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  1. I used to only be able to have coffee with half n half and sugar. Luckily before the whole 30, i kicked the sugar in it. The best substitute i've found for the half n half is the canned coconut creamer. I get the one from trader joes in the can with the peach label. Its reduced fat and the only ingredients are coconut and water. I use about half a can per large cup of coffee (i know its a lot, but at least i can enjoy it) and i blend the cream with a hand blender before adding my coffee so its nice and frothy. Its the best cream substitute I've found and extra points for it not having a lot of ingredients.
  2. I have heard eating a packet of mustard will help with leg cramps. Also pickle juice. Im sure there are compliant options in both of those items.
  3. Have you tried sparkling water? I usually go for topo chico or la croix when I have an upset stomach. Ginger tea is also very good. Also there are pepto bismol pills, I'm not sure if they add sugar to the pills but I would assume not.