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  1. Sarah_K

    Workout Supplements and Vitamins

    Ok got it!! So you recommend not taking the probiotic and fish oil as well, correct? I will try it out just the way the rules say and give it a go! I struggle with energy and motivation towards the gym occasionally so hopefully I can find some good pre-workout foods to help kick my butt in gear. Thank you!
  2. Sarah_K

    Workout Supplements and Vitamins

    I was just posting the links in case someone wanted to see them. I wasn't really asking them to look through each ingredient. My main question is just recommendations or known facts about taking workout supplements and vitamins while on the whole30 and to get more information about if the kinds of vitamins and supplements I am taking and protein powder is known to be compliant or not, etc.
  3. Hi there, I am looking to start the whole 30 soon and wanted some more info about supplements and vitamins I have been taking. Currently I take Organic Liquid Vegan Vitamin B12, L-Arginine by Havasu, L-Carnitine, Fish Oil by Nature Made, and a probiotic by Renew Life. I also usually drink a pre-workout powder mixed with water before my workout. My workouts are then followed by a protein shake. I understand the whole30 does not approve of many supplements, powders, etc. Which of these supplements/vitamins am I able to continue without completely effecting the diet? And does anyone have recommendations for approved protein or other workout supplements? Thank you for your time and responses in advance! These are the links to the supplements I listed: