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  1. Sweeden17

    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    I'm still in it! I have been slacking with my journalling on the process and I completely abandoned take Instagram pics of my meals but I'm still eating Whole30 and looking forward to introduction!
  2. Sweeden17

    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    That's great info thank you!! I can definitely sip on coconut milk
  3. Sweeden17

    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    My day one went well! Had to have a snack and started feeling hungry about two hours after each meal. I'm also currently breastfeeding so when I woke up at 3am I was hungry!! I used to eat a phat bomb (ghee, almond butter, tumeric, gelatin etc) but I decided that for the Whole30 that would be considered a technically compliant treat so I didnt make a batch. I don't really want to make a meal in the middle of the night because that would just wake me up more... I'll have to figure that one out. Also I've been posting what I eat on Instagram. That's been a nice little boost of motivation
  4. Sweeden17

    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    I don't have much to say other than I'm going to start this coming Monday! I'm more apprehensive than excited in this moment. But I've got my day by day book and hopefully you all to support me! Thinking about using my Instagram (which has gone completely unused) to take pictures of what I eat. What do you think? Any hashtags I should especially use? Besides #whole30