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    Brezymurph reacted to BabyBear in Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020   
    Day 4 cont
    12:30 M2: getting ready to go shopping and I know better than to not eat.  So I’m feeding baby and me even though I had a late breakfast
    1c protein salad with chicken (mayo, apple, carrots, celery) 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 naval orange
    1:15 baby was in desperate need for a nap, so if I finished my shopping list and then laid down for 45 min.  Got up got baby pottied and diapers in the wash… now to brave the people and go shopping.  
    Finally made it out the door just before 4:00pm… 3 stores in 3 hours with the baby, plus My 17 yr old bonus son.  He surprised me by asking if he could tag along, I figured he would want to wander about the store, nope he stuck by my side.  He was pleasant company even though I was very focused on shopping and keeping baby happy.  We ran through Arby’s to get Hubby food.  It smelled good, but I didn’t want any not even tempted.  Not to say I would never want it again, just not today, not now.  When I got home the boys helped to unload, and I worked on cleaning out fridge and putting food away.  Then to prepare dinner.  Phew  shopping always takes a lot out of me.
    8:45 M3: Sheet pan venison fajitas.  OH MY! These were good!  I was so excited my coconut aminos came in today so I could make these fajitas.  I wrapped mine up in large lettuce leaves and topped with tomatoes and avocados.  I will admit, I would have loved to have cheese sour cream and taco sauce, but even without those condiments they were rather tasty.  My boys scarfed them down, and I had to threaten them to leave the few leftovers for my lunch alone.  
    All in all its been a good day.  My sauces came in so I can try some new recipes with those this week.  I got my shopping done, and even got some canning jars for sauces and bone broth.  I get to cross of another successful day tomorrow.

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    Brezymurph reacted to JessFind in Briannas Log!   
    Day 2 was my hardest in both rounds too. Keep it up! You'll get your energy back soon!
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    Brezymurph got a reaction from JessFind in Starting Round 2 on Jan. 1st!   
    I used to made defined dish breakfast taco bowls (you can add spinach/mushrooms/onions to the eggs to add more veggies). 

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    Brezymurph got a reaction from BabyBear in Starting Round 2 on Jan. 1st!   
    I used to made defined dish breakfast taco bowls (you can add spinach/mushrooms/onions to the eggs to add more veggies). 

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    Brezymurph got a reaction from JessFind in Briannas Log!   
    Hello my name is Brianna and I am doing my third Whole30, I only made it to day 11 the first time around. And last January I only made it a few days but was having bad gastrointestinal issues last year. I am optimistic. I have learned so much and have been following all the major Whole30 instagrams for a year and a half. I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks - this is always hard the first week. 
    I noticed another person was doing a type of journal on here and figured that would be fun! I am on day 2 and boy I am the most exhausted I have ever been on day 2. It’s sort of like a calm exhaustion. I find myself researching a lot on my phone about random things! Figured I could do something beneficial and journal about today. If anyone has tips for me please share! I will be journaling my meals too. 
    Day 2: I added more potato’s in today because last night I started feeling light headed with my side and chest hurting  I thought maybe it was the deficit of carbs from day 0 to day 1. I ate a bunch of carbs I had in the fridge to get rid of them the day before. Today I was thinking I might have eaten my meals to fast yesterday and that was the reason for the side pain. This is why I figured I would eat a bit more just these first few days then eat more veggies  
    Breakfast: 2.5 eggs, 3 Pederson sausage links and some hash browns (ghee). Handful of raspberries. Coffee with coconut milk and collagen peptides. 
    - I had a banana sometime around 12 because I was intensely researching a Europe trip
    lunch: bison burger patty with complaint ketchup/mustard , mixed greens with tomato and onion, side of roasted potatoes  
    dinner: (currently eating slowly for some reason) salmon w/ ghee, asparagus, more potato’s (I know but trying to problem solve). 
    - about to sip on my natural calm unflavored magnesium but keep worrying it’s not compliant even though the ingredients are (Anxiety can be hard) 
    feeling exhausted. I will add more tomorrow  I hope I sleep better tonight
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    Brezymurph reacted to Madeline368 in Maddie's Jan 2020 log   
    Lunch at 2:30. Running late today.  Had a second cup of coffee with nut pod creamer because of a headache.  
    Tuna with home made mayo, pickles,  paprika on romaine and grapes

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    Brezymurph reacted to Ann in Whole30 Round 3 Journal   
    Hi Brianna, 
    If you scroll down a little way in the Forums, in the "Community" section there's a place for "Your Whole30 Log".  It's my favorite part of the forums, reading through other folks' logs for inspiration and a sense of community.  
    Hope that helps! 
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    Brezymurph got a reaction from JessFind in Starting Round 2 on Jan. 1st!   
    I am on day 2 as well. I did the same thing I ate a bunch of horrible high carb food on day 0 to get it out of the fridge. Yesterday I could feel it from a day of high carbs to lower amounts of carbs. 
    hope today is going good for you!