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    Thank you for your support and advice!
    Day one was a success! I prepared three great meals that made my husband happy and generally satiated. I started with shrimp and chicken today. With eating more protein at each meal than is typical for me, I didn't suffer from the strong hunger I usually do mid-meals. I'm going to dive in with a carne asada tomorrow. I do wonder if the iron and B12 boost will help me over time. 
    I've used Real Plans to help plan more delicious looking meals for the rest of the week. We have some meat from US Wellness on the way. It's less than comfortable for me to prepare and eat meat but I try to thank and honor each life. I agree, it costs more to make healthier and more ethical choices when it comes to consuming animals. If each of us can do whatever is within our means to support better practices, we really can significantly impact the entire industry over time. It's already happening.
    Curious to see how both my husband and I fare over the next week, emotionally and physically. I'm prepared for it to get tough before it gets easier. Looking forward to the journey. 29 days to go.