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    Jorfdan reacted to rusrach in Help with easy to prep meal ideas   
    I follow a bunch of W30 and paleo accounts on Instagram and have found a bunch of recipes that way. Here's a few easy recipes I've found...
    Enchilada stuffed sweet potatoes
    Sloppy Joe bowls
    If you like spicy stuff, Yai's Thai curry sauces are really good. Just cook up some chicken or shrimp, toss in some veggies, add the sauce, and serve over cauliflower rice. Simple and pretty quick.
    30 minute Tuscan chicken skillet - this one is easy to make compliant
    Easy tuna cakes
    Fried plantains are easy and quick.
    Cauliflower rice is super easy and quick and can be spiced up a million ways. I just grab some from the frozen section at the grocery store.
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    I'm on day 11 and had the same worry for a bit!  I plan my meals out on paper and noticed I had potatoes in every meal.  Personally, I didn't want to replace the bread in my meals with something else that I could be dependent on.  I made sure to only allow sweet potatoes for one meal per day at most which helped me look at other recipes/sides for my meals.  For example, I was going to do roasted potato wedges with my lunch, but I replaced it with mashed cauliflower seasoned up really well with mushrooms and spinach.  It was really good and filling with my protein.  I also worried I was eating too much, but I decided to focus on feeling full at my meals instead of did I eat too much or too little (which has been a whole other journey).  The whole30 doesn't seem to be about limiting yourself like other plans but more about exploring a different way of nutrition and habits.