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    Discouraged at Day 18 - Suggestions?

    Thank you for the thorough help!! I appreciate it immensely! I feel like I’m eating about as much as I can handle during meals, but I will incorporate starchy veg daily to see if it helps as well as more protein/fat-centered snacks. Have a magical evening!
  2. Lissitree

    Discouraged at Day 18 - Suggestions?

    Ladyshanny, thanks for your reply. The low carb issue is possible. I probably have a starchy veggie every other day. What meal would the starchy veg be the most beneficial? I’m thinking lunch because afternoon is when my mood really tanks. I do exercise - at least a decent walk everyday with alternating cardio days. On cardio days, I usually eat some fruit with a hard-boiled egg or an apple with nut butter as a snack. Breakfast - 2 eggs cooked with ghee, a couple heaping handfuls of sautéed greens, a handful of blueberries, and a glass of almond milk. Bulletproof coffee an hour later. Lunch - Salmon patties, raw veggies with sauce (I’m usually not hungry for lunch). Snack - a green apple with a tablespoon of almond butter. Dinner - a medium sized bowl of coconut curry with 1/2 chicken breast, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower rice. Snack - seaweed crisps. Breakfast - sweet potato hashbrowns (1 medium yam) cooked in lots of ghee and two eggs. Glass of coconut milk. Bulletproof coffee. Lunch - taco salad with .25 lb beef, lots of greens, 1/2 avocado, 1 large tomato, herbs. Snack - carrots with sunshine sauce. Dinner - 1/2 avocado and tuna (about 1 can) in a few romaine leaves with a handful of black cherries. I usually skip meat for one meal a day - might that be a problem? If I don’t have meat, I usually have eggs though. Maybe two isn’t enough, but I’m a small person and don’t feel well when I have large meals. I have an autonomic nervous system disorder called POTs (it causes dysregulation in automatic functioning in my body - especially heart rate and blood pressure). I also have chronic migraines and undiagnosed digestive problems that cause frequent diarrhea and stomach cramps - hoping the Whole30 would help, but I may need to do low FODMAP. My period ended about 5 days ago, and PMS, period, and post-period has been pretty unpleasant on this diet. Thanks so much for your help!!
  3. Hello lovely humans! I’m on day 18, and I’ve hit a wall of being incredibly skeptical about this lifestyle. I feel like my skepticism is so extreme - it’s counteracting some potential benefits. This is my first Whole30. Prior to the Whole 30, I ate minimally processed and inflammatory foods. Probably the biggest dietary change for me since starting has been increasing meat. (I was a vegetarian for eight years, and afterwards ate meat about three times a week). I’m not feeling much better or worse since starting. There have been some slight fluctuations - but nothing incredible or consistent enough to be reinforcing. The biggest change that I’ve noticed since starting this is that I’m just more depressed. Spending tons of time, money, and emotional energy on this without measurable improvement really sucks. I understand delayed reinforcement can be the most rewarding - but... when can I expect that? For those of you eating pretty healthy before the Whole30, did you feel much of a difference (physically & emotionally) by adding some extreme restrictions? I honestly wonder if the stress of abiding by the restrictions counteracts the potential benefits. This is LONG. Thanks for reading!