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    Elizabeth33 reacted to kirbz in 2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th   
    @Jmb369 Welcome, we’re happy to have you join us! I’m curious about your comment that your biggest challenge will be to not feel hungry. Is that normal for you on Whole30? Do you eat fat with every meal? I’ve found that’s the biggest key for me to feel my best! Which is hard because we’re so indoctrinated that fat is bad! I also tend to eat A LOT of potatoes on Whole30. Sometimes for every meal... LOL. I’m pretty active though. 
    @Laura of The Great White North I can definitely relate to your relationship with food. I didn’t really realize how many food rituals I had until I did a Whole30. For me, there are a lot of rituals around exercise and the mountains. I eat a candy bar on the summit as a reward for my efforts. I eat cheese, crackers and salami when I go camping because that’s just what I do. I always take Peanut M&Ms backpacking. I honestly didn’t even realize I did that stuff. So I’ve really had to re-frame my thinking around “rewards” for exercise. Because isn’t that just kind of a stupid idea anyway? Why do something so good for your body and then sabotage it with something so bad?
    I honestly haven’t done anything to prepare. I’ll probably stock up on BBQ sauces, dressings, and other condiments here pretty soon. Those are key for my quick and easy meals. I’ll also probably stop by Costco to load up on stuff like potatoes and avocado. But, that’s about it. 
    I’m doing this because I need the outdoors for my mental health. Going outside is going to church for me and I want to be able to enjoy my beloved mountains in an active and healthy way until the day I die. I’m not on a path to do that and it needs to change now. 
    I also have had Food Freedom Forever for a while now, but have not yet read it. I think I’ll make a commitment to doing that as well! Maybe that’ll be the difference for making this a long-term lifestyle change this time around (which I’m typing as I eat Captain Crunch and milk at the dinner table). 
    Happy holidays to you all!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Niya in 2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th   
    I’m doing practice days now and officially start the 29th after the last holiday celebration. Good for you for your persistence. Following the whole30 book meals until I learn the ropes. 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Laura of The Great White North in 2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th   
    Just a few days before go time! How are you all preparing? To be honest, I found myself thinking of all of the foods that will be off limits and I bought several items.
    Part of the reason that I am doing another Whole30 is that I have a very unhealthy relationship with food. I don't have an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia, nor do I think of myself as a binge eater. But food is definitely my drug of choice. I eat when I'm sad, I eat when I celebrate, I eat as a reward for doing something good, etc.
    I recognize that I need to make different choices and reframe my vision of the purpose of food in my life. I had started reading Food Freedom Forever during my last Whole30, but I did not finish it. That is one of my goals this time around as well - to finish that book and start to really ask the question Is It Worth It?  
    I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Laura of The Great White North in 2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th   
    Welcome @Jmb369! I'm happy to have you with us! I focused a lot on meal planning last time and found mixed results. I like the recipes in the Whole30 books and I found a lot of good recipes on the Nom Nom Paleo site. The potsticker stir fry is one of my favorites. I think this time around I'm going to focus on prepping breakfasts ahead of time because that is my most challenging meal. I have 2 teenage boys to herd in the mornings so I rarely have time to sit and eat. I think I'm going to try doing bulk batches of things like chicken and cauliflower rice so I can kind of mix and match throughout the week.  I'd like to keep it as simple as possible. Those darn teenagers and their activities keep us on our toes and so it can be hard sometimes to cook a big or more complex meal during the week. 
    My husband has said he is going to join me this time around, which surprised me. He is very supportive but didn't want to participate last time. I'm looking forward to having him with me. I hope he chooses to go all the way through to the end!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Jmb369 in 2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th   
    I was thinking of starting more traditionally on January 1 (or 5th) but I'd like to connect with some people who have done it before, so I'd like to join you and begin on DEcember 27.  I've done two complete Whole 30s and had several false starts over the past four years. I need a total reset -- just had a flare-up of my AI symptoms, plus my weight has been steadily creeping up over the past year. I did my first one in 2015.
    I do menu planning, and have for many years, but I always have easy meals for those days when I don't feel like following my planned menu. Our house has very few non compliant foods, but I can always find something, including over-indulging in nuts or dried fruit! I am retired and share life and space with the second love of my life whom I met 10+ years ago. He can eat just about anything, but he's willing to support me in this, AGAIN!
    Many of my favorite recipes are from Whole 30 and It Starts With Food, but I also use many recipes from Paleo Mom. The biggest problem I anticipate is eating enough food to not feel hungry, and also to get past my 4:00 pm slump. That's been around for many years, pre-Whole 30, and does not appear to be related to when I eat lunch or what I have to eat. It just is a fact of my metabolism!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to kirbz in 2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th   
    @Laura of The Great White North Hi! I do better at winging it! I don't like meal planning and I don't love batch cooking. So I tend to just make very simple meals during the week. I'll have a few recipes set aside to try on weekends, but I mostly just eat simple meals such as BBQ chicken with a side of soup and salad. Or pork thrown in with some frozen vegetable and some Primal Kitchen marinade. Or chicken over cauliflower rice with teriyaki sauce. 
    How about you? What's your approach? Any favorite recipes or products to share? I have lots if you're interested! :-) 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Laura of The Great White North in 2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th   
    @kirbz, are you thinking about doing any specific meal planning? Or do you do better just having compliant ingredients around and winging it?
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Laura of The Great White North in 2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th   
    Whoo hoo!! I'm looking forward to it!!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to kirbz in 2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th   
    Hi @Laura of The Great White North, I think I'll join you on December 27th! This will be my fourth round. Let's do this! 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Laura of The Great White North in 2nd Time Around Starting Dec 27th   
    Hey everyone! I am going to start my second Whole30 on December 27th. I picked this date because it is the beginning of a 6 day vacation from work and I wanted to have a less stressful environment during those difficult first few days. 
    I got super sick during my first Whole30 in July. It wasn't related to the Whole30 at all, but I feel like it really impacted my experience. I also did not do the reintroduction at all. I was very much like, It's Day 31 I need to eat all the things!!! All that really accomplished for me was not feeling good and having a terrible flare up of the eczema on my hands.
    I am looking forward to this new round and I would love company. I really found the support in the other group helpful and I look forward to meeting you!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to JessFind in New Here & Starting January 1   
    Nice to meet you, Shelby! I'm starting on Jan. 1st too. Are you familiar with the Whole 30 Symptoms calendar: https://whole30.com/revised-timeline/? I've tried one round before and it really helped me to have an idea of what to expect. Everyone is different, of course, but if I was super tired or moody or something, I knew it was OK. I had to cut my first round short, so I'm sticking to it this time. We can do it!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to shelbycloud in New Here & Starting January 1   
    Thank you, I hope I am too! My husband is going to do Whole 30 with me, although I doubt he will be as strict when he is away from the house 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to kirbz in New Here & Starting January 1   
    You're welcome and good luck! You have some beautiful goals and I hope you reach them here! 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to shelbycloud in New Here & Starting January 1   
    Perfect! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to kirbz in New Here & Starting January 1   
    In general, there are lots of great resources here: https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/.
    I saved the Whole30 Common Additives Cheat-Sheet on my phone as a handy reference when I'm out shopping and am unsure if an ingredient is compliant! The Whole30 Guide to Sneaky Sugars is also super helpful to avoid letting sugar slip into your Whole30! 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to kirbz in New Here & Starting January 1   
    Not a dumb question at all! Here it is: https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf! Let me know if you have any questions about it. 
    Basically, you should fill your plate with 1-2 palm-size servings of meat, the rest of your plate with vegetables (1-3 cups) and a serving or two of plated fat (which varies depending on the fat source). That'll give you the very best results! 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to shelbycloud in New Here & Starting January 1   
    Thank you!
    This might be a dumb question, but where can I find this meal template?
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to kirbz in New Here & Starting January 1   
    Welcome and best of luck to you! Here are some general tips and some of my favorite Whole30 recipe bloggers! I wish you the very best of luck. This is a great community and a great resources so please let us know if you have any questions or need any encouragement. You got this! 
    General Tips 
    Know and understand the meal template. Try to match your meals to the meal template. This is not a rule, but it'll help you achieve the best results!  Keep things simple. You don't need to try new recipes for every meal. Ingredient meals are quick and easy and can be delicious, especially if you can keep a variety of sauces or dressings handy to add some flavor. Don't be afraid of fat! Eat it at every meal. We're so indoctrinated to fear fat in our society but it's so important to this program and achieving the full benefits from it. Trust the process. You signed up for this so do it right. It's only 30 days.  Always, always, always read your labels (and recipes). You're putting this stuff in your own body. You should know what's in it. Don't take for granted that things are compliant just because someone says it is. Lots of people get it wrong and I've even seen the same product change to no longer be compliant. Know the rules and read your labels. Every single time.  Favorite Whole30 Food Bloggers 
    Mel Joulwan: https://meljoulwan.com/category/recipes/whole30/ Paleo Running Momma: https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/diet/whole30-diet/  Anyway, congratulations on your decision to commit to this journey. Have fun! 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to MelissaSue in New Here & Starting January 1   
    Welcome! I too struggled with lack of control over my own choices and over indulgence. The Whole30 truly changed my life and I am SO excited to see what it can do for you. It’s totally normal to be nervous because it IS a big deal! Your health is a big deal and it’s totally worth it. You are worth it. Welcome to our community. There are so many resources and I know you will rock it! 
    coach melissa
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to shelbycloud in New Here & Starting January 1   
    Good morning, everyone! I am Shelby. I am 26 and from South Georgia. My husband and I married in April of this year, and we have a four year old, four legged baby, Zoey, who is a blue heeler/beagle mix. After much internal debating, I believe I am ready to start Whole 30. I plan on starting January 1st. I am nervous, but excited. 
    I am doing this because I have zero self control. If I have one brownie, I might as well eat the whole pan, or one drink on Friday night turns into several and a hangover. Since I was a kid, I have always binged ate when I was stressed out or to celebrate any and everything...for Pete's sake, I live in South Georgia and every life event we have here is centered around food. I know how I am supposed to eat and what is good for me, but I am bad about giving into cravings and not making the correct choices.
    Aside from poor food choices, I struggle with anxiety and depression, especially in the winter/holiday season. I have low energy, and I have struggled with falling asleep and staying asleep for as long as I can remember. I'm not even going to get started on my skin issues... I have recently had a come to Jesus meeting with my doctor about my health. My LDL cholesterol is higher than we both would like, and I have continuously gained weight over the past several years. I have also been experiencing issues with my back, and have had to start seeing a chiropractor. I have degenerative disk disease, and I am constantly sore. At 26, this scares me. 
    My husband and I are wanting to start a family in a few years, and I really want to have my body and my health under control before I start trying to become pregnant. I have recently weaned myself off of my anxiety medication in order to have that completely out of my system and be on a more wholistic anxiety management system by the time I decide to become pregnant. 
    I want to have control over my body and my cravings. I want to feel good, and fit into the clothes I already own. I hope that Whole 30 give me the opportunity to become more in sync with what my body needs, and what foods are triggers or make me feel bad. 
    Any and all help is welcome. I have read the Whole 30 book, and probably every article on pinterest, but I am always up for more information! 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to CaseyP in #JanuaryWhole30 Here We Come...   
    Hi. I have many of the same issues.  I'm starting again slowly.  I want to ease into a "Food Freedom" lifestyle this year, rather than blow up 30 days just to go back to the same old addictions.  Good luck.  
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to heb2014 in #JanuaryWhole30 Here We Come...   
    January will be my second Whole30 also (starting Jan. 5th). I did the reintroduction but have failed at Food Freedom. Need to work on defining that better during the Whole30 this time. For me, it was much easier to have the strict rules during the 30+ days than creating some guidelines that I intended to follow until the first time I had the opportunity not to. I know part of Food Freedom is realizing you need another reset - which I probably needed stating in November. Have been trying to get back on track these two weeks before Christmas, but really gearing up for the reset for January.
    Will be tracking here: 
    And thoughts on my first Whole30 from September shared here: 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to ShannonM816 in Starting Whole 30 for January   
    Does your kiddo eat eggs? If so, this recipe would work for both of you, though you probably want to double it:  http://meljoulwan.com/2011/08/18/comfort-noodles/
    The whole30 cookbooks should have vegetable side dishes that you could fix, and then do protein options for each of you separately. Unfortunately, most vegetarian protein options don't work for whole30, except for eggs, so you may not find a lot of whole meal options that will work. 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Madeline368 in Starting Whole 30 for January   
    I'm planning to do a Whole 30 in January.  My health is terrible with multiple chronic illnesses and food allergies, and I know that I need to eat (and sleep, and exercise) better.  I have a really hard time staying away from food that I know is bad for me and I'm hoping following this plan will keep me on track.  However I have tried many times before and always failed between days 3-10, so I'm really nervous.  I hope being in the forum will help me keep accountable.
    Currently I mostly only cook kosher and vegetarian because my kid is vegetarian (single mom) and we are Jewish so I'm planning to continue to do that and just cook some protein on the side for myself.  If anyone has any good vegetarian recipe resources that are compliant I'd love to see them!  I own all the cookbooks but those recipes feature meat or seafood in every dish so they don't work for kiddo.
    I hope to find a January group to join to talk with other people at the same place as me.  Looking forward to prep tips as well.  
    Happy Holidays,
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to theresaw1709 in Ahhhh!! Fresh Start, New Life   
    Hey @LAshley! I’m preparing to start whole30 soon too!! I did it once Blackmon September and o can’t wait to feel as amazing as I did back then!! Don’t worry about eggs, if you’re not usually sensitive to them it shouldn’t bother you! At least it didn’t bother me.
    About your concern with nightshades, there’s actually a PDF on Whole30 without nightshades... I’ll try to link it on here but if I can’t just type in nightshades and I’m pretty sure it’ll lead you to the whole30 shopping list... 
    YOU CAN DO THIS!!! It may be hard but the results are so worth it.