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  1. Shepdiana

    Canned sweet potato in Canada?

    I found two cans in a local independent store, but it wasn't cheap! But actually I've discovered that if I bake sweet potato in the oven with the skins on, I can really easily remove the skins, and then mash it. And closer to the fall, there will probably be canned pumpkin available, which one person said they used in the recipe.
  2. Shepdiana


    Thank you so much - lots of helpful ideas! I also think I might be eating more protein (especially more meat and more eggs) than before, so I think I should cut down a bit.
  3. Shepdiana


    I'm constipated on the Whole30! Anyone else had this problem? I'm eating lots of vegetables and flax seed and drinking lots of water. I used to eat yoghurt/kefir for breakfast, maybe that was helping me go. It could be the eggs I guess. Maybe I'll stop them and see if it improves.
  4. Shepdiana

    Shorter reintroduction

    Thank you for your helpful reply. That's interesting to know that a reaction can be delayed. What he really wants to do is finish the programme in 40 days - not 42. (I suggested that he shouldn't have gluten just before going away, because as I understand it, it's one of the things that is more likely to cause a reaction.) He just wants to know how to shorten it to 40 days.
  5. Shepdiana

    Shorter reintroduction

    We miscalculated how long the programme would take! We thought it was 40 days (30 +10) but it's actually 42. My husband has to go away for an important business trip on Day 41, just after testing gluten on Day 40. So my question is: is there a way of making the period two days shorter? He wants to ensure that he has two days at home to evaluate gluten (which they say is one that might cause problems). Could he only take one day after testing something if he doesn't have any reaction to it? For example, if he doesn't react to GF grains, or legumes or dairy? (We're currently on Day 22 by the way.) Thank you! Maybe I should contact the experts about this one?
  6. Shepdiana

    Salmon cakes without eggs?

    How can I make salmon cakes without eggs? Has anyone made them? Thank you!
  7. Shepdiana

    Canned sweet potato in Canada?

    Thank you so much to both of you for two different helpful suggestions! I made them tonight. And I used coconut flour instead of almond flour and it didn't really work - they were really dry. I'll use almond flour next time! I didn't buy any because it was $17 and I wasn't sure what else I'd use it for.
  8. Has anyone found canned sweet potato in Ontario, Canada? I want to make the salmon cakes. Obviously I can peel, chop, cook, and mash fresh sweet potato, but sounds much easier! Thank you!