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  1. I did a forum search a few days ago in search of a compliant pesto sauce and most of what I found was that as most pre-made pesto sauces contain cheese, it's best to make your own. I'm on Day 15 and being half-way through was dreading the idea of more food prep on my treasured Sunday, but was willing to make the sacrifice for pesto... Lo and behold, I randomly picked up this jar to find a totally compliant brand of pesto! NO DAIRY! Can you believe that? Even the cashier, without prompting, took a look herself and was shocked since she herself was a vegan and had no idea it existed in store. It's the little victories, people... Anyway, here are the ingredients listed below - found in the Italian/Tomato Sauce aisle at my local Whole Foods: Seggiano brand, Raw Basil Pesto "Made from our producer's own fresh Ligurian basil, this is a fabulous, raw, unpasteurised pesto packed with fresh, aromatic flavours. The tender top leaves are washed, chopped and preserved in olive oil within hours of being hand picked. It doesn't contain cheese, so it's suitable for vegans. EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, CASHEW NUTS, FRESH P.D.O. BASIL 30%, SEA SALT, PINE NUTS"