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  1. I wish I had a deep freeze. No room in my tiny space. I would freeze the fruit and veggie bounty right now. And I order a lot of stuff online through amazon prime pantry. Right now, the organic food I find so pricy is even a decent price. So, I would love to make space for a deep freeze maybe I will!
  2. This is awesome news and inspired me to think about making my own. I had some raw beet spirals last night on a salad and they would have been delicious steamed with some fresh pesto on it. And so filling and tasty.
  3. I can't tell you how many times I have wandered through costco just drooling at all the sweets and treats and I end up eating a whole carton of blueberries on the way home. Why? Because my need to feed was triggered just by being in that space. I see all the other people doing it. Why can't I? I guess we all could avoid it if we chose to. And some choose not to even though they probably should for whatever reason. I remember shopping at a wholesale club when I worked at a restaurant when it meant going in there to buy huge bags of potatoes...more than anyone would ever want or need
  4. I hope this makes you laugh...or at least think. Please share your story so I don't feel like so alone.... Every sunday I would take a costco run. I'd spend mad cash. If I was trying to do Whole30 or not. Every week I keep eating and eating and eating until finally - I didn't have any pants that fit, and I couldn't climb a flight of stairs w/o getting winded despite the fact I was trying to do cross fit every other day. and I was loosely trying to follow a whole30 diet....One day - I tore up my membership card and turned my back on the death boxes that are costco and sams.... here is