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  1. Hey all, I've decided to consider this my last day of my whole30. That melatonin I took that had the sweetener was pretty tiny so I think I was being a bit too strict on my decision about that. So, here are my final results for my first 30 days: Starting weight: 263.4 End weight: 248 (loss of 15.4 lbs) Other benefits: My foot pain is 85% reduced More mental clarity/more interest in learning things My body feels leaner and a little bit stronger I've seen some glimpses of tiger blood. I'm happier/more optimistic about life Where do I go from here? Well, I'm still very serious about losing that 100 lbs. I am not going to do continuous whole30s to get there, however. I think the advice to not whole30 all the time is good just because of how strict this program is. For instance, I wanted to make a dessert out of bananas, chia seeds and coconut milk but knew that was against the spirit of whole30. I should be able to make desserts occasionally without feeling guilty about it so I am going to continue on a strict Paleo diet instead. Same idea, just a little less rigid. After I lose the 100 lbs I will focus on getting physically stronger through strength training. I have no desire to look like Arnold, but I do want to be as physically strong as I can be. It helps I've always loved to lift weights. This last week I've missed some meals due to not being as organized as I need to be. So there is plenty of room for improvement. I will hang out for a while just to see how everyone finishes up their whole30. Finish strong everyone!
  2. More digestive distress today. Thought I'd gotten past this. I think my body is coming to terms with all the veggies. Saw RxBars in the store so I bought the blueberry flavor just to try it. I absolutely loved it. Yet another thing I need to stay far far away from because I could live on those things.
  3. I've never heard of Wild Zora. Going to have to check that out.
  4. Note: There are some non-compliant Larabars so read your ingredients. Cherry Pie is my favorite.
  5. @kirbz How about taking Larabars or RxBars? Those are compliant and might make you feel better on the trail having some snacks to take along. I haven't tried the RxBars yet but Larabars are awesome.
  6. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your rotator cuff @Hope4Overcomers. If you would stop doing all those tiger blood somersaults you wouldn't be having these problems! Wishing you a speedy recovery! I've been plugging along although I did get a nasty cold for a day. Not sure if it was detox or a real cold but it was nasty as heck for a day and then mostly gone the next day. If that was a real cold I healed from that pretty dang fast. I also went up a notch on my belt, which is very exciting. And I seem to be obsessed with pickles recently (no I'm not pregnant). These aren't your standard pickles. They are the equivalent of a home canned version (full sprigs of dill, big chunks of garlic and a habanero in the brine). The only thing non-whole30 about them is they aren't organic but since everything else I eat is organic I figured I could make one little exception to give myself a treat. Big mistake. Those pickles were so good I ate the entire (large) jar in one sitting. I picked up another jar today and am half-way through it. Now I am wondering why I don't just pickle my own veggies? Something to think on later. I am going to stop eating pickles after this jar since they are interfering with me eating my normal diet. I'm pretty sure a pile of pickles doesn't have an impressive amount of nutrition.
  7. I just checked the book and it says to choose one or more fat sources, so in reality a person could have up to that many calories and fat, not that they would want to.
  8. Huh. Then the template needs to be clarified because it seems, from how it's phrased to indicate more than that.
  9. I definitely want to go to a 90/10 as well but I want to lose that 100 lbs first. As long as I can manage it and not slide I'll be happy.
  10. Look at what the template says you can have per meal. You can have ALL of the following per meal: 1/2 can coconut milk (I counted that as 7 oz) 1 avocado 1-2 thumbsizes of oils (I counted it as 2 tblsp) 1-2 thumbsizes of butter (ghee, etc) 1-2 open (heaping) handfuls shredded coconut (I counted this as 1 cup) 1-2 open (heaping) handfuls olives (I counted this as 1 cup) One closed handful nuts and seeds (I added this as 1/4 cup sunflower seeds) I plugged all of that into an app called chronometer and that is what I got.
  11. So sorry to hear you are going. Hope you feel better soon.
  12. So I took another look at the food template and decided to calculate the allowed fat per meal (yes, I realize I seem to be obsessed with this subject). It is way more fat than I realized. I had to guess at how much a "heaping handful" was so this is a rough guestimate, but it looks like people can eat up to 170 grams of fat per meal, which is almost 1700 calories. An entire bottle of Tessamae's ranch is 190 grams of fat, just as comparison. What makes it really confusing is how they have it separated into oils, coconut milk, shredded coconut, olives, etc. Who is going to eat like that? Why not just say you can have up to 170 grams of healthy fats and to try to get those fats from a variety of sources?
  13. So sorry things are so rough for you right now @Cmclean. I'm wondering if you just need more calories during the transition. The first time I did this diet I was ravenous and ate massive amounts of food. I thought this diet was going to cost me a fortune. Then about 3 weeks in I suddenly had no appetite and had to force myself to eat. This time I've just been using lots of fat each meal and it seems to be doing the same thing (except cheaper lol). My appetite is going down now on day 19 (which I think tells me that my body is starting to burn body fat). So I will cut back quite a bit on the fat I am eating so I can make sure I have enough of an appetite for 3 meals a day. The way I understand it there are 3 sources of energy :carbs, fats and protein. But I think protein is really hard for the body to convert to energy. You won't get much in terms of energy from the veggies you are eating either. I assume you are maxing on the two servings of fruit/potato for your carb source of energy? I am no expert, so a moderator can jump in if I'm giving bad advice, but you might want to increase the amount of fat you are consuming daily. And if that doesn't work eat more fruit than recommended. It would be better to do that than give up completely. You can always transition to less fruit and fat later once your body is more efficiently burning body fat. Just a thought.
  14. Not quite as early as you are thinking. I actually started on Aug 1 so it is technically day 18 right now for me but if you recall I had to restart my challenge when I took the melatonin and didn't realize it had sweetener in it. It was only a microscopic amount but I think you're supposed to restart no matter what for any mistakes like that. And thank you for all your encouragement.
  15. Hey @Hope4Overcomers, I am on day 13 and feeling terrific. Great mental clarity and I feel better than I have in years. I still have a long way to go, but I am feeling very optimistic about my future. It's my weekend and I went to see a movie and avoided getting the popcorn and slurpee I always used to get. Staying strong because I don't want to lose all this awesome progress. Thanks for asking!
  16. Hey @Meg1130, Any time I have a question about whether something is compliant I type "whole30" and whatever ingredient I am curious about. In this case I typed chipotle and came up with this website: https://www.melissasfoodfreedom.com/home/whole30-chipotle-hack Hope this helps.
  17. Hey @Cmclean, I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time. I am not going to try and inspire you. Instead I'm going to use some logic here. You are almost halfway through your challenge. If you do quit what do you think the odds are you will regret it and always wonder what might have happened if you had just stuck it out?If that happens, and you decide to try again, you will have to go through those 13 days all over again. If you are on this forum you obviously care deeply about your own health. I think the odds are almost 100% you would try again. It makes no sense to have to go through this transition period all over again when you can get it over with now. What if you are only a couple days away from feeling fantastic? It's something to think about. You can do anything for a couple more weeks with enough determination.
  18. Thanks for the recipes @kirbz. I'm definitely going to check those out. Great job avoiding the cake. It's those little victories that lead to the big ones. Hang in there!
  19. Had a crazy busy day at work. I noticed I felt a little bit stronger and felt a little more endurance as well as I was working. Just got off of work and can't believe I feel pretty good physically. Normally at this point after a day like today I'd be totally wiped. I'm pretty happy about it. Not all was great. I dealt with some digestive distress but fortunately it didn't interfere with work. This is the second day that has happened. Spent half my 30 minute lunch in the bathroom so I didn't get to eat all of my food, which was disappointing. I've also been going through this intense need to stretch all the time. It started a few days ago. I guess I knew I had become less flexible but just didn't realize how tight I had gotten. Today I felt more limber, but there is definitely a long way to go.
  20. You know, for special occasions like this I don't think it's a problem to break a few eating rules. Whichever start date you choose is a good one.
  21. @Elizabeth33 Hey, while I can tell you are disappointed with how things are going you should also realize that you are doing more to try and change your health than most people ever would do. Most people would never even try to start a diet this strict. They would just laugh if someone suggested it. They would certainly never commit to be on a forum like this. I read somewhere that giving up sugar is harder than quitting cocaine, and I believe it. The important thing is that you know what you have to do and that you keep getting back up after falling. I have confidence you'll get back in there and kick some A.
  22. The great news is it wasn't the water level that was the problem. The pump broke. So nice to take showers and cook meals like a normal person again. My saliva is starting to taste really sweet and my face looks like it is getting more narrow. Pants are fitting a little bit better. My grocery store started carrying Tessamae's Habanero Ranch dressing. Anyone try that one? Is it really hot?
  23. @Hope4Overcomers So sorry to hear about what happened. Hang in there! You are doing a great job keeping up with the program despite everything. I hope you are doing ok.