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  1. I am curious as well. Maybe it had to do with how it was cooked? I used to think that if I cooked the legume longer it was less likely to cause adverse reactions...
  2. Also I reintro-d my pea protein with stevia smoothie mix this week. And BLOAT a rama. Not as severe as the peanut butter. I had been doing a few days a week of a hemp protein smoothie on mornings when I didn't do eggs for bfast. And I had no issues w/ that at all. It also didn't have stevia. I have been a huge user of stevia in the past. Intriguingly enough - I don't miss the sugary sweetness of it at all.
  3. Peanut butter - made me feel bloated and gassy. I have never felt that before. Day 2 post peanut butter and still feel bloated. The peanut butter didn't have sugar, but had palm oil. I didn't finish reintroing legumes on Monday b/c I just had such tremendous gas. I am going to halt reintro until Monday. I am travelling this weekend and just don't want to not feel well while on the road. Of note - I can eat almond nut butter, like the kind you grind at the grocery store - and not have an issue at all.
  4. -Kara

    Cauliflower rice skeptic...

    here is how I made it and it was delicious 1. small head of cauliflower 2. Take off the leaves and the tough stems 3. Chop into bite size chunks 4. Throw in to food processor until they are smallish bits 5 Chop up some shallots, small. 6. Heat some compliant oil or ghee in a sautee pan until hot but not smoking 7. Throw in shallots and saute until soft but not brown (you can also add some garlic if you'd like 8. Throw in the riced cauliflower and saute until soft don't cover they get too mushy for me that way 9. Serve with some compliant tomato sauce add some salt and pepper or any spices you'd like And it reheats well. I found the fresh whole cauliflower tasted more mild and had much less a smell than the bagged stuff. It does freeze great and sort of takes on the flavor of whatever you add to it much like rice.
  5. I was invited to a vegan meal over the weekend. The hostess served coconut milk for after supper coffee. And I was a skeptic...and it was delicious and had lightened the coffee a good deal like I prefer. I wish I had tried it earlier. I had spent a ton of money on alternative creamers and they just were meh....
  6. DAy 25 here - and guess what - I gave up the coffee. I learned I didn't care for it for the nutpod or coconut mix so i just skip it. I may have been loving the caffeine but I think rally it was the milk and sugar that I really craved. I intend to give my adrenals a break and switched to herbal tea in the morning for my warm cup fix. I NEVER thought this would happen. I Love my coffee or so I thought.
  7. -Kara

    RX Bars

    Do you eat these with meals? Or Snacks? I thought that snacking was not allowed in Whole 30? Did I miss something?
  8. I wish I had a deep freeze. No room in my tiny space. I would freeze the fruit and veggie bounty right now. And I order a lot of stuff online through amazon prime pantry. Right now, the organic food I find so pricy is even a decent price. So, I would love to make space for a deep freeze maybe I will!
  9. -Kara

    Compliant Pesto at WholeFoods - Seggiano

    This is awesome news and inspired me to think about making my own. I had some raw beet spirals last night on a salad and they would have been delicious steamed with some fresh pesto on it. And so filling and tasty.
  10. -Kara

    RX Bars

    I love those bars too much, any flavor compliant or not - they are no-no's for me. They trigger me to want to binge on them. I avoid them for that reason...
  11. I can't tell you how many times I have wandered through costco just drooling at all the sweets and treats and I end up eating a whole carton of blueberries on the way home. Why? Because my need to feed was triggered just by being in that space. I see all the other people doing it. Why can't I? I guess we all could avoid it if we chose to. And some choose not to even though they probably should for whatever reason. I remember shopping at a wholesale club when I worked at a restaurant when it meant going in there to buy huge bags of potatoes...more than anyone would ever want or need as a family of 2 or 10. These types of stores have devolved into a sort of human need feeding frenzy. I would rather live a long time. A long time. Than feed that need anymore.
  12. I hope this makes you laugh...or at least think. Please share your story so I don't feel like so alone.... Every sunday I would take a costco run. I'd spend mad cash. If I was trying to do Whole30 or not. Every week I keep eating and eating and eating until finally - I didn't have any pants that fit, and I couldn't climb a flight of stairs w/o getting winded despite the fact I was trying to do cross fit every other day. and I was loosely trying to follow a whole30 diet....One day - I tore up my membership card and turned my back on the death boxes that are costco and sams.... here is my story- So I walk into costco and I see strawberries. Cheap I suppose. And I buy them. Because I Don't want them to go bad they not only crowd all the veggies off my plate, They take over every meal. Or they go bad. Wasted money. I break down and mix them with - well - with whipped cream. It all started w/ the berries though and the abundance of them I see a big bag of dried figs. Seem cheap enough. One just won't do. The bag is so big. With lunch I have 6 and then later in the day - a big fist full more and I Just can't stop. I can't let them go to waste. The sugar treat needing monster just beat me and good. A big package of luncheon meat - seems like a good choice. Maybe even some prosciutto for a recipe that only calls for a few slices. One slice leads to 10 and I can't make a fist for a week because of all the salt. It was such a good deal. Right. A big bag of plantain chips. Chips. Enough said. I have never ever over done it on a hard boiled egg binge. Nor have I ever say over indulged on say- cold steamed sweet potato. I have never ever thought - if I sit her and eat this whole can of coconut milk - I am going to have to hide the evidence. I haven't ever gone crazy mad eating cans of tuna until I make myself sick. This is not to say I haven't thought of it... The problem is - I wasted a lot of time and money at bulk stores and I end up bringing WAY TOO MUCH FOOD into my house. More than I will ever need to get through a whole30 week even if every single person in my family was doing it too. That is by and buy design. A big grab worthy bag of even compliant food at costco or sams is problematic for me because I don't have a self regulator that says stop. I imagine many of us are in that same boat. The solution. I try my best to stay out of Costco or Sams. I don't even buy tires there. Or contacts. My conclusion Shopping for food is not longer entertainment for me, it is a chore to be taken very seriously. I read labels. I go in with a strict list. I only buy what I can use in a week. If that means I buy 2 figs in the buik section then I Do that. If I want luncheon meat - I go to the service deli counter and buy 4 slices that amount to maybe 2.00 instead of going to sams and buy a puppy sized package for 8.99. I shop at local market. I buy the specialty stuff online. It has taken me a seriously long time to realize that food is not love. Food shopping is not a date night activity. Food is NOT entertainment - it is fuel. And this is sad because I am the a true emotional eater. A true stress eater. A true addict when it comes to food. One is too many and 100 is never enough. So - I save money and avoid stores like Sams and Costco and walmart for that matter. Why? I swear they are out to take my money and kill me. What is your costco/sam's story...
  13. -Kara

    Meal plan with no oven

    try steaming the veggies...and mashing them with some seasoning....or eat more raw!
  14. -Kara

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    stop shopping at costco. You spend TONS more there and if you are single you would be better off going to the service meat counter of the your local grocery and buying ONLY what you need. 2 breakfast links, 2 sausage patties, 1 lb of beef stew etc etc. Just buy what you need. You don't save money buying in bulk really if you don't have it to spend...unless you are cooking and storing your food and not cooking as much the next week....
  15. -Kara

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    Try cooking fewer meals with fewer ingredients. And check in with your actual spending before you did whole 30. Chances are you spend $100 on food before probably more but it was in difference places, eating, out, vending machines, snacking....