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  1. @britt1229 apologies for not responding. I got off of here for a bit. I can't really give an accurate amount as to how much we ate, I just know it was a LOT. for my lunch on days I worked out (6pm), I'd eat a massive sweet potato. Seemed to help.
  2. I had issues the entire 30 days, FWIW. I posted the same question and searched all around for some science knowledge. I came up with basically "too much fat." I Cut back on the fat, upped the starches....voila. normal doo.
  3. I was referring to the OP. I got the impression she was saying that if you eat a preworkout meal and end up not being able to workout, it's a big mistake. In saying "is it really a big deal?" i am saying - i don't think those extra calories being "unused" are a big deal.
  4. Is it really that serious to get extra food? I doubt it.
  5. Yeah we don't watch much TV most nights, I follow all of that stuff pretty much, with some wiggle room. It is impossible to be that exact, but my wife and I do a good job of setting things right for quality sleep. We haven't had electronics in our bedroom in over 2 years. we use an analog alarm clock. I also won't take melatonin. I am HORRIBLE groggy the next day from that. I'll be honest - I never trust an "expert" who also sells a supplement, ala Dave Asprey.
  6. I've posted this elsewhere and have not gotten a response. I also noticed it posted a few other times in the past through a search, with no resolving answers... So I fall asleep easily, sleep through the night for the most part, but I haven't felt refreshed upon waking a single time, and I am on my 22nd day. I am eating according to the template and all that. I work out at least an hour per day, 5 or 5x a week, and do the pre and post meals as written.
  7. Joe P

    Wife and I start tomorrow, July 16

    I have 8 days left, and no slip ups. I have one major issue, however. I have found the question asked several times on the forum, with no resolution given. I feel like crap when I wake up, My energy level is good during the day. I go to bed and get my 8 hours, but waking up is HARDER than it was before. I don't have time to post my food for the day, but I assure you, I follow the template. any resolution?
  8. 11 more days on whole30 and feeling pretty good. I actually hit 3 PR's this week. However, some of the cardio/barbell stuff in crossfit leaves me toasted. Anyway....when I am done, does anyone have any advice on transitioning to a more muscle-building/gains type eating plan? Not trying to get pudgy like i did last time i did the stupid "bulk" thing.
  9. Joe P

    Wife and I start tomorrow, July 16

    that makes a lot of sense. thank you!
  10. Joe P

    Wife and I start tomorrow, July 16

    on Day 3 - energy levels are good so far, following the templates well (other than too many nuts, which will be corrected today!) one thing - my stomach has been a little jacked up. To be blunt - loose stools, and frequent. Anyone else experience this? What could be the issue?
  11. Joe P

    Wife and I start tomorrow, July 16

    @ladyshanny thanks for the prompt response! I've seen the "limiting nuts" idea - that was one thing I realized after grocery shopping on sunday. The last 2 days it's been just about the only option until we can get back to the store tonight or tomorrow. We've cooked w/ ghee - i forgot to mention that previously. I planned on making a batch of mayo (fortunately I've been making my own mayo for a few years), and then some dips, etc. to use. I figured that we would learn as we go. In the book it said that i should expect to feel semi-crappy on days 2 and 3, and i have to say I actually feel really good - it had me thinking I was doing something wrong (it's just how my mind works - can't explain it).
  12. Joe P

    Wife and I start tomorrow, July 16

    Day 2 and I am doing some deeper reading on here and now I am mad confused. So yesterday we have a breakfast hash w/ sweet potatoes, apples, chicken, and walnuts. It was great, and filling. Held me over until lunch which was a couple eggs, pork chop, and green beans w/ some guac and walnuts. Dinner was pork & veg lettuce wraps w/ brocolli. Today was essentially the same up to now (dinner will be different) I feel the same as I did before (not saying this is bad). But the more I read, the more I feel like eating the sweet potatoes and apples w/ breakfast was wrong? I am super confused on how to do all this. Maybe it's paralysis by analysis but the more I read the more I think I am doing something wrong by having sweet potatoes and apples at breakfast. Any thoughts??
  13. Joe P

    Started today, July 16, 2018

    started yesterday! yesterday went pretty well. wasnt as hungry as I expected....we'll see how today goes.
  14. Anyone know off hand if this pack is compliant (fish oil, magnesium, and vitamin D)?? I can get the ingredients list if needed, but I am at work and didnt know if anyone had an easy yes or no answer!
  15. Joe P

    Starting July 16th!

    Wife and I starting today as well!