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    Elizabeth33 got a reaction from Maggieb123 in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    Well here I am up at midnight not able to fall back to sleep. I have been a little foggie. @nrmoody415 I am there with you on the food for me today and even my emergency food didn’t inspire me. If you can only do small meals then do more that 3 a day. When I start sometime I do 4-5 mini ones until I can ease my way up to bigger meals and spread them out more. Sometimes my sugar craving show up as disinterest in my meals and then I can’t eat them. I have never been one to be able to eat something that I don’t like. 
    Everyone looks like they are doing great. Keep up the great work 
    Today I had
    compliant Apple chicken sausage with green beans, asparagus and roasted veggies 
    Lunxh was Chinese broccoli with compliant teriyaki sauce, bok Choy and shrimp
    Snack was some chicken and spinacj
    Dinner was teriyaki beef over cole slaw. 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to nrmoody415 in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    Thank you to all W30 peeps out there with the encouraging words and tips! I don't know if my personality has started showing through my written communication yet. If so, you have probably already figured out I am a little nutty and medium OCD.
    @kirbz the salad dressing was Primal Kitchen Thousand Island. 1000 Island is my normal dressing of choice. Ranch is not a fave of anyone in my house and a lot of honey mustards have too much dijon in it which makes me nauseous. I can do italian and oil/vinegar. I'm not meaning to trash Primal Kitchen. My husband loved the dressing. It just tasted sour to me. I also bought the Honey Mustard flavor of Primal Kitchen for my hubs, then got home and saw it had honey in it (why didn't I think of that. I mean it is clearly in the name of the dressing!). So I probably should be banned from W30 for life! I'm sure I will find something. I can do vinaigrettes without lemon or lime. 
    @Elizabeth33 Thursday (day 3 for me) was much better for food. Which I gladly embraced since Wednesday was such a bust! My hubs told me last night that he has really enjoyed everything he has eaten and that it hasn't tasted like "diet food". I am thinking to myself "glad to hear it since I'm the one that has been cooking it." HAHA! But thank you for setting my mind at ease about not eating a lot in one setting and that it is ok to eat more, smaller meals instead of 3 big ones and then be miserable with an overstuffed tummy! That advice will help me plan better this coming week.
    So Friday, my Day 4, has started! Here's to good thoughts and wishes for happy outcomes by bedtime! Love to all W30'ers!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Jihanna in Prairie Dawn's September Whole30 Log   
    Not quite a gallon, actually  A gallon is 128 oz. That's actually what I use as my gauge when I'm paying serious attention to how much plain water I'm drinking during a day, because I'm horrible about counting how many "full bottles" I've done, etc. So I just fill a gallon jug, pouring from that when I'm getting water... and judging the remaining amount at day end to see about how much I've done (and where I might be able to improve).
    The zucchini soup and hash both look pretty amazing.  
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Prairie Dawn in Prairie Dawn's September Whole30 Log   
    Feeling pretty motivated right now, and did a ton of meal prepping yesterday.  Today the plan is:
    M1: Sweet potato, apple, sausage and arugula hash with a poached egg on top.  Black coffee.
    M2: "Taco" seasoned pork, shredded cabbage slaw with cilantro and pickled jalepenos (compliant), diced tomatoes, and fried plantains
    M3: Ground beef over sautéed peppers and onions with compliant barbecue sauce.
    I need to try and drink more water - in the past, I would suck down a few cups of coffee first thing when I woke up.  Today I had a big glass of water while my hash was heating and my egg was poaching, and it was great.  Based on my body weight I need to aim for about 100oz of water a day to fit the Whole30 recommendations... yikes, that's more than a gallon D:
    Another thing I want to attempt is eating at least 1 starchy vegetable a day (I'm a big fan of potatoes and plantains).  I tend towards depression and am coming out of a pretty awful 6 month hole, so I want to monitor my moods and make sure I'm taking care of myself.  Based on what I've read, mood stuff can sometimes be affected by carb intake (which I totally believe).
    I sleep terribly, always have, so I also know I need to maybe cool it on the coffee a bit.  We'll see if I can wean myself down from several cups a day... I hope so!
    Other things I prepped yesterday:
    - Made some dairy-free pesto with basil and pine nuts
    - Made some zucchini soup and portioned it into pint jars for the week (http://meljoulwan.com/2012/11/05/silky-gingered-zucchini-soup/)
    - Made 3 portions of today's M1 hash (https://thebetteredblondie.com/sweet-potato-apple-breakfast-skillet-paleo-whole-30/)
    - Made some Ginger Scallion sauce (https://www.doyouevenpaleo.net/ginger-scallion-sauce/)
    - Hardboiled half a dozen eggs
    I have an evening yoga class scheduled, but it's not a terribly strenuous one.  I may eat a hardboiled egg as pre-workout if I feel like I need it.  Another thing I'm trying out this month is Orange Theory - I've only been to one class so far and yeeeeeesh it was a tough one, but I loved it.  I bought 8 classes for the month so I'm just self-improving all over the damn place
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Danna W in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    I struggle with salad dressing too @nrmoody415. So far my most palatable concoction is EVOL, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and [lots of] garlic. My salads almost always have a little fruit in them and that bit of sweetness helps me. What I'd like to do is work some ACV into the dressing, but I just can't make that work yet. I'm with @kirbz. Like the book says, come up with something that doesn't try to replicate anything else. I like fruit vinaigrettes. The other day I tried to make something out of EVOL, ACV, and strawberries. That was truly vile. Don't do that.  
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to kirbz in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    @Prairie Dawn Oops, I'm so sorry if I triggered a craving for you! You can do this though! Stay strong, you got this! 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Prairie Dawn in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    Also on Day 4 today... and I'm TIRED.  Feel like I would give anything for a nice creamy latte with a chocolate croissant!  Which is not even something I'd normally get, but wow, the things that surface when you're forced to pay attention... (honestly @kirbz reading your post mentioning cookies immediately got me thinking YES THAT SOUNDS GOOD PLEASE NOW haha).
    Making myself a cup of tea instead and trying to just ride it out, reminding myself that I can get to bed early tonight and hopefully get some good rest.  Some days you just have to push through, I guess...!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to suzhtz in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    Hi all - I started on Tuesday since we were traveling on Monday, so today, Sept 5, is my day 3.  I've been doing really well.  I have been keeping things super simple and only have W30 compliant food in the frig.  (Might be a few exceptions like butter and BBQ sauce in there, but otherwise it is all fair game on this W30 journey....)  There are more off program things in the pantry, but nothing I am not able to resist... at least so far.    We did completely purge the house of things like cookies, ice cream, crackers, popcorn, etc which has been very helpful.  Out of sight, out of mind.
    I've been having fun with this.  I've come up with a couple of wild food combinations, but they have all been really good.  Lunch today was sautéed zucchini, tossed some chopped rotisserie chicken and blackberries in the skillet.  Dumped it on top of some salad greens and added avocado.  Delish!
    Wishing everyone the best and much success!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to kirbz in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    I'm also on Day 4. So far things have been pretty smooth. I'm surprised I really haven't had a single craving. I think it might be partly due to how busy I've been. I'm also super, super committed. I have two big multi-pitch climbs coming up and I want to be in good shape for them. So there's no room for cookies and stuff! LOL. Though I do love them dearly! And maybe don't ask me about cookies once my climbs are over... 
    @nrmoody415 I can totally relate to not eating enough because it's just too much effort, especially when you don't like what you prepared! I've been in that situation many times. It's hard that it usually just steamrolls into something bigger and can really throw you off. I hope you can get back on track! 
    I'm curious what type of dressing you had? I've tried a lot of them and can maybe offer some suggestions, though I'm not sure what you normally like! I find it easier to go a different-than-normal route with Whole30 dressings. Because I LOVE me some ranch and Whole30 ranch just isn't the same. So I tend to opt for a citrus style dressing, which I never used before, so I'm not trying to recreate a crappier version of something I previously loved. Maybe that would help?
    I'm not sure what advice to give you about not being able to eat much food at a time though! Hopefully a moderator can chime in! 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to nrmoody415 in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    Well, Day 2 yesterday was the pits! I mean breakfast was good. Lunch & supper not so much. My W30 compliant salad dressing was not good IMO. therefore I didn't eat my salad because I already put the dressing on it before I tasted. So all I had was a burger patty and some pineapple. Supper was crock pot cooked chicken with a side of sauteed zucchini noodles/carrots/mushrooms. And a small handful of blackberries. I don't know if I was too hungry to enjoy it or if the smell of the zucchini noodles turned me off of wanting it, but I didn't eat much. So basically I had very little to eat yesterday at all. I thought I had done well on meal planning but apparently I left out the emergency food stash. HAHA! Gotta work on that. Today I am a little sluggish but my guess it's because I didn't sleep well last night which was probably because I didn't eat well yesterday. See how all that works together? Today has been better so far.
    Here's my problem: it doesn't take much food to really stuff my belly. It never has. My hubs has always complained about the volume I eat at one sitting. So, that makes me worry that I am not getting enough veggies to eat at meals (or anything for that matter). I mean the burger patty and pineapple yesterday at lunch filled me up at the time but not for more than a couple of hours. But if I would have eaten anything else at the time, I would have been stuffed to capacity and my stomach hurting. Do I need to be concerned about this? Do I need to maybe eat 1/2 palm of protein instead of a full palm so that I get the veggies I need?
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to NoreenM62 in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    "Cookies and stuff"  Oh man, can I relate.  I LOVE cookies and stuff.  Anything with sugar and a quick hit to my blood sugar level--mmmm!  Today is Day 5 for me as well, my headache has subsided and I feel good. 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Danna W in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    Holy. Cow. New friends, I hit the wall today - my day five. My body is lookin' for cookies and stuff. That's okay. This is what the program said would happen, so I'm taking it as a sign that Whole30 is doing what I need done. I'm happy. This is a step onto a better path.
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Danna W in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    Don't give up @Shelly0831. Maybe the worse you feel at the beginning, the better you're going to feel later. 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to czaja in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    Started on the first!  I try to do this twice a year.  
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Prairie Dawn in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    Day 1 for me today!  I'm going to be keeping a Whole30 Log in that section of the forum for accountability and also to just keep track of things.  I've gotten a lot out of reading people's logs and it's given me some good ideas as well.  I really want to make sure I follow the "recommendations" as well as the "rules" this time.  Drinking enough water and getting 7-9 hours of sleep, especially.  Feeling motivated today: hope it lasts!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Jihanna in First Time l Sept 3   
    I agree. Whole30 is not a starvation diet and if you're always hungry, then something needs to be tweaked to help prevent that (either by increasing intake in regular meals based on the template or by having mini-meals that hit at least 2 - if not all 3 - macros, those being your protein, fat, and carbohydrates). Remember, there's no counting calories, no counting macros, no points balance that you have to maintain, just good wholesome food and (hopefully) an end to starvation dieting... goodness knows it was an eye-opener for me!
    I also have to echo that keeping it simple while mixing up sauces/dips or even preparation helps a lot, in my house. We might sometimes eat sweet potatoes 3 times in a week if they're on a really good sale, but it'll be 3 different preparations (generally baked, roasted, and mashed). The same goes with meats. If your budget limits you to just one or two meats most of the time, change up how they're prepared and spiced, and it'll help a lot to reduce the feeling of monotony.
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Prairie Dawn in First Time l Sept 3   
    Yay for Day 2!
    I would also say, if you're hungry, EAT.  Eat bigger meals, or mini-meals more often, especially in the first few days as your body adjusts.  All the stuff I've read and heard seems to echo this... it takes a while for your body to adjust to 3 nourishing meals a day with enough food to keep you going, especially if you're used to grazing or eating lots of small meals throughout the day.
    I'm figuring this out myself... it's such a process just to learn to pay attention!
    I like meljoulwan.com as well, nomnompaleo.com is also a great resource for easy recipes that are different and fun.
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to ShannonM816 in First Time l Sept 3   
    One way to keep things simple, but still have some different flavors is to make some different sauces or dips. Look for recipes for whole30 chimichurri, pesto, hollandaise, ranch dressing, tahini dressing, tzatziki, or any other sauce or dressing you can think of. Use them over meats, vegetables, or eggs, or use them as a dip.
    Www.meljoulwan.com has several options. 
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to ACw30 in First Time l Sept 3   
    Day two in the books! The first two days have not been bad, but I am hungry and non-compliant items seem to be everywhere! I’ve planned out the first few days, but would love inspiration for simple meals that won’t end up being so repetitive.
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to Shelly0831 in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    I hope so @Danna W! I don't remember getting like this the last time I did it but I was a few years younger! Thank you for the encouragement. It helps!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to nrmoody415 in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    Guess I want to join the party too! Today is Day 2. My husband is trying to do this with me, and one of the ladies I work with. Yesterday (day 1) was not bad for me. My husband said he didn't have an y trouble until supper time and then he was FAMISHED! But he also wasn't feeling well from working late the night before. Breakfast yesterday was a recipe I found titled Whole30 Breakfast bowl (bananas mashed with raw eggs, cooked, then topped with stuff). I was pleasantly surprised, my hubs said it was ok but not great. But he already wasn't feeling well when he started the day. Lunch was W30 compliant smoked sausage I found at Sprouts Market and salad and pineapple. Supper was stir fry with cauli-rice. Again pleasantly surprised with the coco aminos!
    I have read some of the other posts in different topic streams and am concerned that I am not excessively tired, or craving anything (other than just plain eating). I did have a massive headache yesterday but that had begun even before I got out of bed. So I am already thinking I am not dong something right since I don't have any of the same symptoms as others (I think maybe some of my OCD issues showing up).
    Gotta go (I am at work)! HAHA!
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to misskrissy27 in Starting another W30 September 4th.   
    Awesome!! Yes, Let's!  
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to misskrissy27 in Starting another W30 September 4th.   
    To stay accountable I am on this forum, doesn't look like I have any friends starting Day One today...but mine has begun!
    meal 1-egg scramble with pico de gallo, mushrooms, and compliant bacon. Coffee w/hazelnut Nut Pod creamer.
    meal 2-salmon w/dill, lemon, potato w/ghee, and green beans.
    meal 3-depends on how I feel when I get home today...we'll see. Either pork w/butternut squash, or tuna lettuce wraps & sweet potato...
    I do have a few snacks w/me...Lara Bar, the cashew cookie one (love it) and some dried fruit just in case.
    I want to continue after my 30 days as well...that is the plan. My husband is doing this with me too!  We were both ready for a re-set.
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to misskrissy27 in Starting another W30 September 4th.   
    Tomorrow is the DAY ONE!!! I'm so ready!!! Anyone else starting tomorrow?
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    Elizabeth33 reacted to misskrissy27 in Starting another W30 September 4th.   
    Starting my next W30 on September 4th and I'm starting my planning now. I chose that day due to vacation and want to be prepared. I've done many W30's in the past and my very first was my best. I did it by. the. book. The others I caught myself cutting corners and not really holding myself accountable. So...this one is going to be like my first which is why I'm starting this topic (accountability) and planning way ahead. Anyone else looking to start the same time?
    Goal-drop 25lbs, feel better, exercise more, be proud of myself. I'M READY!