Yes it sucks, but it will likely change his perspective on those drinks. This is still one of my biggest NSVs of Whole30 and it has lasted over 6 months!
  23. pags98

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    I plan on doing the standard 10 day reintroduction. I'll probably start with Gluten, then Beans, then non-gluten grains and finally dairy. This is the order I've chosen because from my previous whole30 I know that dairy and gluten are issues and I want to validate that. So gluten first, then two things that didn't give me issues (beans and non-gluten grains) and finish with dairy. That way I will have more time between the items that I 'know' give me problems to really isolate it better. I may actually split dairy up into bits and pieces: non-cheese dairy, hard cheese and soft cheese separated from each other. I have no fear of slipping now which is also refreshing. My first whole30 I was so "over it" by now and my second I self sabotaged around this time. I won't be reintroducing alcohol because I don't drink much anyway.
  24. pags98

    Chosen Foods Mayo

    I know in the past it contained honey. That's great if they've changed it. I'll have to check my local store next time (no matter which recipe I've tried, homemade just isn't as good as what I buy).
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    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Still here going strong. Energy levels are super, sleep is great, "everything is awesome." My exercising improving as well. Did a full hour at 15 MPH on exercise bike and 80 pushups last night. Before it was either/or not both! And my bike was around 12.5 MPH. So I'd say Tiger Blood is kicking in!