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    Interesting.  Well don't tell my wife.  Hah hah.  She'd love to have corn back in already.  But following the standard schedule means I get to make this amazing Oat Flour Pancake recipe that I've used for years on a Saturday.  Would be hard to make on a weekday for me.  
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    They freeze well either way! I'd chop/prep them all at once and just add them in as I need them.
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    I can't believe we only have today and tomorrow left! My parents just got back from a week long trip back to our old hometown and a friend of my dad's sent them home with a bunch of veggies from her garden. The veggies were mainly peppers, which my dad doesn't like, so I now have a lot of peppers! I'll be dicing the green peppers into my spaghetti squash and meaty marinara on Tuesday, but any ideas of what to do with fresh jalapenos? All I can think of is bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapenos, but idk if I should hang on to the jalapenos until dairy introductions (next Tuesday, 8/14). However, I find that fresh jalapenos need something cheesy or sweet to counter the spice.
    This morning my boss brought fresh Krispy Kreme donuts into the office (there's a store right around the corner). The closed box stared at me during our entire staff meeting this AM  (for some reason no one grabbed one during the meeting). When the box was opened, I found I only wanted one a little though - like, I recognized that I would have immediately grabbed one pre-Whole30 (and maybe had a second after the meeting when my boss was trying to give away the extras), but they didn't really look all that appetizing... 
    I've been planning how I'll do my legume introductions. It's a little difficult to isolate food categories sometimes, but if I read the guidance correctly, we can have sugars with everything. My plan is to get a plain latte with soy milk from Starbucks in the morning (The only concern I have with this is that carageenan is in the soy milk... are we now allowing the additives too? I'll post a Q about it in the Reintroductions section of this forum I think). Peanut butter instead of almond butter on my apple int he afternoon. And I'm thinking of incorporating black beans into dinner, but haven't nailed that down yet (I'll be eating that evening with my boyfriend who also has been doing Whole30 with me but isn't as concrete on whether he is doing the scheduled reintroductions yet). I want to make sure to get enough legumes that I can really be sure to feel the effect if there is an issue.
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    nerdular got a reaction from pags98 in Starting July 9 and so excited!! Here we go!   
    I survived two parties, two concerts, a kid with pneumonia/hospital visit, and a weekend camping trip on this whole30! The alcohol was a little tempting, though not as much as I thought it'd be.  But man, those s'mores....

    What a month it's been! Still haven't broken though!
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    chocolate peanut butter ice cream, my fave! thankfully none is in my house right now. plenty of other temptations but so far, so good. 
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    Well I had both an unplanned concert and an unplanned birthday party/cookout in week one, but I survived it.  I probably would've started a week later if I'd known these temptations would've both hit in week one, but it really wasn't that hard.  (I've given birth twice without any meds - Melissa is right, giving birth is HARD. This is not hard, at least not like that!)

    Came home after spending hours around people eating and drinking all the things I could not have, and cooked up a feast. Come to find out after we're done eating it that the free-range organic chicken broth I used (which we always use/was in our pantry) contains sugar! WHY! Ugh. I am not starting over because I just don't think it's necessary, but it's very frustrating to think I am being so compliant and then later realizing that something I ate had sugar in it. The amounts are miniscule, but still. It's really angering how many things sugar is snuck into. I will probably check labels in the store from now on, even after I've reintroduced it.
    Maybe that's why I had a bellyache after dinner. That or something was on the skewers I ate at the party that didn't agree with me. Or my period is just about to start. GAH!  Right when the "hardest days" are around the corner. At least I have breakfasts and lunches ready for the next 3-4 days.  Bring on week two! How is everyone else doing?
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    You don't have to use a spiralizer. You can use a veggie peeler to get wide, thin strips of zucchini, which you can leave like that or cut them long ways to get strips. Or you can just dice the zucchini instead of trying to mimic the look of pasta, it'll still taste the same, just won't look quite as fancy.
    For those wondering about snacks, it is okay to eat between meals if you're hungry, though it is best to try to make your meals big enough to get 4-5 hours between them. If you're including fruit in these snacks, pay attention to whether they're keeping you satisfied and whether they're causing you to crave more sweet things. And remember that for whole30 purposes, nuts are fats, not protein, and they can be really easy to overeat. If you find yourself eating fruit or nuts (or anything, really, but those are the most common culprits) when you know you're not hungry, or because you're bored or tired or whatever, be honest with yourself about it and look for better options that don't affect you that way.
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    Yes, my husband is doing this with me. Thank god. That helps a lot. I’d let your 8 year old do it. It is healthy
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    nerdular reacted to ____Emily____ in Starting July 9 and so excited!! Here we go!   
    Day 3 ended well for me. I've had a small headache fading in and out since yesterday afternoon, but it's barely noticeable. Had a delicious dinner last night: I sauteed up a bell pepper and onion and then added sliced spinach chicken sausage. The sausage was a brand called Brat Hans. I got it at Whole Foods on sale for $3.99 (4 pack - I used two for dinner) and there were a couple of varieties that were Whole30 complaint. It was so ridiculously easy to make, which is great because I'm not a good cook. 
    I think I'm going to do that for sure. That way the snack will be even more satiating.  I've picked up some almond butter and I think my snack will be apple slices and almond butter 
    My boyfriend is doing it with me.  One of our bad habits before this was that we would order takeout literally every night we were together - usually pizza or Thai food. I suggested doing this because it was something I was interested in doing, and I thought it'd be a good way to train ourselves to not have that habit. He was on board immediately, which was nice. I totally thought I'd have to do some convincing (or compromise with me doing Whole30, and him just eating compliant dinners with me). It's great that your daughter wants to join! Developing a taste for healthy, whole foods early is so beneficial to kids. Even if she isn't as strict with the rules, she will develop great food habits that will follow her through life (choosing healthier snacks, learning to read labels, knowing how to cook/prepare whole foods, etc...)