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    MegOSchmidt reacted to pags98 in Starting July 9 and so excited!! Here we go!   
    26 Days is as good as 30 right?  We had Cracker Barrel breakfast catered in at work today.  It sure was a struggle to only eat eggs and fruit with all the other great things there.  But, I resisted the urge because 26 isn't as good as 30.  
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    MegOSchmidt reacted to pags98 in Starting July 9 and so excited!! Here we go!   
    We've survived almost 8 full days now July 9thers! And honestly - it doesn't feel like it's "survival" because it feels good.  Energy levels are very good to great, hunger levels are gone, snacking really isn't needed this week from what I've seen versus last week. Haven't posted because well, it's been going better than anticipated!  Although my Instagram followers are getting food pictures multiple times a day.  But that's also allowed me to see what some other Whole30 folks are doing with food for inspiration.  
    Friday was definitely tough because of the brownies for my son's birthday and all the other things that they were eating but my wife and I brought some Hard Boiled Eggs, Fresh Fruit and Tuna with a pop top that was compliant (fortunately we read the labels on our Starkist Albacore Pouches - non-compliant).  My wife almost slipped out of habit tasting the brownie batter before cooking it, and I almost slipped by grabbing a crumb from the pan as I was handing out the brownies - but we both caught ourselves before it happened.
    I feel more liberated than last week about all the things we CAN eat versus the things we cannot.  Hoping Days 10 and 11 aren't bad like they're supposed to be, where most people fall off the wagon.  Day 10 falls on my son's actual birth date.  Temptations will abound!
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    MegOSchmidt reacted to nerdular in Starting July 9 and so excited!! Here we go!   
    Well I had both an unplanned concert and an unplanned birthday party/cookout in week one, but I survived it.  I probably would've started a week later if I'd known these temptations would've both hit in week one, but it really wasn't that hard.  (I've given birth twice without any meds - Melissa is right, giving birth is HARD. This is not hard, at least not like that!)

    Came home after spending hours around people eating and drinking all the things I could not have, and cooked up a feast. Come to find out after we're done eating it that the free-range organic chicken broth I used (which we always use/was in our pantry) contains sugar! WHY! Ugh. I am not starting over because I just don't think it's necessary, but it's very frustrating to think I am being so compliant and then later realizing that something I ate had sugar in it. The amounts are miniscule, but still. It's really angering how many things sugar is snuck into. I will probably check labels in the store from now on, even after I've reintroduced it.
    Maybe that's why I had a bellyache after dinner. That or something was on the skewers I ate at the party that didn't agree with me. Or my period is just about to start. GAH!  Right when the "hardest days" are around the corner. At least I have breakfasts and lunches ready for the next 3-4 days.  Bring on week two! How is everyone else doing?
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    MegOSchmidt reacted to ____Emily____ in Starting July 9 and so excited!! Here we go!   
    I felt great all throughout day 4 too! Honestly, besides an accidental walk down the bread aisle in the grocery store, I didn't even really have many cravings. I slept deeply the night before and felt alert all day. Also, massive bonus: the jeans I struggled to pull on last week were less of a struggle today
    Has anyone else noticed their sense of smell or taste is more acute?  It was mostly noticeable during that walk down the bread aisle unfortunately.... I felt like I was standing in a bakery or something. But also, I could smell the olive oil as I drizzled it on my sweet potatoes and the lime as my boyfriend zested it into our turkey burgers. Kind of a bizarre side effect 
    Hope everyone has a great Friday! I go visit my parents every Friday and we tend to eat out, so I may be facing my first real challenge with dining out.  I'm going to suggest Zoes Kitchen since they have Whole30 meals listed on their menu. 
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    MegOSchmidt reacted to pags98 in Starting July 9 and so excited!! Here we go!   
    Day 4 has come and gone and man I feel great.  I can't believe I do so early but I'll take it.  Even felt like taking a run today so I did.  However, I was definitely not able to do as much as pre Whole30 - the energy lapse happened about a mile in.  So I'm definitely not "there" yet.  Hopefully tomorrow isn't a relapse to headaches and being angry.   We will have a challenge tomorrow as we're celebrating my son's birthday so we'll have to watch them all eating the sugar packed items. Fortunately my wife is also doing it with me so we'll latch onto each other for support!
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    MegOSchmidt got a reaction from nerdular in Starting July 9 and so excited!! Here we go!   
    Yes, my husband is doing this with me. Thank god. That helps a lot. I’d let your 8 year old do it. It is healthy