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  1. @stonehouse I totally agree they are delicious! Have you had the ketchup? I finally found it the other day and it is so much like regular ketchup. Primal kitchen helps me not feel like I’m missing out on all the regular sauces because they are actually good!
  2. Another suggestion for something simple is boil a bunch of chicken and then shed it. Then you can have chicken ready and you can mix it with franks red hot buffalo or the curry chicken salad from the fast & easy book and put it in a lettuce wrap or on a salad. This trick has really helped me stay on track personally.
  3. @kirbz Thank you so much for your honesty! I will definitely start working on my life after Whole 30 plan.
  4. @kirbz Since you have done this before maybe you have some advice for after Whole 30. I honestly don't want to live a super restricted life after this, but I also want to use what I have learned. How did it go after your first 30 days? If anyone else wants to chime in that has done Whole 30 before please do! The more stories and advice the better!
  5. @Hope4OvercomersDoes it just tell you how you will be feeling each day type of thing?
  6. @kirbz I agree with that. I don't understand why everything has to have sugar in it. They are making people hooked on sugar without even knowing it since most people don't read labels. In all honest I didn't read many labels either until I started Whole 30, now I can't imagine not.
  7. @Hope4OvercomersI don't have the Whole 30 Day by Day. Do you think I should get it if I am 8 days in?
  8. @Hope4Overcomers There is actually a deli by my work that serves breakfast. I assumed I wouldn't be able to eat anything they served because of the spices and oils they use, but they were able to make me plain potatoes and eggs. So I was so happy to know they could do that for the future!
  9. Hi everyone, Just have to vent for a minute because I know you all will understand. I went to go make breakfast this morning, potatoes and eggs. I was using the Simply brand potatoes. I finished making my food and had a thought that I better look at the potatoes bag to make sure it was compliant. FYI- Simply brand potatoes have Dextrose in them! Why do potatoes have sugar in them!? I had to throw it away and had to leave for work. Just wanted to share a small frustration from my morning that almost tempted me to just cheat, but I didn’t. On day 8 and I’m honestly just ready for it to be day 30 already!
  10. @Hope4Overcomers My 2nd and 3rd days were the worst. I was exhausted, lightheaded and irritable. People at work thought I was getting sick. Once I hit days 5 and 6 I have felt so much better! I am sure it is different for everyone though. Keep strong the symptoms will hopefully end soon!
  11. Hey guys, What kind of canned salmon do you guys buy? I have only ever bought fresh salmon and cooked it, so I don't know which canned one tastes the best. Thanks
  12. @wp3 Thank you! Good job to you as well! The grocery store is for sure a tempting place. I try to stay as far from the bakery as possible when I go for that exact reason. Just a little tip for chicken by the way. If you want a quick way to have some chicken I boiled a bunch and then shredded it. Now whenever it's time for a meal I take a little bit out toss it in either buffalo or the Fast & Easy curry sauce and eat it in a lettuce wrap. I am addicted. I eat that at least once a day.
  13. Hi @Hope4Overcomers! I am on my 6th day today and feeling so much better than the first few days! I am pretty proud of myself actually after my crazy weekend. I went to a party on Saturday and brought my own food and didn't consume any alcohol. On Sunday I went out on a boat with friends and brought snacks for myself and when we had lunch I got a turkey burger with a salad and used hot sauce as dressing as I didn't know if any of the restaurant dressings were compliant. I feel like I have finally got over the hump of craving sugar and bread ect. and now crave all the good Whole 30 approved food I have been eating. By the way one of my favorite go to foods has been the curry chicken salad lettuce wraps from the Fast & Easy book. This book has been a life saver with working full time because the meals are so easy and quick to whip up. Hope everyone is doing well too! Stay strong Meg
  14. Hi ladies! I started on August 1st. The first couple days were rough, but I’m on day 4 and feeling much better. I prepped a large amount of shredded chicken and have eaten so much of it in lettuce wraps, either with buffalo or the curry chicken salad in the fast & easy book. I’m trying to always keep my fridge stocked with options so that I don’t feel tempted to give up. So glad to have other people going through this at the same time!