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    Vegetarianism/Hypoglycemia/Mood Disorders

    Thank you for your support and advice! Day one was a success! I prepared three great meals that made my husband happy and generally satiated. I started with shrimp and chicken today. With eating more protein at each meal than is typical for me, I didn't suffer from the strong hunger I usually do mid-meals. I'm going to dive in with a carne asada tomorrow. I do wonder if the iron and B12 boost will help me over time. I've used Real Plans to help plan more delicious looking meals for the rest of the week. We have some meat from US Wellness on the way. It's less than comfortable for me to prepare and eat meat but I try to thank and honor each life. I agree, it costs more to make healthier and more ethical choices when it comes to consuming animals. If each of us can do whatever is within our means to support better practices, we really can significantly impact the entire industry over time. It's already happening. Curious to see how both my husband and I fare over the next week, emotionally and physically. I'm prepared for it to get tough before it gets easier. Looking forward to the journey. 29 days to go.
  2. I will be starting the Whole30 on Monday with my husband. A doctor recommended it for my husband who has had a recent, seemingly sudden, and debilitating back condition with unknown cause. Originally, my motivation for joining him on the diet was solely to support his effort in the hopes that it will help keep him on track. After much research, I am excited to start the diet for my own reasons. While I have no interest in weight loss (5'1", 115 lbs), I am curious to see if the diet might positively affect my struggle with a life-long mood disorder. I am a forty some year old woman and the onset of mood instability was concurrent with becoming a vegetarian, around the age of 16. Of course, this was also concurrent with adolescence, so there's no way for me to identify any causal relationship with vegetarianism here. And current science neither supports it or rules it out, as far as I know. I have read studies that show evidence of a correlation between vegetarianism and mood disorders, but no causal relationship seems to be established. However, I am beginning to wonder if the lack of protein, or even fat, might cause a more hypoglycemic metabolic state for me and may have exacerbated my mood instability all these years. I already have a pretty healthy diet, with very little junk food or fried food, plenty of vegetables and water, more fish and even some poultry in the past year. However, I do drink alcohol and coffee daily, I enjoy dairy, legumes, and grains, and I do not eat red meat or pork. These choices will be different with the Whole30. So.....I can't wait to give this a try! But the diet will be significantly different for me. I will be staying on my meds, of course. Will I notice a difference? While I'm wondering if I might see improvement in mood, it will be difficult to identify which dietary factor or factors contribute to the change. I am also looking forward to the reintroduction phase which could give me more useful information. If there is anything striking, this could be at least part of the answer to decades of emotional pain and suffering. From what I have read on the forum, it sounds like I should pay special attention to getting enough carbs (potatoes, bananas, apples, leafy greens). I certainly don't want to trigger more anxiety or hypomania. Any suggestions with this? Has anyone else with a mood disorder noticed positive mood shifts going from a vegetarian diet to eating meat? Also, how have you dealt with your ethical concerns and emotional difficulties with eating meat?